Casting Call For Professionals Who Prep

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Sat, Feb 11, 2017 - 2:09pm

In the wake of the New Yorker article profiling Silicon Valley executives who prep, we've been contacted by a few mainstream media outlets interested in talking with similar professionals who work on building resilience via skill building, homesteading and the like in their spare time.

60 Minutes (Australia) in particular is planning to come to the US and shoot some footage with folks like this. From my discussions with them, this is not a mocking of "crazy preppers" hit piece -- rather it's a coverage of the valid reasons for developing resilience, and observing how the trend is becoming more mainstream.

Here's how the 60 Minutes producer has pitched me:

Thanks so much for your time on the phone – it was great to hear your insights on preparation and self-reliance. I’ve also just watched the first few episodes of The Crash Course which is proving really helpful in better understanding the concept behind Peak Prosperity.  

As we discussed, my aim is not to do a kind of ‘doomsday/the world is about to end’ story but instead to take a really honest look at the bigger picture i.e. what people can do and are doing to better prepare themselves for any number of different scenarios which may arise politically, financially or environmentally.

It would be fantastic if you were able to connect me with some of your friends or contacts who are currently living in Silicon Valley (or New York) and have taken serious steps to becoming more resilient – whether that’s through training/skills, food producing, creating a more self-sufficient home, stockpiling supplies etc.

As you can see, they're looking for folks in Silicon Valley and possibly New York to meet with while out here in late Feb-early March.

If you live in one of those areas and are game, email us here and we'll connect you with the producer.


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Amish are too far. 

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Low tech vs high tech

So much resiliance prepping seens to be reliant on a lot of technology. From laser sites and low voltage LED lights to computer libraries and electronically traded gold in a Swiss vault technology with its bell and whistles has as much appeal to modern preppers as it does to the urbanite with his blue tooth ear buds. I agree with Robie, I doubt the Amish are on their must see list. Their semi feudal religious communities work well. Their reliance on the market is primarily to bring outsiders wealth into their communities.

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Methinks the producers should

Methinks the producers should do their viewers a favor and seek out those working on building resilient communities (as briefly mentioned in the New Yorker article, I believe....), not just a personal resiliency.  I doubt the denizens of Silicon Valley or New York have a corner on that market.  Nor do I think you have to be a HNW professional to be effective in that endeavor.  Granted, it doesn't have the WOW factor of bunkers and Gulfstreams.....Aloha, Steve.

ps- Still in all, I guess bringing the issue to the mainstream masses is a net positive....

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"As you can see, they're

"As you can see, they're looking for folks in Silicon Valley and possibly New York to meet with while out here in late Feb-early March."

Kind of silly if you ask me. If your living in Silicon Valley or NYC than its not really a resiliency movement, The only way to have any real resiliency is to relocate to a rural area. I more or less think this is going to end up as "Crazy Prepper" story even if the producer(s) says it isnt'.

I suspect what they will find is some people with a few solar panels, an electric car, a safe room, some gadgets, and a month or two of food in storage. Its more of a hobby than a lifestyle change, 

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This won't change much sorry

As an Australian, I can tell you now that 60 minutes in Australia isn't the hardest hitting of shows and they tend to go down the route of finding sensationalist topics that are fast forgotten by their target audience. I'm glad that Peak Prosperity is getting exposure here in Australia but don't expect this to change a lot of people's mindset. Most people I speak to here don't even understand why people are loosing jobs or That house prices are ready to dump, despite a slowly contracting economy. I've got my shed packed with about 3 months of food and supplies for my family and we're ready to leave if things take an "unexpected" turn.

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Why don't 60 M. A. just go

Why don't 60 M. A. just go due South for a few hundred kilometers to New Zealand, where all the" in the know" Preppers are fleeing to?  As Madbutcher alludes, 60 M. A. may not be that bright.

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Its not that they aren't

Its not that they aren't bright, they do very good investigative journalism when they want to. But to me, and knowing the program, it strikes me as one of their interest pieces. They tend to target the sheep of society in their program and I honestly don't see that anything they would show on here would sway them. these people as you would know are set in their ways and "know" that society will trundle on forever like it always has; these peepers would be interesting sideshow acts to them and not much else. I would however be glad to be proven wrong on that.

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PFE = Peak Fucking Everything

Just want to introduce this handy dandy text PFE.  So with PFE ringing alarm bells all around should we run around looking for the fire extinguishers or is there an exit?

And here is a slam poem that takes you through your feelings to the answer.

Revolution revolution revolution alternatives few and far between drag out the guillotine or is there another way. A way forward a path a brighter future. Change needed change happening so fast so fast but is it fast enough? Anger shame shame shame the human race so greed driven so blindly driving forward into oblivion. Is it my job to change its course, my job to feed my neighbour, my job to be human.


Greed greed greed. Everywhere I turn. Inside outside I still want more of this or that. More stuff more love more control more bodies squeezing me tight hold on hold on it’s a wild ride. It’s all downhill from here a waterslide to the big splashdown. It’s out of control turning points reached passed by observed unobserved no matter the fact is it is unfolding regardless, irrespective too late for action maybe.


Death death death comes to us all why be worried if it comes to all of us? The universe unfolds as it should or not extinction just another step along the way for me for you for humanity for all life just unfolding as it should or shouldn’t should I be worried should I cry should I do something anything to stop the impotence of the headlong rush off the lemming cliff.


Joy joy joy to the world from who from me from a god of mine of yours existing not existing yet permitting seemingly unjoyful times to befall. Is it all in the eye of the beholder or the consciousness of the creator, the destroyer Kali to the world. To find joy and meaning in a hell of ones own making Victor Frankl like rising from the ashes a phoenix of creation an illusion but I can see it.


Hope hope hope maybe the ultimate sin is the abandoning of hope can I find it anew to power thought intent action action to create life beauty joy as antidote to this oblivion just me just you just local immediate reality is all after all the only place to be or do which ever you wish hold hands hold minds hold hearts together sing dance and love in the now this is after all all there is.

Martin Golder







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Try a few caveats:one, the

Try a few caveats:one, the SHTF may come in a slow drip, rather than a tsunami. In a slow grind down, income will be worth having. Two, if it's financial SHTF, being able to bunker in, wait out the depopulation and loot the rich resources available later could prove to be the best approach, as you could then open up trade with all the rural preppers who forgot things to get.

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Slow Drip, Already

 the SHTF may come in a slow drip, rather than a tsunami 

We're already seeing the slow drip. A cutback here, a restructuring there, a store closing here, a job cut there ... (E-I-E-I-O)

To the individual whose job is cut, even a modest slow-drip adjustment will feel like a tsunami. So either way, it would be wise to figure out ways to brace ourselves.



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Low tech

You're right! Tech would not work in a collapse of civilization scenario. Amish farmers is a good analogy for a very basic setup.

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Low tech

You're right! Tech would not work in a collapse of civilization scenario. Amish farmers is a good analogy for a very basic setup.

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We can be so much more than self-reliant.

The statements made at 51 minutes onward of this youtube video number iwubPWt_lrE are probably the most relevant of our time. Do yourself a favor and review.

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