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Daily Digest 4/15 - Good News Friday: How To Reduce Food Waste, Genetic Superheroes Walk Among Us

Friday, April 15, 2016, 9:41 AM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


How Regulators Mess With Bankers’ Minds, and Why That’s Good (jdargis)

Over the decades leading up to the financial crisis of 2008, banks learned how to sidestep and water down the relatively tough regulations introduced after the crash of 1929. This ability of the banks to get their way was spotted by Hyman Minsky, a maverick economist who died 20 years ago. He was prophetic, too. He identified and warned about the sort of trends in the financial system and the wider economy that helped cause the last financial crisis. That is why when everything started falling apart in 2008, some commentators said a “Minsky moment” had arrived.

Thirteen Anonymous Genetic Superheroes Walk Among Us (jdargis)

These people, unbeknownst to them, carry genes that all but guarantee that they’ll get fatal diseases. And yet, somehow, they’re completely healthy. They might carry other genes that mitigate their risk. Or perhaps, some aspect of their diet, lifestyle, or environment shields them from their harmful inheritance. Either way, Friend reasoned that if he could find these “genetic superheroes,” and work out the secrets of their powers, he could find ways of helping others to beat the odds.

What Americans Can Learn From the New Dutch Dietary Guidelines (jdargis)

This is the first time the Voedingscentrum has placed hard limits on meat consumption. These new recommendations are not just notable for their definitive stance on ever-popular animal products, but because they were based as much on environmental sustainability as on health issues. Namely, the meat guidelines directly address overfishing and the inefficient land use and high carbon emissions associated with red meat production.

Can Livestock Restore Drought-Sticken Grasslands? (jdargis)

In Sianyanga, Balbina said the decline began in the late 1980s, when the Nalomwe River went dry. The river had provided the community’s water and Balbina used to swim there as a child. Soon the village, formerly productive and dappled with shade trees, could no longer support its livestock. When the rains came, the water carved deep ditches in the Earth. Each passing year meant longer forays for water and forage for their cattle. A 78-year-old man named Thomas Mudimba said: “To get water, if I left at mid-day, I came back from the other village at six in the evening. If I took five animals for water, maybe I come back with two.” For the 20-kilometer journey meant exposing their livestock to predators, mostly lions.

Waste Not, Want Not: 10 Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste Footprint (jdargis)

Choose Quality Over Quantity. The flipside of food waste is excess consumption; arguably the most deadly disease in our society. The best quality foods (organic, fair trade, fresh, unprocessed, etc.) may cost more, but that reinforces buying less, thereby reducing waste while improving social, environmental, and personal health outcomes. Put another way: shop like a Zen master, striving to be conscious of the purpose for each item chosen.

Timber: The One Asset Crushing Stocks (Tiffany D.)

Now, the thing is, you really don’t have to have big money or pay these outrageous fees to get high-level, consistent performance. Sometimes you just need an expert like me to point you to how to get this on the cheap.

There is one investment in particular that generates high-level, consistent performance that big-money investors love. And it’s available to everyone. Unlike our hedge fund, you don’t have to give up 20% of your profits.

Intestinal worms may be our frenemies: They cultivate bacteria to block diseases (jdargis)

The researchers first got hooked on studying the worms’ potential health benefits amid anecdotes of people suffering with IBD trying worm-based treatments out of desperation—and having occasional success. Plus, there’s the simple fact that IBD has been on the rise in developed countries where helminths are rare but is very uncommon in areas of the world where the worms flourish in people’s guts.

Get Your Locally Sourced, Sustainably Raised Meats—at a Vending Machine! (jdargis)

Fresh-food vending machines aren’t necessarily a brand-new concept; a butcher shop in Paris installed a meat machine earlier this year, a convenience store in Alabama unveiled one back in 2011, and a 130-year-old butcher shop in Cle Elum, Washington, launched theirs in November. Plus, we’ve heard about produce machines and raw milk stations for a while now. But Applestone’s is the first to provide local, sustainably raised meat products, including burger patties, a variety of sausage, steaks and other beef cuts, and even pet food. Each machine can hold up to 240 items, so Applestone varies the selection depending on season.

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Bonds Snubbed by Draghi Outperform as ECB Eyes Corporate Debt

How 315 Billion Petrodollars Evaporated

Bloomberg-12 hours ago
In the last three months of 2015, reserves fell nearly $54 billion, the largest quarterly ... in credit markets has been muted as central banks continue to buy debt.

Japan's Negative-Rate Experiment Is Floundering

Wall Street Journal-15 hours ago
TOKYO—Japan's two-month experiment with negative interest rates is producing some unexpected results. Trading has withered in Japan's money markets, ...

BOJ chief denies negative interest rate has backfired

The Straits Times-17 hours ago
NEW YORK • Japan's financial markets would be in worse shape if the central bank had not adopted a negative interest rate, Bank of Japan (BOJ) governor ...

G-20 Currency Promise Doesn't Limit Negative Rates, Aso Says

Bloomberg-9 hours ago
"The G-20 has promised to avoid competitive devaluations, but this doesn't apply to negative interest rates and other steps done for domestic policy purposes," ...

Danish Couple Gets Paid Interest on Their Mortgage? Find Out How

Australia Network News-8 hours ago
Call it a sweet effect of negative interest rates in many countries including Denmark, the “privilege” to the Danish household follows a ruling by Netherlands' ...

Negative rates drive demand for gold

Bangkok Post-14 hours ago
TOKYO: Gold sales surged in Japan through March after the country's move to set negative interest rates sent investors scurrying for a shelter, a further sign that ...

What Comes After Negative Rates? Helicopter Money

Wall Street Journal - ‎Apr 14, 2016‎
When modern banking first emerged in medieval Italy, European mathematicians regarded negative numbers as absurd. Six hundred years on, the successors to the Medicis and Peruzzis face negative interest rates—and while negative numbers are now ...

DEUTSCHE BANK: There is no need to fear helicopter money

Yahoo Finance UK-5 hours ago
There have been serious concerns about both the possible inflationary effects of helicopter money, and its legality, and because of that – as Business Insider's ...

Italy's Atlas fund struggles to stop sky falling on banks

Reuters-4 hours ago
Unenthusiastic bankers only agreed to back it after government and central bank officials warned of a crisis of confidence in the sector unless big lenders signed ...

Junk Debt Liquidity Threatened by Mutual Fund Holdings, UBS Says

Bloomberg-3 hours ago

Mutual funds have increased their holdings by $1.4 trillion since March 2009, exceeding a $1.2 trillion increase in outstanding corporate debt, according to the .

China's economy grows at weakest pace in seven years

Telegraph.co.uk-8 hours ago
... largest economy has become increasingly reliant on debt to keep growing. ... New loans totalled 2.34 trillion yuan (£250bn) last month, according to the ...

China Junk Debt in Worst Selloff Since 2014 as Defaults Multiply

Bloomberg-14 hours ago
Chinese companies must repay a total of 31.3 billion yuan of bonds rated AA- or ... China's corporate debt burden is heavy, but if you have a lot of savings and ...

As China's Growth Slows, Banks Feel the Strain of Bad Debt

New York Times-24 minutes ago
China's total local currency loans have more than tripled since the start of 2009, to 98.6 trillion renminbi, or about $15 trillion, at the end of March, according to ...

China's Debt-Fueled Transition May Be Dangerous, IMF No. 2 Says

Bloomberg-1 hour ago
... banks to shadow lenders, totaled 2.34 trillion yuan ($361 billion) in March. ... of restructuring bloated state-owned enterprises and cleaning up a bad-debt ...

US Sees Big Losses for China From Corn Stocks Write-Down

Wall Street Journal-21 hours ago
... $10 billion for the state agencies that hold huge stockpiles of inedible corn, ... a surplus of around 5.2 million tons in 2015 to a 6.4 million ton deficit by 2020.

Ghost of Pre-Default Bonds Returns to Haunt Russia Decades Later

Bloomberg-4 hours ago
“It's more logical for us to buy corporate debt for six-month terms rather than ... two sovereign wealth funds by withdrawing 3.8 trillion rubles ($57 billion) to plug ...

Russia's budget deficit widens to 3.7 percent of GDP in first quarter

Xinhua-5 hours ago
Federal revenue totaled 2.908 trillion rubles in the first three months, while federal ... But Russia's federal finances were relatively robust with low sovereign debt ...

Unconventional monetary policies on stilts

TODAYonline-Apr 11, 2016
Nouriel Roubini is chairman of Roubini Global Economics and Professor of Economics at New York University's Stern School of Business. mail · print. View all 0 ...

US Treasury to Sell $68 Billion in Debt

Wall Street Journal-21 hours ago
The U.S. Treasury Department will auction $68 billion in securities next week, comprising $40 billion in new debt and $28 billion in previously auctioned debt.

Provincial budget forecasts debt at $58-billion within three years

News Talk 770 Calgary - ‎17 hours ago‎
Called simply “The Alberta Jobs Plan,” the 2016 budget has Finance Minister Joe Ceci optimistic despite facing a four-decade low in oil and gas prices, and a $10.4-billion deficit. “Faced with a 90-percent drop in non-renewable resource revenue ...

Alberta budget forecasts $10.4 billion deficit, outlines carbon tax

CTV News - ‎17 hours ago‎
EDMONTON -- The Alberta government, with oil prices taking massive bites out of its bottom line, blew past its own spending safeguards Thursday to deliver a budget that forecasts almost $58 billion in debt within three years. Finance Minister Joe Ceci ...

Bonds Snubbed by Draghi Outperform as ECB Eyes Corporate Debt

Bloomberg-7 hours ago
The ECB plans to start buying investment-grade debt issued by non-bank companies toward the end of this quarter. Purchases could total about 4.5 billion euros ...

Investors Pour $10.7 Billion Into Junk Bonds as Fears Fade

Bloomberg-17 hours ago
Investors poured the most money in more than four years into junk-bond debt last month as memories faded of December's collapse of Third Avenue ...

IMF Says Greek Debt Numbers Don't Add Up as EU Defends Its Plan

Bloomberg - ‎18 hours ago‎
Lagarde said she's skeptical about Greece's ability to meet the budget surplus target set under an 86-billion-euro ($97 billion) bailout by euro-area governments, who are reviewing whether to release the loan's second installment. Under the EU program, ...

Africa Turns to IMF as Commodity Slump Exposes Poor Policy

Bloomberg - ‎9 hours ago‎
Zambia may soon be forced to follow suit, Kenya took on a $1.5 billion standby facility and Nigeria, Africa's biggest economy, is negotiating a $1 billion loan from the World Bank. Zimbabwe is also engaging with the Washington-based lenders to obtain ...

Puerto Rico's pensions — The money's running out

WVTF-2 hours ago
And they've got less than $2 billion in assets. And the ... An aging population and dwindling tax base doesn't bode well for an island already $72 billion in debt.

High copper and lead levels found in water at 19 Detroit schools

Chicago Tribune-3 hours ago
... at Brown Academy showed 1,500 parts per billion — 100 times the EPA limit ... a $720 million school restructuring plan to pay off the district's operating debt, ...

As Sin Taxes Succeed and Pinch Revenue, States Double Down

Wall Street Journal-20 hours ago
Alaska is looking at a host of sins as it stares down a roughly $4 billion budget deficit also because of low oil prices. Gov. Bill Walker, an independent, has ...

Three Proposed Gas Tax Hikes Mean Pain At The Pump

CBS Local-17 hours ago
Most of the pressure to come up with these new taxes comes from the budget impasse in Springfield, as there is now a $43 billion deficit in transportation funds.

Asian rating downgrades hit highest level in years

Reuters-11 hours ago

SINGAPORE, April 15 (IFR) - Asian credit downgrades have increased on a scale not seen in years, putting pressure on bond prices as more issuers head ..

Cuckoo clocks? Venezuela shifting time hoping to save energy

Washington Post - ‎16 hours ago‎
CARACAS, VenezuelaVenezuela's government is changing the clock again as part of its efforts to stave off an electricity crisis. The move comes nine years after former President Hugo Chavez created Venezuela's own, unique time zone in a stroke of ...

How Could KPERS Payment Delay Affect Kansas?

KMUW-5 hours ago
Delaying the state's required contribution into the pension plan is just one of the ways the Legislature is trying to eliminate the deficit. Lawmakers okayed the ...

Changes to law, raising age for benefits suggested for Pa. pension ...

Tribune-Review-12 hours ago
Pension reform is perpetually debated in Harrisburg as lawmakers grapple with ways to change public pensions and stem the rising unfunded liability, which is ...


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