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Daily Digest 7/7 - Gold Heading To $1,400, Italy Needs A Little Leniency

Thursday, July 7, 2016, 11:23 AM


Governments Change; The Corporatocracy Endures (Don R.)

The net result is the nation's farmland, its core productive asset, slides inevitably into corporate ownership. Anyone who resists selling out is crushed by low prices (corporate farms can over-produce and survive low prices, family farms cannot), or they are crushed by the disadvantages of being an "outsider" selling to the corporate supply chain, which favors in-house suppliers or large corporate producers.

Italy Needs a Little Leniency (lambertad)

The Italian government is pushing to start a 40 billion-euro rescue which would spare investors losses. Germany and European Union officials have rebuffed those plans because the banking union set up in the wake of Greece's financial crisis was specifically designed to force losses from future bailouts onto creditors -- not taxpayers.

A Sober Look At The Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum (Alex B.)

The benefit of blockchain technology comes from its transparency. Everybody can see every transaction. The whole system is also decentralized. There’s no single institution or bank that controls the transferring of assets back and forth. This (advocates claim) removes the possibility of corruption, theft, and a whole host of other common problems that come with your standard financial system.

Clinton Is Above The Law, So The Law Is Dead (Time2Help)

Yes, Comey confirmed that “hostile actors” could have quite possibly gained access to Clinton’s top secret emails. Yes, the FBI discovered that various nefarious agents had hacked into accounts that Clinton communicated with. Yes, she sent and received government emails on her private servers while overseas and in the territory of “sophisticated adversaries.” Yes, Clinton was “extremely careless,” as Comey put it. Yes, there is clear evidence that she violated statutes regarding the handling of classified information.

Silver Prices – What Next? (Taki T.)

Current US official national debt is about $19.4 trillion. Unfunded liabilities are five to ten times higher. Do we really believe that the exponential growth of debt, which will probably accelerate in coming years, can reach $160 Trillion in the year 2040 or thereabouts? A prior reset seems likely!

Gold Heading Toward $1,400 As Bull Run Commences (Kevin J.)

Factors affecting the price run of precious metals commodities include Britain's historic vote to leave the European Union and yesterday's decision by the Bank of England to ease capital requirements for banks. As reported by the BBC, financial risks anticipated to follow the Brexit vote "have begun to crystallise. The current outlook for UK financial stability is challenging." The vote also has “eroded prospects for a U.S. interest-rate increase this year."

John Butler: All Hell Breaking Loose in Europe; Banking Situation ‘Dire' (Cornelius9999)

ETF’s are not physical metal. There are several really great ETF silver and gold funds, however, this still places a “gate keeper” between you and your wealth. Physical silver and gold in your possession, eliminates all gate keepers between you and your wealth.

Peeling Back Political Deficit Illusions (Tiffany D.)

Depending on your particular political persuasion — or, maybe, just what you’ve heard through the years in the media — you probably think of terms like fiscally conservative, tax cuts and small government when you think Republicans … and probably wasteful spenders, tax hikes and big government when you think Democrats.

Shell Warns Of Further Job Cuts (Josh O.)

Now, despite a certain improvement in prices and synergies coming in from the tie-up with BG Group, the situation is still tough and layoffs are one of the easiest ways to cut costs, as demonstrated across the oil and gas board, where job losses are in six-figure territory to date, raising concerns the industry may well be in for a workforce shortage in the not too distant future.

Saudi Arabia's SALIC boosts investment in G3 Canada grain company (Uncletommy)

"Any ownership changes that have happened within our company have not had any material impact on the organization itself, the operations or how we run the company," G3 Canada Chief Executive Karl Gerrand said in an interview.

SALIC has "done a really nice job of allowing our team to operate as an independent Canadian organization," he said. "For the most part, it's been hands-off."

The heart of the world (westcoastjan)

For most, the name conjures an exotic air of a distant past, but not a history. The history of ideas has not admitted the Silk Roads as it links past to present in a chain from polytheism and democracy in Ancient Greece to the arrival of Christianity in Europe, which led to the Renaissance, paving the way for the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment gave birth to political democracy and the industrial revolution, the logical culmination of which is the US and its creed of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Historians challenge and reshape individual sections of this story; but its essential components and trajectory remain secure.

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Arctic sea ice crashes to record low for June

From mid-June onwards, ice cover disappeared at an average rate of 29,000 miles a day, about 70% faster than the typical rate of ice loss, experts say...


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The Blowback Begins: Marine Demands Same Treatment As Hillary

From ZH:

The FBI's decision to recommend that no charges be brought against Hillary Clinton has been labeled a double standard of epic proportions, and now the decision will trigger further unintended consequences. A Marine Corps officer who has been locked in a legal battle with his service after self-reporting that he improperly disseminated classified information now intends to demand the same treatment that Hillary received.




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