Olympic Peninsula people/next Seattle meetings?

By runningfrombuffalo on Tue, Jun 19, 2018 - 1:30pm

Hi all, 

I just found this group and am so happy that there are people here in WWA! We just moved to Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula and are eager to start making connections and meeting people. Is there anyone from the OP here? Even if not, Seattle is just a ferry ride away :). Do you still organize meetups in Seattle? 

We attended the Peak Prosperity Seminar in Sebastopol, CA in May and would love to keep the lively discussions and intriguing ideas going now that we are back home. 

Thanks! Doro 


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I also just moved to the

I also just moved to the area. I would be happy to host a meet up in seattle. I live in magnolia.

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Awesome! We are going to be

Awesome! We are going to be traveling quite a bit over the summer. But we will be back for longer periods of time from September/October onwards :). 

Would definitely love to come to a meetup in Seattle - anywhere within walking distance of the Bainbridge Ferry would be perfect. 

How do we reach more people here on this forum? It seems to be a little silent ;). Maybe try on meetup directly?

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