New Blockchain ICO project - help wanted

By mrees999 on Sat, Mar 25, 2017 - 4:46pm

Attention Blockchain fans ready to take on a project together.


Send me a PM if you want to take part.


I’m looking for five volunteers to work on a project together. This involves research which takes time, and the ability to use Microsoft Excel.

I’m going to create an ICO algorithm. The Initial Coin Offerings are becoming the new modern day gold-rush. It’s like the craziness of the boom all over again.  Hi-tech wizards are throwing money into anything with the word “Blockchain’ in it and the ICO is the next big thing which only became ‘a thing’ in the last year.

If know your history, the biggest winners in the gold-fever days were the ones selling the shovels. I’m going to create an algorithm based on all of our combined research to predict which ICO’s will be worth purchasing during the ICO and then ‘flipping’ for 10x profit when they hit the open markets within months. Rinse and repeat. This can be thought of as the modern day opportunistic shovel salesman. 

This won’t cost you anything but your time to do a portion of the work that I will then glue together to create the formula. This project will likely need to be continuously tweaked to be more accurate as the market continues to develop, so it may be a continuing project even after we have the initial formula down. I suspect with five us on divvy the workload- we should have it ready in about a month. 

I’ll take the first five volunteers.  During this time, I will also share my unique and valuable knowledge and skill-set for the next ICOs that I believe have long-term potential. I need more data to know which ones we can accurately flip. Once complete - all of our volunteers will have equal ownership of the new tool.

Peak Prosperity has a sentimental place for me to do this as I started blogging on the forums here years ago and before I even wrote for Bitcoin Magazine. So I consider it giving back. Looking forward to seeing who joins our ad-hoc team.



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ICO project

Interesting website here that shows upcoming and recent ICO's.

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New Blockchain ICO project

PP Brother,

   i had PM you a few days ago... I am definitely interested (my daughter's boyfriend is a young ambiguous lad.. who will help the me/cause also ) Thanks for the offer



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