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Daily Digest 4/18 - The Last Bull-Market Pillar Collapses, A Post-Oil Saudi Arabia?

Monday, April 18, 2016, 9:41 AM


Safe and Sorry – Terrorism & Mass Surveillance (jdargis)

Kurzgesagt examines what's happened to our privacy, civil liberties, and security because of the threat of terrorism.

Saudi Arabia's Post-Oil Plan Starts April 25, Prince Says (Adam, re-post)

Saudi authorities are weighing measures that include more steps to restructure subsidies, imposing a value-added tax, and a levy on energy and sugary drinks as well as luxury items. The National Transformation Program will also focus on ways to boost economic growth, create jobs, attract investors and hold government offices more accountable.

Prince Mohammed, who is leading the biggest shake-up of the economy since Saudi Arabia’s founding, oversees the Council for Economic and Development Affairs, which includes the country’s finance, oil and economy ministries. The council, established after his father became king, also controls the PIF.

Uncovering Blackwater CEO Erik Prince's Plan to Build a Private Air Force (jdargis)

Jeremy Scahill and Matthew Cole, reporters at The Intercept, discuss their investigation that exposed former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince and his plan to create his own private air force to use in parts of Africa. In “Echo Papa Exposed: Inside Erik Prince’s Treacherous Drive to Build a Private Airforce,” they reveal how Prince planned to modify American-made Thrush 510G crop dusters to be used in paramilitary operations in South Sudan and elsewhere.

The Last Bull-Market Pillar Collapses (Tiffany D.)

In recent years, buybacks have fueled the stock market rally, as companies turned to extremely low-rate debt markets as a means of funding buyback programs and boosting share performance. Since 2009, companies have bought back more than $2.7 trillion. In fact, share buybacks during the past 12 months have topped $589 billion — a record high set in 2007.

Our Well-Regulated Militia (jdargis)

I have photos of my father with his buddies from the Korean Army and I wonder sometimes if the one Korean rifle he kept reminded him of them. Was it nostalgia, or did it remind him of the days he ran around Seoul as a kid, salvaging food from bombed-out supply trucks to feed his family there? In which case, that gun would have been a way to remember he could save himself.

Oil Prices Regain Deepest Losses After Deal to Freeze Production Fails (jdargis)

Prices for West Texas intermediate and Brent crude, two global benchmarks, dropped almost 7 percent in early trading in Asia, before paring their losses. By early afternoon in London, both were still off by more than 4 percent, with West Texas crude at $38.58 a barrel and Brent crude at $41.50 a barrel.

The Cost Of Vegetables: Time, Labor, and Real Estate (jdargis)

So the next time you see a $4 pint of blueberries or a $2 head of garlic, think of how much work it took to get that produce to the store or the Farmers Market. Food is often worth much more than its lowest common shelf price, and everyone’s hoping that their fruits and vegetables will catch your eye—and your appetite.

How The Government Decides What You Eat (jdargis)

The guidelines have always been as much a political document as a scientific one. The October hearing was ostensibly about a general dissatisfaction with the way the guidelines are generated. But the real flashpoint was a report issued eight months earlier by an advisory panel charged with evaluating the latest nutrition science and making recommendations for what the guidelines should say. Among the panel’s many recommendations was that the guidelines should consider the environmental consequences of food production. More specifically, the report suggested that a diet lower in red meat and processed meat was not only more healthful, but better for the planet.

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Quote of the day--Philip K. Dick

“Today we live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups… So I ask, in my writing, What is real? Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo-realities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated electronic mechanisms.”

~ Philip K. Dick

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Try: Reality, by Peter Kingsley

Which reality are you talking about? And there is SO MUCH more than financial/political reality, no?

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Kenneth Pollinger...

Please look at your PM inbox... I would like to talk offline with you about the, "SO MUCH" more that you are alluding to.. in fact, I just started this new group;


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