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Daily Digest 6/7 - Why Britain Is Edging Toward ‘Brexit’, The Great Barrier Reef Catastrophe

Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 9:38 AM


Why Britain Is Edging Toward ‘Brexit’ (jdargis)

From an economic perspective, Britain appears to benefit from immigration. Immigrants from Europe pay substantially more in taxes than they receive in benefits. And Britain appears to need more workers. Its unemployment rate is 5.1 percent. More revealing, the country’s employment rate, which records the proportion of people between 16 and 64 who are working, is 74.2 percent, the highest level since comparable statistics began to be tracked in 1971.

‘Please don’t leave us alone’: A TLS symposium (jdargis)

From an early age I was a European. My father was a railwayman and we would go in search of interesting branch lines across Europe. We were always travelling, never settling: a mountain pass, a junction, a station café in a provincial town. I made collections of sugar cubes, sweet wrappers and soaps. From an early age I knew that “Europe-scent” of eau de cologne, tobacco, the metallic smell of trains, diesel, coffee, pastries, bread shops. It had a sound, too – the dreary wail of ambulances on an autumn afternoon in Paris as we hurried from Gare du Nord to Gare de l’Est, or the strange announcement chimes in big German stations. We lived on the periphery of this richness and whenever the opportunity presented itself we set off for its heart. I can see now that this skittering about Europe was the single most formative aspect of my childhood and I look back at it with a certain irony, but also a deep nostalgia. I am not able to talk about what the EU has done for our common cultural life, but my own work is European above all and I spend my life trying to reach back into that heart.

How Kids Learn Resilience (jdargis)

My last book, How Children Succeed, explored this research and profiled educators who were attempting to put it into practice in their classrooms. Since the book’s publication, in 2012, the idea that educators should be teaching grit and self-control along with addition and subtraction has caught on across the country. Some school systems are embracing this notion institutionally. In California this spring, for example, a coalition of nine major school districts has been trying out a new school-assessment system that relies in part on measurements of students’ noncognitive abilities, such as self-management and social awareness.

The Logic of Paper Money, Debt, and Gold (GE Christenson)

Central banks want debt based currencies because they are easily created. Consequently the currency in circulation and total debt drastically increase and prices follow, sooner or later. Compare the cost of medical care, college tuition, an ounce of gold, a gallon of gas, a six-pack of beer, or a week’s groceries today versus the cost for the same items in 1971. Massive debt, caused by politicians and bankers, also acts as a drag on economic growth. To create more growth the conventional answer is stimulus and more debt, which, at best, delays and aggravates the excess indebtedness problem. Bad policy produces bad results.

Do We Need The State? (Taki T.)

There is today a need for radical thought, as advocated by the great French philosopher, Frederick Bastiat in his mantra ‘explore the unseen’. Current State education is failing, no English schoolchild even at 6th form level will have any idea how the country is governed or of what the principles of English Law consist, neither in all probability will the average school teacher.

More Young Adults Are Living With Their Parents (jdargis)

Indeed, 71 percent of German women and 83 percent of men between ages 18–24 live at home. Once they near their thirties, those numbers plunge—to 9 percent of women and 18 of men—but that’s because almost half of that demographic is married or cohabitating, compared to 31.6 percent of their American counterparts.

The Great Barrier Reef: a catastrophe laid bare (jdargis)

Coral bleaches when the water it’s in is too warm for too long. The coral polyps gets stressed and spit out the algae that live in inside them. Without the colourful algae, the coral flesh becomes transparent, revealing the stark white skeleton beneath.

And because the algae provides the coral with 90% of its energy, it begins to starve. Unless the temperatures quickly return to normal, the coral dies and gets taken over by a blanket of seaweed.

Once that happens it can take a decade for the coral to recover – and even then that recovery depends on the reef not being hit by other stressors such as water pollution.

A Rare Look Inside the Svalbard Global Seed Vault (jdargis)

A rare look inside the Svalbard Global Seed Vault—"the world's most important freezer"—which is closed for about 350 days a year.

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The drought solution under our feet

Healthy soil that’s rich in organic matter has an ability to retain water that surpasses much more expensive solutions to the drought, yet not many people are aware of its potential to reduce farm water use.



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Interesting Times

Another big drill kicking off today.

Largest earthquake drill in Pacific Northwest history kicks off (MyNorthwest.com)

MyNorthwest.com wrote:

"Don’t be surprised to see plenty of military vehicles over the next few days."

Not surprised much at all any more actually. Let's pull the thread a little bit...

Here's the Exercise Scenario Document Cascadia Rising (PDF). Interesting read. Lots of displaced in a major earthquake. Major highways/transportation routes are disrupted. Would require resupply and assistance from the waterways (Puget Sound) and (helo) airlifting.

All part of the Continuity of Government (COG) Plan.

An interesting segue, looks like Cascadia Rising has some companion drills running in parallel: 

All part of the FEMA National Exercise Program Capstone Exercise 2016.

As bit of an etymology fan uncommon words catch the eye. 


cap•stone (ˈkæpˌstoʊn) (source)

1. a finishing stone of a structure.
2. the crowning achievement.

From the first definition, what does a architectural capstone look like?

Here's one example:

A second:

And yet another:

May you live in interesting times.







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RE: Do We Need The State? (Taki T.)

at the bottom of this article there are two linked short clips (2:30) of godfrey bloom addressing european parliament, which i haven't heard before. they are both truly outstanding and inspiring to hear, as this MEP stands in the chamber in brussels and sets the record straight about politicians and central bankers being a plague upon the people.


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guaranteed to lose you money

Rock-Bottom Bond Yields in Europe Hit All-Time Lows

Wall Street Journal-14 hours ago
German lender Commerzbank AG estimates that almost two-thirds of all German sovereign debt outstanding now yields below minus-0.4%, which makes it ...

There are now $10.4 trillion in bonds worldwide that are guaranteed to lose you money

Yahoo Finance - ‎1 hour ago‎
The central bank experiment with negative interest rates—where governments charge you to buy their debt—is reaching a tipping point. Fierce political backlash is emerging against a policy that hurts savers and small businesses, all of which could ...

China central bank holds line on growth forecast but sees more pain to come

Reuters - ‎6 hours ago‎
SHANGHAI China's central bank slashed its forecast for exports on Wednesday, predicting a second straight annual fall in shipments, but said the economy will still grow 6.8 percent this year. The People's Bank of China (PBOC) also warned in its mid ...

ECB Focused on Boosting Inflation, Says French Central Bank Chief

Wall Street Journal-Jun 7, 2016
ECB Focused on Boosting Inflation, Says French Central Bank Chief. Policy is one of 'act and see,' not 'wait and see'. By. William Horobin. William Horobin.

China's mountain of debt is likely bigger than official data suggest

MarketWatch-16 hours ago
What he concluded is that the country's debt in 2015 was about 6 trillion yuan ($913 billion) more than the figure announced by the People's Bank of China.

APNewsBreak: Illinois Debt Could Provoke Dispute With FBI

ABC News - ‎20 hours ago‎
The gridlock has left Illinois without a budget since July 1 and exacerbated a long-standing backlog of debt. As of Tuesday, the state had more than $7 billion in unpaid bills. "The breadth of the issues covered by the budget impasse never ceases to ...

North Carolina's $47 billion time bomb

Charlotte Observer-19 hours ago
It's an unfunded liability of $26 billion that's going to land on taxpayers' ... Obviously, piling up debt to fund pensions and retirement benefits comes with ...

World Bank lowers global growth forecast

Washington Post-17 hours ago
Borrowing in the category that contains auto loans and student debt rose $11.8 billion in April, smaller than the $17.9 billion surge in March. Borrowing in the ...

China's Rustbelt Revamp Leaves Millions of Jobs at Risk

Bloomberg-13 hours ago
Compounding the challenge is debt: money owed by miners is as big as the ... yet repayment obligations keep piling up, with 268 billion yuan ($41 billion) of ...

China's imports at slowest pace in May

Daily Times-8 hours ago
... by manufacturing overcapacity, a slowing property market and mounting debt. ... The value for May imports stood at $131.1 billion, according to the Chinese ...

Greek Unpaid Taxes at 90 Bln and Rising

Greek Reporter-Jun 7, 2016
In April, outstanding tax debt to the state rose by 700 million euros, reaching 4.332 billion euros. The amount is expected to increase to even greater levels when ...

90000 more Coloradans to lose healthcare coverage

KRDO-18 hours ago
... that 90,000 more Coloradans can expect to loose their healthcare coverage. ... people who are suffering with diminished access and astronomical costs.”.


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Plumbing new lows of social decay and violence

Wow! Just when I think I've seen everything, something worse comes along. I have to say I've never seen something this depraved, but it is completely expected as we continue to stair step down in social decay and violence.  Can it get worse?  Oh yes, and it will unless something dramatic happens.


A suspect has been taken into custody after police say he shot his own father at a memorial service for his slain brother...

“They got into some sort of an argument at this repast over what was said or how it was said at the funeral, and the suspect in this case decided to pull out a gun that he brought with him to this event and shot his own father,” said T.J. Smith, Baltimore Police Department...

The chaos inside the church right around 3 p.m. happened next door to a school.

Police believe the fight may have broken out because of a disagreement over the obituary.

To help explain this barbaric insanity, here's some thinking on the subject that will certainly rub some people the wrong way.  Be that as it may, it rings true with my own experience with urban (gun) violence.


When you look at the details, the pattern is obvious. Murder in towns like Baltimore is nothing like you see on television and it sure as hell ain’t like the libertarian scolds imagine. It’s not well-organized street gangs in territorial wars over the drug trade. Instead, it’s low-IQ knuckleheads shooting each other over petty slights. The drug trade is real, but it’s ad hoc and disorganized at the streets level. The beefs that lead to murder are just as likely to be over sneakers as drug deals.

It is what drug legalizers never understand. The drug game in America’s urban reservations is not what drives crime and social dysfunction. Libertarians imagine that legalizing drugs will lead to young black males throwing down their guns and heading off to community college. Legalize drugs and they will find something else to fill the void in their lives. Murder and mayhem in the ghetto is about the most basic of human attributes – status.

Talk to a cop that works the ghetto and he’ll be the most cynical guy you will meet. The reason is he spends his days working cases that have no rational explanation. Ray-Ray pops Darius one night not because of a business beef. No, Ray-Ray did not like the way Darius looked at him at a cookout so he walked up on him and started blasting. Sometimes, there’s simply no reason at all. Ray-Ray just decided to kill Darius “cause he got to go.”

Of course, no one in the neighborhood talks to the cops. Again, the white romantics get it all wrong. The “community” is not hostile to the cops because of race. They are hostile because they are hostile to everyone. The ghetto is not a community. It’s just a bunch of people who live in close quarters. One neighbor will steal from another and then shamelessly be seen on the street with the neighbor’s property. It’s the one place where Hobbes was right.

All of the sentimental explanations for the ghetto are to avoid the reality of the situation. More important, they allow good whites to avoid facing up to doing what has proven to work. You did not see this level of dysfunction and violence in the black neighborhoods in the 50’s and 60’s. Every metric for blacks has gone the wrong way since desegregation. Literacy, crime, drugs, illegitimacy, etc. are all worse for blacks today than they were in the bad old days of segregation.

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