Weekly Update 11.3.17

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Sun, Nov 5, 2017 - 1:00pm


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I thought you came across

I thought you came across better perhaps in close up this week Chris. Maybe a little experimenting with with the camera is in order?  Superficial but still...........so are audiences.  Also the low confident tone impressed.

But I'm just a wannabe tv director.  And you know US audiences best.

Maybe you're kind of presenting " inside knowledge" sometimes, and often that's imparted up close and more personal. Just my efforts in the dark arts of PR......Gobbles and all that!

You're not out there pleading for an audience like all the others - you actually know because you've taken great trouble to!

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i thought i looked tired! was shot.

The jet lag certainly had caught up with me by yesterday when that was shot.

That said, I'll take your observation under advisement and tell my video crew (aka Grace) that it's time to experiment. 



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Thought you looked tired in

Thought you looked tired in some of the others, not this one. Camera and light can be more or less forgiving depending...

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The Globalist and the Capitalist Walk Into a Bar

I think it was Mr. Cochrane who said, in the scientific community, global warming is about as certain as gravity. I think that applies to most of these (ultimately mathematical) problems. And what do you know, most of these problems are global. These moments in history and these problems were inevitable. Human nature not human "nationalities" brought us to this resource cliff and to this chasm in destruction. It won't be nationalities but human nature or perhaps the animal nature to survive, that will lead us out. Its not that we can't be "free market" or be "global." It's like every other word in the human language, their meanings tend to evolve with reality. You could argue nature is the ultimate free market and mankind is about to get the hardest market lesson on earth.  

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