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By JairoVQ on Tue, Jan 16, 2018 - 3:22am

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I feel that the "awake" movement has experienced a sort of "bubble".
It's really cool when you first wake up to the currency crisis and the coming food shortages, etc. But after you get over the hump of trying to let others know what you do... it grows quite impossible. Noone wants to hear what we have to say. Even if we are right and we know it. They dont care and dont want to hear it. "More of the same" is what they say will keep happening... despite all evidence against it.
It may be time to give up trying, and just live in our own little bubbles.

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Hi Jane. I see that. I have also seen people slowly see the stress cracks in mostly the markets and first get interested in the finincial half. The environment is definitely like talking to the wall. 


Where in NY do you live?

im from Long Island. 


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