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Rowe 2017, in just over 140 characters:

Here's what Chris Martenson said:
Beware peak oil..extinctions...the Fed.
So yes, buy some gold.
(But that story gets old).
Live more through your heart, not your head!



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Practical Question and Yes still Floating

Another great Rowe experience.  Thank you all for so many great discussions and sharing your stories!  I have a practical question.  I have purchased cartons with Milar bags for water storage but quite frankly just don't have space inside the house for storage.  The garage will get hot in summer and darn cold in winter.  Can I store the water there anyway?  Anyone else have that problem?  Maggie

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Hi Maggie

Maggie -

I have never heard of storing water in Mylar bags.  I'm sure it's possible, but I don't think it's necessary, and it's more expensive than other approaches.  How much water do you want to keep?  I've read 1 to 1.5 gallons is the minimal per day amount for a emergency on a per person basis.  Three gallons per day would make you more comfortable.  So, that said, I think I'd recommend one of the 30 gallon water barrels that you can buy online.  You could keep it empty, and then fill it if you thought it was warranted or you could keep it filled.  Just find a spot in your garage, and use your garden hose.  If you're afraid it will freeze in winter, don't fill it all the way (maybe 90% full) to allow for expansion if it should freeze.  If you fill it, put a teaspoon of bleach in it to keep it clean, and you should be good to go for a year I'd think.  Hope this helps.  Call me if you wanna talk it.

Also check out this link...

Mike N

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