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Daily Digest 10/10 - PA Debt Much Higher Than Reported, Death by Fertilizer

Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 9:34 AM
  • Our View: Having insurance no shield from high health care costs
  • California Taxes: The Sky Is the Limit
  • Report: Pennsylvania's debt much higher than reported, up to $82 billion
  • ‘Great Depression’ ahead? IMF sounds dire warning
  • Inequality is worsening and could hit U.S. credit rating: Moody's
  • The rating game: 'Junk' Italy still hard to imagine, funds say
  • Has the derivatives volcano already begun to erupt?
  • A Reverse Bucket List
  • Death by Fertilizer
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Daily Digest 10/9 - U.S. Consumer Credit Hits All Time High, What's Next For Oil Prices?

Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 10:41 AM
  • Unwinding QE could trigger financial crisis, warns JP Morgan
  • How Mainstream Economics has Led to Clueless Governments
  • Emerging market stocks' descent to 17 month lows entices U.S. investors
  • Ron Paul: US is barreling toward a stock market drop of 50% or more, and there's no way to prevent it
  • With corruption like this, it’s no wonder so many pension funds are insolvent
  • A shocking number of Americans think saving for retirement 'can wait'—here's why money experts disagree
  • Facebook wants to put a camera in your house
  • How Face ID could be a game-changer for aggressive US border agents
  • Dell, Wistron teaming up to extract gold from e-wastes
  • US Consumer Credit Hits All Time High As Credit Card Usage Jumps
  • ‘Your animal life is over. Machine life has begun.’ The road to immortality
  • Era of bank secrecy ends as Swiss start sharing account data
  • To Bring Back U.S. Manufacturing, Get the World to Dump the Dollar
  • Swiss Financial Watchdog Issues Country's First Crypto Asset Management License
  • 3 Defensive Moves to Make in an Expensive Stock Market
  • IEA Urges OPEC to Open the Taps as Oil Market Enters ‘Red Zone’
  • China is buying fewer cars. GM and VW are feeling the pain
  • What's Next For Oil Prices?
  • Water use for fracking has risen by up to 770 percent since 2011
  • A $240 Per Gallon Gas Tax To Fight Global Warming? New UN Report Suggests Carbon Pricing
  • Some Thoughts On Climate Change
  • Cooling effect of preindustrial fires on climate underestimated
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Daily Digest 10/8 - Seven Days in September, 'Time Quickly Running Out' On Climate Action

Monday, October 8, 2018, 12:01 PM
  • Banks Brace for the Downside of Higher Rates
  • Raconteur Report: Monthly Checkup
  • Here's What Makes the Facebook Data Breach so Harmful 
  • Seven Days in September 
  • As Medicare issues new cards, scam callers try to profit
  • Hamptons millionaires build luxe panic rooms to hide from MS-13
  • Challenged by Long Island Lawmakers, Police Will Look Into Treatment of Immigrant Families Who Reported Missing Children
  • US Citizens Have Even Less Freedom Thanks To Alleged Russian Election Meddling
  • Chinese stocks fall almost 5% in market bloodbath as investors digest a week of bad news in a single day
  • Hicks: We don't have a labor shortage. We have a pay shortage.
  • Saudi Arabia is investing another $45 billion with SoftBank
  • David Attenborough: 'Population Growth Must Come to an End'
  • Rocked by Trump's sanctions, Iranian oil exports drops further
  • Planet has only until 2030 to stem catastrophic climate change, experts warn
  • FDA Bans Use of 7 Synthetic Food Additives After Environmental Groups Sue
  • Landmark UN climate report warns time quickly running out
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Daily Digest 10/7 - India’s Population Bomb, Finding The Right Words For Very Bad News

Sunday, October 7, 2018, 2:17 PM
  • One Click Closer to Annihilation
  • Could Trump Take Down the American Empire?
  • More Cold War extremism and crises - by Stephen F. Cohen
  • Australia And New Zealand Are Ground Zero For Chinese Influence
  • Fed Chair Powell Hints He May Soon Crash The Market
  • India’s Population Bomb: The Explosion Within
  • Charting a Jagged Course Through the Apocalypse
  • Forgetting Venezuela’s Animals 
  • Do Vitamin D Supplements Help Your Bones? Not According To A New Study
  • Since 1965, the Stock Market Has Done This on Exactly Two Days, Including October 3, 2018
  • Climate scientists are struggling to find the right words for very bad news
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Daily Digest 10/6 - Revisiting the Fall of 2008, Massive Red Tide Chokes Florida Beaches

Saturday, October 6, 2018, 10:32 AM
  • Revisiting the Fall of 2008
  • Amazon eliminates monthly bonuses and stock grants after minimum wage increase
  • How Trump Is Trying—And Failing—To Get Rich Off His Presidency
  • Alarm as Red Cross workers attacked in Congo Ebola efforts
  • Trump administration pushing to ease roll-out of driverless cars and trucks
  • GM’s self-driving deal with Honda is a wakeup call for Waymo
  • Mattress Firm files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, will close up to 700 stores
  • The No.1 Pitfall For Oil Prices
  • Red tide just spread to Florida's Atlantic coast, choking some the most popular beaches
  • The Pentagon Wants to Create a Bioengineered Insect Army to "Protect Crops"
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Daily Digest 10/5 - Good News Friday: In Praise Of Mediocrity, Using Renewable Energy To Live Independently

Friday, October 5, 2018, 10:06 AM
  • U.S. Unemployment Rate Drops To 3.7 Percent, Lowest In Nearly 50 Years
  • In Praise of Mediocrity
  • The Good News for People Worried About Saving for Retirement
  • Uber will offer free rides to the polls on Election Day
  • How I Paid Off $10,000 in Debt While Teaching English in South Korea
  • The Case for Making Cities Out of Wood
  • Fish-Oil Heart Medicine Is Rarest of Drug Breakthroughs
  • Small planet, big impact: How 'The Goblin' could reshape our ideas about the solar system
  • I-294 could soon include ‘smart-powered lanes’ to charge electric cars
  • In Montana, a Tough Negotiator Proved Employers Don’t Have to Pay So Much for Health Care
  • Gender equity making strides worldwide, if not in America
  • A rock that was used as a doorstop for the past 30 years turns out to be a meteorite valued at $100K
  • Commercial fishing banned across much of the Arctic
  • Will America run short of seafood? This ocean farm could save us
  • Offgrid communities: using renewable energy to live independently
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Daily Digest 10/4 - Sources of Existential Angst, What Happened To Treasurys On Wednesday?

Thursday, October 4, 2018, 11:58 AM
  • Hussman Market Comment: The Music Fades Out
  • To Understand Venezuela’s Crisis, Look to the Past … and the CIA
  • James Howard Kunstler: Imaginary Monsters and the Uses of Chaos
  • Sources of Existential Angst
  • Humanoid construction robot installs drywall by itself
  • Chinese spy chips are found in hardware used by Apple, Amazon, Bloomberg says; Apple, AWS say no way
  • Could the next astronaut on the moon travel in this space lander from Lockheed Martin?
  • What Happened To Treasurys On Wednesday?
  • Treat Symptoms Or Causes?
  • Russia and Other ex-Soviet Countries Do Not Control Their Central Banks - This Must End!
  • Most Twitter Accounts Linked To 2016 Disinformation Are Still Active, Report Finds
  • US Switching to Ukraine as Location to Start World War III Against Russia
  • Flu season has begun, but when should you get the vaccine?
  • Why The Oil Price Rally May Soon End
  • Tonight a Virgin Atlantic 747 will fly on fuel made from industrial waste gas
  • Trump administration sees a 7-degree rise in global temperatures by 2100
  • A Running List of How President Trump Is Changing Environmental Policy
  • Can the Great Lakes Continue to Fend Off an Increasingly Thirsty World?
  • Climate change threatens extinction but politicians only care about next election – Ken Livingstone
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Daily Digest 10/3 - Italian Political Risk Hits Euro Sentiment, Will Brazil’s Economy Survive Its Presidential Election?

Wednesday, October 3, 2018, 10:59 AM
  • Consumers Feel Sticker Shock As Out-Of-Pocket Health Care Costs Rise
  • Shadow banking crisis may push India's central bank to leave the rupee stranded
  • Egypt faces borrowing crunch as foreign debt market sours
  • Will Brazil’s Economy Survive Its Presidential Election?
  • IMF’s Lagarde warns of slowing global growth, possible ‘shock’ from trade dispute
  • Putin backs ‘dedollarization’ plan
  • US National debt reaches to $ 21 5 trillion in Fiscal year 2018
  • Italy sovereign, bank CDS jump after League-lawmaker mentions return to own currency
  • Italian political risk hits European sentiment
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Daily Digest 10/2 - India’s Shadow-Bank Bust Has a Lehman Echo, Is It Nature Or Nurture?

Tuesday, October 2, 2018, 10:05 AM
  • India’s Shadow-Bank Bust Has a Lehman Echo
  • Global De-Dollarization Spells Jolts and Crises for US Economy 
  • Nifty can stabilize if it reclaims 11,170, pull back rally on the cards
  • So is it nature not nurture after all?
  • Venezuela's Socialism...And Ours 
  • In the Heart of a Dying Empire 
  • Your Cat’s Dirty Litter Box Is Putting You Both at Risk
  • European Natural Gas Prices Are Set To Rise Further
  • Human Population Isn't Going To Explode - But That Doesn't Mean We're Safe
  • Why are humans killing 100 million sharks every year?
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Daily Digest 10/1 - Working While Homeless, New York's Epidemic Of Plagues

Monday, October 1, 2018, 10:02 AM
  • Conservative Group Behind Kavanaugh Confirmation Has Spent Years Reshaping State and Federal Benches
  • Colorado flu survivor tells cautionary tale: 'You can go downhill within hours'
  • Over the years New York City has had an epidemic of plagues
  • World War Three alert: ‘You CAN'T stop us sailing there’ US warship heads into China Sea
  • Working While Homeless: A Tough Job For Thousands Of Californians
  • To avoid bankruptcy, Sears CEO proposes selling off real estate. The retailer has tried that move before.
  • No Cash Needed At This Cafe. Students Pay The Tab With Their Personal Data
  • Big Death  —  How Kuhn Was Wrong And Foucault Was Right
  • Oracle puts a guy from Microsoft in charge of cloud as the head of cloud resigns
  • GM to recall more than 3.3 million vehicles in China
  • Euroa's grassroots solar microgrid plan to avoid summer blackouts
  • Indonesia: Tsunami death toll tops 800 amid search for survivors
  • Indonesia Tsunami Toll Climbs Above 800. ‘It Is Very Bad.’