CropMobster TV: Sustainable Food Success Stories

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Thu, Sep 14, 2017 - 2:17pm

Nick Papadopoulos (aka Nicky Bobby), founder of CropMobster, is in the process of releasing season 2 of CropMobster TV -- its mission is to highlight best practices in sustainable food production.

He's currently on a trek visiting every county in California and reporting on the success stories he's discovering in each one.

The first three episodes can be watched below:

Episode 3: The Right To Bayer Farms

Episode 2: Five Generations Of Alexander Valley Farms

Episode 1: Sangre del Dragón Hot Sauce!

Future episodes will be posted at CropMobster's YouTube channel.

And if you haven't yet listened to our podcast interview with Nick about the "food network in a box" platform CropMobster offers to local communities, it's definitely worth your time:

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pre-dumpster diving

I heard of these guys, thanks for bringing them out Adam.

Funny, when I hear the term "crop mobster" I can't get Monsanto out of my head.

The internet is the perfect tool to take on dumpster diving.

One good way to measure the self destructive power of any civilization is to measure its waste.

God we're good.

I was poking around on the internet to find out more about them and came across this book. 

It looks interesting:  

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Good post

Post like this are why I'm a member here.

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Great find

Great find, Adam. thanks! 

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Adam Taggart
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Episode 4 Just posted

Episode 4: The Earthworm Soil Factory is now out:

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Adam Taggart
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Episode 5 Just posted

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