Soil Testing Kit - Recommendations

By PJLambe on Tue, Aug 14, 2018 - 11:26pm

Brand new to the group. During the past couple of months I have watched and read The Crash Course. And read Prosper.

I want to, at least on a very small scale, try to grow some of our own food. I want to start by testing my soil.

Can anyone recommend and relatively inexpensive, relatively easy to use, soil testing kit?




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Me Too

I would also be interested in this if anyone has a recommendation. My Ag Extension does not offer this service.

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Logan Labs

Logan Labs has extensive tests that run $30. Bionutrient Food Association is a great resource to interpret:

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Soil Test

I use Spectrum Analytic


This was suggested to me by Steve Solomon who has a number of gardening and soil books.





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soil testing kit

Thanks for these responses.  I will first try county Ag Ext. office for Guilford Co., NC

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