Front Yard Community Agriculture In Tampa (Y2B video)

By newsbuoy on Sat, Jul 8, 2017 - 5:13pm

Taking CSA to the next level. This would be a great application for a micro-crypto payment app. Front yards on the block chain?


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Love this !

what en example, shows that people with a small yard could grow all their own greens

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I wish more neighborhoods were open to this sort of gardening. This neighborhood must be pretty relaxed without the crazy codes of some suburbs. Thanks for posting.

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More Front Lawn Farmers


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edible lanscaping

Homeowner associations like my sons' locations can be a pain. If you can avoid buying a property in their clutches, like we did, so much the better. I believe edible landscaping is the solution for many homeowners (and renters to an extent), at least until we can do more obvious food growing in more serious, rules-lenient times. 

We have a beautiful cascade of greenery down a 3-ft raised bed's sides that is actually from sweet potatoes, and the leaves are edible and can be used like spinach. (pic)

We have a decorative grape arbor that yields more grapes than we can eat. We have beautiful yellow and white flowers in a flower bed populated with peanut plants and cilantro. Blue flowers dot our rosemary plants that we use as ground cover on a slope. A backdrop of asparagus ferns is behind a patch of red-leafed basil in bloom (looking much like a coleus patch) And more....all in the front yard. None of this would set off the most fussy homeowner association. 


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Hand Blocker for seed germination

I thought the video was great - it gave me more ideas for the front garden.

What really got me interested though was the soil blockers - something that I hadn't seen before - dropping one into the centre of another as the plant grows without disturbing the roots (an elegant idea IMHO).

Joys of the Internet - a short search and I have just ordered a set from Gundaroo Tillers (not far away).

Still in the depths of winter here (-5oC expected tonight) but this will (I hope!) give me a better chance of having a good seed germination rate come spring!


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