Interest rate

By gard on Tue, Feb 14, 2017 - 4:26pm

Hi. We built a house on a part of our family farm. We took a loan for 20 years. 50 % is tided up for 10 years. 25 % for 5 years and 25 % is flouting ealds. I see that the banks have put up the healds of bouth 5 and 10 years after we locked it in. We have the plan to pay as much as we can down on the last 25%. The rates is normaly going up in insecure times, and when the chrash will come, the rates will probably go up. We are considering to cock in the last 25 % Also. But we are very unsicure. So here comes the question: dos any one have any theory of how much the interest rate will go up and may be for how long time, or have any literature of where to find more info about this topick? By the way I am living in Norway. Gard

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