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Daily Digest 4/3 - How To Hack An Election, How Bad Is Ocean Garbage, Really?

Sunday, April 3, 2016, 11:58 AM


How To Hack An Election (jdargis)

For eight years, Sepúlveda, now 31, says he traveled the continent rigging major political campaigns. With a budget of $600,000, the Peña Nieto job was by far his most complex. He led a team of hackers that stole campaign strategies, manipulated social media to create false waves of enthusiasm and derision, and installed spyware in opposition offices, all to help Peña Nieto, a right-of-center candidate, eke out a victory. On that July night, he cracked bottle after bottle of Colón Negra beer in celebration. As usual on election night, he was alone.

Crowd Source (jdargis)

Crowds on Demand, he says, serves several clients a week, sometimes a day — most in L.A., San Francisco, and New York but an increasing number in smaller cities like Nashville, Charlotte, and Minneapolis. When people inquire about a potential event, Adam guides them through the possibilities and the approximate costs: $600 for fake paparazzi at a birthday dinner; $3,000 for a flash mob dancing, chanting, and handing out fliers as a PR stunt; $10,000 for a weeklong political demonstration; $25,000 to $50,000 for a prolonged campaign of protests. According to Adam, protests have become the company’s growth sector, and just as with advertising, repeat impressions are key. “When the targets of our actions see that we’re going to be back, day after day, they get really scared,” he says. “We’re in it for the long haul, and the problem’s not going to go away on its own.”

Thousands Could Lose Food Stamps as States Restore Pre-Recession Requirements (jdargis)

During and after the latest recession, which ended in mid-2009, most states qualified for waivers from the time limits. But the time limits will be in effect this year in more than 40 states. In 22 states, the limits are coming back for the first time since the recession.

As the economy improves, the Food and Nutrition Service said, many places no longer qualify for time limit waivers.

‘Creditors have many sinister ways to keep debt serf Greece paying forevermore’ (richcabot)

They want to keep a country in existence paying up forevermore. Now, they could do that, in this case, in several nasty ways. The threat on Greece, first of all, is to declare a default, and that will freeze the system. Secondly, they could declare a bail-in of all the money in the Greek banks, and Greek depositors would lose all their money.

There are other sinister possibilities by which the IMF and the West, generally, can use threats against Greece to force it to bend to their will, which is so that it becomes a debt serf or a debt peon forevermore.

To Buy or Rent a Home? Weighing Which Is Better (jdargis)

“Arguing about whether rent versus buy is a better financial decision is like debating active versus passive investment strategies, hedge funds versus mutual funds, Apple versus Google,” said Milo M. Benningfield, a financial planner in San Francisco. “Somebody’s going to be right in terms of higher returns in the future, but we can’t know in advance who that will be — and it will be tough to quantify how much risk was taken along the way.”

The Cost Of Putting Down Roots (jdargis)

But now I’m thinking that maybe I will stay. More than that; I’m thinking that I want to stay. I want to get involved in the city itself, not just the part of it that I write about from my home office. I want to volunteer. I want to meet other Seattle writers. I want to be part of a community.

This model of wealthy suburban living is starting to fray (jdargis)

Since 1980, the county’s population has nearly doubled to 1.1 million residents, with palatial new residences in such areas as Great Falls and Lorton pushing up the median price of a single-family home to $492,000 last year. And household income has climbed from a median of about $54,000 in the mid-1980s to $111,000 today.

How Bad Is Ocean Garbage, Really? (jdargis)

In 83 percent of cases, the perceived dangers of ocean trash were proven true. In most of the remaining cases, the working group found the studies too shoddy to draw conclusions from—they lacked a control group, for example, or used faulty statistics.

Strikingly, Rochman says, only one well-designed study failed to find the effect it was looking for, an investigation of mussels ingesting microscopic plastic bits. The plastic moved from the mussels’ stomachs to their bloodstreams, scientists found, and stayed there for weeks—but didn’t seem to stress out the shellfish.

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After the Collapse: Chaos Theory

No data, but fascinating nonetheless on a macro level.

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Bankers Slave
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Every time someone posts

a great poignant video, I get the urge to post this offering. We all feel it here!


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Re:To Buy or Rent a Home?

 In my opinion, Renting is likely the better option for most people. The Job market is soft and will remain that way. Its very likely that workers will need to frequently relocate to find a decent job. Selling a home can be a lengthly process, which will likely leave workers shackled to thier home.

That said, I also believe at some point Urban/Suburban areas will be dangerous places. As the economy continues to weaken and local/state gov't revenue decreases (as debt/pension liablitlities soar), Crime will also soar. 

Ideally, the best long term option would be to locate property in a rural area that will likely be safer and can be set up to allow people to be more self-reliant (grow your own food, etc) and be less dependant on a collapsing economy. Since most rural areas likely do not offer the same job opportunities of most workers, one can rent a small apartment that is closer to work, and use the income to invest in the property and to prep for self-reliancy.


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