Blockchain class on many of the non-currency uses for blockchain \ crypto currencies.

By mrees999 on Sat, Dec 2, 2017 - 11:01pm

Some people are still under the impression that governments or some evil empire will stop blockchain \ cryptocurrencies. They haven't yet grasped that we are far past that. The technology is about to change everything in most aspects of the life you know. I've linked a discussion classroom discussion that goes over many of the non-currency uses for these tokens.  The thing is... they are tokens, have value - and can be traded. There is no stopping it. You can use anything as currency and many of these have the properties of dual uses. 

Do you think governments are on the 'pro blockchain" or "anti-blockchain' side of technology?  Check the website for "Government Blockchain Association" and see if you can convince yourself they will try to stop it.



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