Ethereum ICO purchasers now have Half Million Dollars.

By mrees999 on Tue, Jun 6, 2017 - 6:56pm

Those ICO purchasers in summer of 2014 were able to purchase 2000 ethereum for one bitcoin. Bitcoin was then selling for around $500.

Doing the math - 2,000 ethereum at $250 is now Half Million Dollars. Of course, it would take steady hands to not sell those at any point during that climb. Anybody who didn't take the time to study and see how profound it could change the destiny of the world.

Some people who would implore somebody to sell them before they become worthless would still be working their entire lives for somebody that had more vision.  Today when asked if I will sell - I look them in the eye and still repeat:


You aint seen nothing yet.


See you at a million. ETA December 2017.






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Anyone paying a little bit of attention to cryptos would have seen that ETH was a no brainer. It has taken blockchain technology to the next level. Its utility is awesome. All it needs is a sex app and there will be lots of millionaires running around. Maybe that is what Dave is working on ......the killer sex app. lol

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Uh... Make that $800,000

Half Million dollars was so last week.




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Mrees - may be time to revise

Mrees - may be time to revise that Dec forecast.. 

Maybe 2M by then. I am hearing $1,000 ETH by year end is NOT out of the question.

I think the BOOM, in the KA-BOOM theory is hitting cryptos right now. Flight out the USD (fiat in general) is just getting started.

Andy Hoffman of Miles-Franklin has been giving some pretty impressive interviews lately. Worth a listen if you have some time IMHO.

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