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Daily Digest 3/19 - Foreign Govt's Dump U.S. Debt, We Are All Flint

Saturday, March 19, 2016, 11:24 AM


U.S. Government's Annual Financial Report Unable to Pass GAO Audit (LesPhelps)

Dodaro also expressed concern about the continued rise in improper payments. He noted material weaknesses involving upwards of $136 billion in improper payments reported for fiscal 2015. This compares to more than $124 billion in improper payments reported for fiscal year 2014, and more than $105 billion for fiscal year 2013. Other reported material weakness this year involved information security across government and tax collection activities.

Foreign governments dump U.S. debt at record rate (LesPhelps)

So what are foreign central bankers doing with these piles of cash? They're mostly using the funds to stimulate their own economies as the global growth slowdown and crash in oil prices continue to take their toll.

2017 the Year from Political Hell (Aaron M.)

The U.S. press has adopted a new agenda. There were quiet phone calls being made that complained they created Drumpf by giving him too much attention. So what we saw in headlines for Super Tuesday was this precise shift in the press away from Drumpf to lead the story with Hillary. It will not be until June when we reach the California primary where it is a winner take all battled for 172 delegates.

The Fed Just Sank This Ship (Tiffany D.)

Earlier in the week, we learned about diversifying your wealth through the use of collectibles, farmland and natural gas wells. On Wednesday, attendees of the Offshore Investment Summit broadened their scope even more by learning about natural colored diamonds. Daniel and David Metcalfe of Premier Diamond Group revealed that natural colored diamonds have never decreased in value in 50 years at the dealer level. In fact, such diamonds double in value every four to seven years. They went on to show that while the Dow Jones Industrial Average enjoyed an average gain of 3.8% from 2007 through 2015, a one-carat vivid yellow gained an average 4.4% per year, a one-carat fancy purple jumped 13.9% in value per year, and a one-carat fancy blue gained 7.4% per year during that same time frame.

Gold and Paper 1951–2016 (GE Christenson)

“There is no trap so deadly as the trap you set for yourself.”

Doug Casey: We are Leaving the Eye of the Hurricane! (Herman J.)

Jeff interviews veteran speculator and personal mentor, Doug Casey. Topics include: markets at the edge of a precipice, the most dangerous time in history for capital, an unwitting tendency to self destruction, corruption and power, the USA reached its peak in the 1950’s, the world is awash in debt, the biggest bubble is the bond bubble, death of the dollar, negative interest rates, bank bail-ins, the was against cash, carrying gold across borders, capital controls, invest in tangible commodities, gold mining stocks are at near all time lows similar to 2001.

How Oil Price Volatility Explains These Uncertain Times (Rob G.)

There was no magic behind correctly foreseeing what unfolded in the oil and stock markets over the last two years. Indeed, the path to connecting the dots started with an observation that many readers have probably already made themselves – namely, that oil prices seemed to have been notably changeable or volatile over the last decade or so.

Study Indicates That Organic And Sustainable Agriculture Can Feed The Planet (Aaron M.)

The report, Organic Agriculture for the 21st Century, authored by Washington State University Regents Professor of Soil Science and Agroecology John Reganold and doctoral student Jonathan Wachter, looks at the efficacy of organic and non-organic farming according to the four pillars of sustainability: economics, environment, productivity and community well-being. Organic production currently accounts for only one percent of global agricultural land, despite rapid growth in the last two decades.

We Are All Flint (westcoastjan)

We saw Flint coming. In fact, I’ve seen this whole national water crisis coming for years. I see these issues happen, I know where they are. I know when they’re going to hit. And I know they’re going to come up, year after year after year.

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Manipulation of public opinion

I would like to recommend again the video Time2Help posted yesterday on the topic of online manipulation.  This is very well done, fast moving, and gives a great review of the scope of the projects aimed at shaping the discourse.

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One of these days...

Have an open ended wrench coated in axle grease tied next to the gas meter shutoff using two feet of paracord.

Hope I never have to use it.

5.2 earthquake reported off coast of Vancouver Island (MyNorthwest.com)

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Foreign Governments Dump US Debt

I believe the article is misleading in one respect.  It indicates that the largest holder of US debt is China.

China may be the largest foreign holder of US Debt, but was surpassed in holdings by the Fed several years ago, not to mention intergovernmental holdings, which dwarf even the Feds holdings.  Current holding highlights include, the Social Security Trust Fund $2.8 trillion, other governmental agencies $2.5 trillion and the Fed $2.5 trillion.  China's current holdings are around $1.2 trillion.

The long and the short of it is that the Social Security Trust Fund gets the prize as the largest holder of US Treasury Debt, assuming the numbers reported by the government and Fed are accurate.  They are, right?

Rather than investing surplus social security payments during the baby boomer work years, our government has spent the surplus on the largest military buildup in human history and the forever war, among other things.

If you are a baby boomer, hopefully you didn't count on your social security benefits, which are now described as an entitlement program.

If social security is an entitlement program, I guess my bank checking account is one as well?

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sand_puppy wrote:I would
sand_puppy wrote:

I would like to recommend again the video Time2Help posted yesterday on the topic of online manipulation.  This is very well done, fast moving, and gives a great review of the scope of the projects aimed at shaping the discourse.

"Charred corpses all." ???

So, does SkyNet become sentient before or after the development of quantum computing?



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