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By Davewilsonusaf on Fri, Oct 14, 2016 - 1:26pm

I just finished reading the book Prosper. My main interest is the comprehensive preparedness philosophy that's been presented by the authors. My wife and I believe in a broad based preparedness. My own life philosophy since it was introduced to me in high school is continuous improvement. Here's the coincidence. My wife recently inherited, along with her brother and sister, a farm that's been in her family since 1840. The farm includes a 1861 barn and a 1914 American four square style house. The family will retain the high quality flat tillable ground as the farm is still a working farm. They will most likely want to sell the old barn, about fifteen acres of timber land and several acres near the house. This would be a picture perfect site for someone who is seriously aligned with Martenson and Taggart and really wants to get started on rural self-sufficiency. If we were twenty-five years younger, we'd want to develop this ourselves. Pass this on to anyone you like. No decision has been made on this yet. My phone is 309 368-9993. We love Indiana!
We're in Galesburg, Illinois.

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Hey Dave,

So glad to hear that you are thinking to this extent about preparations! I am living in Columbus, IN but will be moving to Indianapolis soon. After watching the entirety of the Crash Course, I am committed to covering my bases with respect to food and water storage. Currently working towards a 1 year storage of food/water, followed by other survival necessities. 

I would love to hear what steps you're taking. My phone is 615-593-8558.



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