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9 Fiery Hot Sauce Recipes to Cool You Down

Try something new this weekend
Friday, August 24, 2012, 6:38 PM

Fire up those taste buds with something spicy from the garden.  9 recipes to inspire you to live dangerously. 


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Now You're Talking My Language......

Serrano-Strawberry?  Check.  May have to try this with my Trinidads.

Kiwi-Jalapeno?  Check.  Step it up a notch and substitute white habaneros instead of jalapenos.  You won't need as many, but you get that signature habanero smokiness and of course the heat.  Perfectly offset by the cool kiwi.

I've made the pepper oil on the list but used crushed, dried bhut jolokia Ghost peppers instead of red peppers.  Used sparingly it adds a ton of heat and great flavor.  Used not so sparingly you will experience a "significant emotional event".................twice.  angry

Also made some Ghost pepper jelly.  4 peppers in 8 pints.  You can use any fruit for the base jelly flavor - I used peach and it was oustanding.  Highly recommend resting your tongue before trying - it's a wirlwind of flavor!! 

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