Prof. Huang's new prediction

Fudgery Gaylore
By Fudgery Gaylore on Sat, Aug 27, 2016 - 5:00pm

Did anybody pick up on the new stock market predictor proposed by Cornell University Professor Darien Huang?

Surely, Dave C. must have took a good gander at the theory before releasing it to MarketWatch?  The entire theory rests on the spread between gold and platinum prices--not supply/demand or any other distorted markets.  Just thought someone may have an opinion on it and you may want to load up on Netflix and Facebook before the moon shot.  Thanks, Professor Huang!! LOL

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prof Huang prediction

hmmm... could it be coincidence? back-testing doesn't always mean it's valid. esp. since "the next 20 years, will be different than the last" maybe "its different this time?" well, could be related to platinum use decline in catalytic converters in declining auto sales. how would I use this? hmmm...

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