The storm

Jean-Yves Therien
By Jean-Yves Therien on Thu, Apr 20, 2017 - 9:34am

Hello everybody,

Time goes so fast, already two week since Rowe... What stick in my head more than ever is that nobody expect to get wet in the next coming economic/geopolitics/environment storm.  Rowe has been a very good wet ready get together!

Best regards


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Time as capital

I have been busy since getting back from Rowe, but I find it a challenge to get everything done while regular life is there to eat up a great deal of my time.  The coming collapse seems to be happening in slow motion, which is good for those of us who feel that we need to get better prepared.  Still, I'm concerned that it could all of a sudden hit out of nowhere.

Hydroponics installation in the kitchen is essentially complete and I will share details for those of you who are in tight quarters but want to grow some fruits and veg year round.  Working on getting food stores up to 2 months from the current 1 month supply.

Making inroads on local food sources (meat, fruit and veg).

Still finding challenges on the energy front.  I am getting close to having my emergency solar water heater project done, expect to have that up and running by July.  Thinking of combining the chill plate with a aluminum box and heat sinks and some temperature controls to build a solar oven....just in case.

A friend of mine commented about the rise of the cryptos, he was laughing at me in December; not laughing now.  But I reminded him that to me it wasn't about the profits from the Bitcoin or Ethereum; it was about having an alternate means of account for transacting in when the fiat system collapses.  I'm focused on Barter of goods, Gold, Silver and Bitcoin/Ethereum.

I miss you all.  Working on building some additional community around me but that too is taking time.

Patience and perseverance is the key, but it would be nice to be able to find some more time.


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