Ethereum at $100 - Congradulations!

By mrees999 on Thu, May 4, 2017 - 11:44pm

Just a quick note to you blockchain fans. Ethereum crossed $100. That means those that invested $500 in the Ethereum Crowdsale and held on are now sitting on $200,000 for that small investment.  I now a lot of others on this board have made 10x so congratulations to you to for taking the time to learn about this amazing technology.


If you've studied it deeply, you already know what I"m about to say.


You ain't seen nothing yet.

 $250 by September.


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Announcing an actual Crypto Crash Course. Live one day workshop

Many of you know that I've taught thousands of people about blockchain and bitcoin technology. I've been posting on this site for years and have reviewed my posts to show how a person investing in each of my protocol tokens has made - as of today, around 15-fold profit from the technology speculation.

It's confusing and complex technology - I get it. So many people have asked how to just get started and where to begin so they can start the journey. I've taken some time off from posting here as I've been putting together a course to teach people in an easier and quicker way to get them on the road.  We learn much better when we have some skin in the game.

I created a crash course to get people on the road quickly and easily including a hard-wallet to store your crypto currencies. As they say, if you don't hold it, you don't own it.  We'll even put crypto on your wallet in the workshop so you'll own it in your own hands by the time you leave.

It's September 30 in Salt Lake City if you can make it.  Bring a friend but seating is limited.  Here's a link:

Hopefully, I'll get to meet you in person!





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