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Survival Water Still - Special Offer

Non-Electric Portable Water Distiller
Friday, May 31, 2013, 4:49 PM

Survival Water Still - 5% Special Discount for Readers

We are pleased to announce that PrepareDirect is offering readers a special discount of 5% off the Survival Water Still. 

Click here to take advantage of this offer; use Coupon Code: PEAKSTILL5, exclusive to readers. Click here for this offer.

Survival Still Non-Electric Portable Water Distiller

The Survival Still never needs filters. It’s designed and made in the USA with heavy duty stainless steel and it has no moving parts to break down, which means that if you take care of it, it should last you a very long time. It’s small and compact and is designed to be used in conjunction with standard size pots that you have in your home. The Survival Still is the ultimate emergency drinking water system available today.

How does it work?

The Survival Still is designed to be used in conjunction with standard cooking pots that you have in your home. Here’s how it works…

Fill a standard soup pot with about a gallon of water and put it on a heat source such as a propane grill. Bringing the water to a boil kills bacteria and parasites. Contaminants are left behind, while the pure steam rises and is captured by the Survival Still.

The Survival Still sits on top of the bottom pot. Another pot of water sits on top of the Survival Still, for the purpose of cooling the steam back into liquid water. Droplets of pure distilled water then drip down and they flow into a storage container.


The Survival Still…

• Permanently supplies high-purity, sterile drinking water.
• Extremely effective against all types of contaminants.
• Kills and removes bacteria, viruses and parasites.
• Is a permanent solution for purifying sea water.
• Does not need filters, maintenance, infrastructure or a supply chain.
• Distillation is recommended by FEMA and the Red Cross!

Specifically, PrepareDirect is offering us:

  • A 5% discount on the Survival Water Still
  • Free shipping on orders over $99.00

Click here to take advantage of this offer; use Coupon Code: PEAKSTILL5, exclusive to readers.

Click here for this offer. This offer is valid through June 15, 2013.

We hope you continue to find these offers on essential resiliency items a welcome addition to the news and other articles on the site. Please let us know your experiences and reviews of these resiliency items so we can better tailor these offers to meet the needs of our readers and membership. 


Full disclosure: Based on our existing relationship with PrepareDirect, will receive a small commission if you purchase through this special offer. This will not impact the price you pay (in fact,as the offer states, you're getting an exclusive price discount not available to the public-at-large). The proceeds we receive will be immediately invested to fund new features and functionality for this site.

We’d also love to hear any feedback based on your first-hand experience with the products and vendors that we recommend through these special offers (and elsewhere on this site). Our goal is to ensure that we’re doing our utmost to offer the best guidance for utility, value, and service.

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