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Experience with a Solar Powered Refrigerator

A remote location setup of a 12v fridge
Thursday, August 9, 2012, 1:57 PM

Read about one family's experience with ordering and using a solar powered refrigerator.


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EcoSolarCool Solar Powered Refrigerator & Freezer
EcoSolarCool refrigerators and freezers are powered by solar energy and designed with advanced technology,
combing the latest innovative compressors and computerized digital
control systems. I have heard reports from people using as low as a 150 watt solar panel to run a 6.2 cu ft EcoSolarCool solar powered refrigerator. They offer huge savings on consumers' energy bills and are an excellent alternative especially compared with existing propane powered products. EcoSolarCool solar refrigerators range from 4.1 cu ft to 6.2 cu ft and freezers from 3.5 cu ft to 8.8 cu ft. Learn more by visiting http://ecosolarcool.com
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Nice article, thanks!

Nice article, thanks!

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