New to PP , from NE Columbus

By weldhunter82 on Wed, Apr 19, 2017 - 7:55pm

Hello everyone. I'm new user from northeast side suburb of Columbus. I work as a sheet metal welder/fabricator in south Columbus. Hope to connect with others here.  Are there any Ham operators out here? Looking to learn and grow my prepping skills.


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We are from the south end of Columbus and are always looking to connect with others. We are also in the boat of learning/growing our prepping skills. Would like to chat more.


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Just for the interrim, one thing to be aware of is that highway engineers need professional geologists sometimes; so looking to the four winds for where there is construction sometices can help. I'm thinking Birmingham, or Nashville recently; but there are other locations all over as well.

The prestressed of highway construction is also not too far removed from the oil industry.

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I'm a carpenter from the Ashland/Mansfield area who has been interested in the subjects that peakprosperity has covered ; I'm also a follower of Jim Kunstler, John Micheal Greer, Dmitry Orlov, Joel Saladin, Gene Logsdon, Wendell Berry, and others who promote a more local, agrarian, sustainable, ecological economy that can inspire and flourish through the coming volatility and paradigm-shifts that seem inevitable. My wife is a physician in the Mansfield area and we have 2 little boys, chickens, a large garden, and we breed Airedale Terriers. I'm looking for like-minded folk to discuss or commiserate about the subjects of markets, food-production&storage, metals, firearms, energy & energy efficiency, pretty much everything that is already covered by peakprosperity but can be discussed with locals here! Get-togethers welcome & appreciated!

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