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Daily Digest 5/20 - Good News Friday: The Brain Dictionary, FDA To Highlight Sugar Levels In Food

Friday, May 20, 2016, 10:39 AM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


Hurrah For The Texas Gold Depository——-All The ‘Right People’ Hate It! (Aaron M.)

Originally, the bill appears to have envisioned Texas tax dollars being used to create the facility, but the bill only passed when it was modified to create what is seemingly a state-chartered gold depository that will be privately owned and paid for via fees for gold storage.

Thus, not surprisingly, several private firms are now trying to become the creators of one of these depositories.

McDonald's (MCD) Earnings Report: Q1 2016 Conference Call Transcript (jdargis)

The success we're having is evident not only in our financial results but also in the market share gains we're experiencing in these highly competitive markets. Our market leadership teams are engaging more frequently than ever to share ideas, discuss common opportunities, and ultimately develop holistic brands to fuel momentum into the future. France continued to outperform the branded IEO market despite challenging macroeconomic conditions, including rising unemployment rates and ongoing public safety concerns. Value remains a priority, and the relaunch of the McFirst platform in March, combined with additional value options, including new proteins and product lines, helped strengthen our value proposition. We complemented these efforts with successful limited-time offers at the premium end, including the [Le Grand Premium] with a new chicken fillet, and the new American winter food events to enhance our relevancy in the field of customers in this important market.

The Brain Dictionary (jdargis)

A groundbreaking new study from the Gallant Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley is transforming how scientists understand language organisation in the brain. Published in Nature on 28 April 2016, the paper ‘Natural Speech Reveals the Semantic Maps That Tile Human Cerebral Cortex’ reveals that we use our entire brain – and not just the temporal lobe, as once believed – to group words by meaning. And while every ‘brain dictionary’ appears to be unique, they share some surprising similarities.

Lessons From America's First Memory World Champion (jdargis)

“No one is going to remember a random number or a random list of words,” Mullen told me. “It’s really all about taking things that don’t make any sense and giving them some sort of strong visual meaning. People are much better at remembering those sorts of things.”

The End Of Code (jdargis)

This story has repeated itself again and again. As the digital revolution wormed its way into every part of our lives, it also seeped into our language and our deep, basic theories about how things work. Technology always does this. During the Enlightenment, Newton and Descartes inspired people to think of the universe as an elaborate clock. In the industrial age, it was a machine with pistons. (Freud’s idea of psychodynamics borrowed from the thermodynamics of steam engines.) Now it’s a computer. Which is, when you think about it, a fundamentally empowering idea. Because if the world is a computer, then the world can be coded.

It's official: employers can't force you to be happy. Hallelujah (jdargis)

So, while CEOs and startups may want to swell out their companies’ ranks with eager, pie-eyed suck-ups who are eternally positive, their companies will fare better if they resist the urge to root out and dismiss the pessimists, troublemakers and dissidents on board.

And now, according to the NLRB, they have to.

Germany Just Got Almost All of Its Power From Renewable Energy (jdargis)

Countries around Europe are building increasing amounts of renewable capacity in order to reduce their carbon emissions and boost supply security. Last year Denmark’s wind farms supplied 140 percent of demand, while the U.K. had no coal-fired power stations meeting electricity demand for about four hours on May 10 as a result of plant breakdowns.

FDA Approves New Nutrition Panel that Highlights Sugar Levels (jdargis)

The FDA’s decision to break out added sugar from the total sugar count already on packaging culminates a yearslong push by the Obama administration into stiff opposition from food and beverage companies, which say there is no difference between naturally present sugars and added sugars.

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Update on "immigrants" in Calais clashing with police

Remember the video posted here at PP.com months ago showing a big rig trucker trying to make it down the highway to the port in Calais while mobs of "immigrant" youth and young men swarmed the highway and overwhelmed police?  It didn't go away.  It's gotten much worse.  Police are being attacked directly now and they are resigning in droves.  A couple of days ago they (yes, the police) had a rally in the center of town begging the government for protection and adequate resources to defend themselves and maintain order. 


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Good News, no matter how you look at it!

Dry conditions in Northern Alberta are seeing some respite and the fires are slowing. That's not ash on the road!


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Only 6 months to go...

Nation Dreading Next 6 Months Of Watching Candidates Trying To Relate To It

Anyone else feel like this game is getting old?


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