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20 Survival Uses for Chap Stick

More than just for your lips
Tuesday, January 6, 2015, 1:56 PM

Some great tips and tricks for using chapstick / lip balm for survival and life hacks. 


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For me chapstick is addictive, you have to keep using it or the chapped lips come right back. I use Vicks Vaporub, it heals chapped lips and isn't addictive (if addictive is the right word).


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I make my own. 1 part bees

I make my own. 1 part bees wax to 3 parts olive or avocado oil melted together on the stove.  I bought a few hundred refillable tubes on amazon for $15 and a lb of bees wax about two years ago and that should be enough to last me 10 years or so at the rate my family goes through it.  By then I hope to be producing my own bees wax and sunflower oil on site.

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