A Silver Lover's Best Friend

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Fri, Nov 4, 2016 - 2:47pm

In honor of the excellent podcast on silver with Ted Butler we just released, and in the spirit of 'good news Friday', I thought I'd share a little personal material with the Gold & Silver Group today.

Here's a question for you: If you're a fan of precious metals (as I am), and you promised your daughters you'd get them a puppy (as I did last Christmas), what breed do you get?

A golden retriever? Great guess. I was thinking seriously about getting one. But then discovered a breed I like even better...

A silver lab!

I grew up in New England, where labs are pretty much standard issue to every household. There were black labs, yellow labs -- even chocolates, whites, and reds -- but I had never heard of this variant until recently. Then I stumbled across two of them on different occasions over the past few years, and just loved how they looked.

The breed has the same grey silver coat as a weimeraner, which just looks gorgeous on a lab frame -- and, of course, you get the great friendly, playful temperament that all labs have along with it.

So, we picked up little Boston in June. She was wicked cute as a puppy:

As she's grown (and lab puppies grow fast!), she's been a pretty wonderful dog and has been a true gift to our family -- great with kids, super sweet, and a real pleaser in terms of her disposition. And since I work from a home office, she's pretty much my full-time companion and writing buddy.

So when you read a future article I've posted on PeakProsperity.com, you can picture Boston keeping me company as I wrote it, interjecting every so often to ask how many new bones I'll buy her once the spot price of silver kicks back above $30...

Happy Friday!


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if you want a friend in Washington....

Yep, had a few labs over the years.  Man's best friend, no doubt about it.  Enjoy that beast, Adam.  Aloha, Steve.

ps- just thought to myself, was it Truman that said "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog!"?  Which gives us a chance to bring some lightness to the electoral event before us.  Shall we start a poll to wager on which future president will choose which type of dog as "first dog"?  I'll go first:  HRC- Neutered Rottweiller.  DJT- Bulldog, factory-equiped.  Your guess?  Aloha, Steve.

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Adam Taggart
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Thanks, Steve. My vote is for....

Thanks, Steve. Enjoying her very much. There's a lot of truth in that saying "I aspire to be half the man my dog thinks I am"...

As for your poll, whoever wins, my bet is: Hellhound

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I had no idea...

that such a dog existed.   I have always had a fascination with the gray-blue Weimeraners... and now to find out that you can get this in a lab?  If I ever get a dog.. I now know what it will be : )

Thank you Adam for writing about your new friend.     

edit:  something interesting I found regarding the genetic history of these dogs;


PS.. I don't mean any negativity by posting the article.. just thought it interesting.  I am sure your doggie is wonderful. 

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