Such a thing as clean gold investing?

Bill Pfeiffer
By Bill Pfeiffer on Tue, Jul 26, 2016 - 8:03am

Gold is discussed regularly here as a sound investment in a house of cards economy. Ok, but what about the environmental consequences? Are ETF's any better/cleaner? Are they supporting"old gold" or just another way to bring personal reward while poisoning the water and degrading the land? Obviously, I would like to invest $ safely without increasing my already huge footprint of being American.

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Haven't gone to your link yet, but I'll report how I've responded to this dilemma.

In a perfect world I would entirely steer clear of gold, silver, etc.

But it isn't a perfect world and I want to save myself from unnecessary suffering... So the deal I made with myself is that I would invest in bullion but not in mining stocks. The rationale is that the miners are the ones that are raping the earth and paying their lawyers well to keep doing more of it. Yeah, I know, all the gold and silver there is was once mined. My only response to that is that what they're mining now is a poorer grade of ore and it needs a lot more refining and a lot more energy to produce an ounce of the stuff than it did before.



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