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Daily Digest 3/14 - Labor Protests Multiply In China, The Unnatural Kingdom

Monday, March 14, 2016, 11:12 AM


Labor Protests Multiply in China as Economy Slows, Worrying Leaders (jdargis)

Last week, hundreds if not thousands of angry employees of the state-owned Longmay Mining Group, the biggest coal company in northeastern China, staged one of the most politically daring protests over unpaid salaries yet, denouncing the provincial governor as he and other senior leaders gathered for an annual meeting in Beijing.

China Labor Bulletin, a labor rights group based in Hong Kong, recorded more than 2,700 strikes and protests last year, more than double the number in 2014. The strife appears to have intensified in recent months, with more than 500 protests in January alone.

Obama narrows Supreme Court shortlist down to three (jdargis)

"It’s somebody who I want to make sure follows the Constitution; cares about things like stare decisis and precedent; understands the necessary humility of a judge at any level in looking at statute, looking at what the elected branches are doing; is not viewing themselves as making law or, in some ways, standing above elected representatives," Obama said Thursday of his nominee.

The president said he's looking for someone who also "recognizes the critical role that that branch plays in protecting minorities to ensuring that the political system doesn’t skew in ways that systematically leave people out."

Donald Trump's ideology of violence (jdargis)

Hours after that speech, 32 people were arrested and several were injured as Trump's supporters clashed with anti-Trump protesters and police. That night, Trump had to cancel a rally in Chicago for safety reasons.

Violence is scary. But violence-as-ideology is terrifying. And that's where Trump's campaign has gone.

Ahead: Global Totalitarianism (pinecarr)

IN THIS INTERVIEW: Global totalitarianism coming? Why did the Fed raise interest rates? Negative interest rates and a cashless society.

How do we avoid movement toward totalitarianism?

Zika, ZIRP, and NIRP Viruses (GE Christenson)

There is money to be made on vaccines and GM mosquitos, and money to be lost if sales of pesticides and other chemicals are reduced. It is clear in which direction the politics will lean.

The Zika virus should remind us of other strange activities in the financial world.

February’s global temperatures rose to a startling new high (jdargis)

Prior to last October, the GISS data had never gone a full degree C above the baseline. February marks the fifth month in a row that it has. There hasn't been a month below that baseline since 1992. It's also notable that the baseline period is well after the planet had started warming from its pre-industrial temperatures, meaning the change compared to the beginning of last century is even more dramatic.

USA uses TPP-like trade-court to kill massive Indian solar project (Michael W.)

The Trans Pacific Partnership, a secretly negotiated trade agreement, expands the sorts of powers the WTO creates to allow multinationals to sue governments to repeal policies that undermine their profitability. Expect lots more of this in the future if the TPP passes.

The Unnatural Kingdom (jdargis)

The subsequent Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Recovery Program, an interagency collaboration, tacitly acknowledged that our biggest and best-protected wild ecosystems are so badly compromised that we can no longer fence them off and hope for the best. Starting in the early 2000s, the recovery program employed ancient and contemporary technology: Net-guns, fired from helicopters, were used to capture bighorn outfitted with collars that carried both GPS and VHF radio transmitters; professional hunters, meanwhile, tracked and darted every mountain lion in the area to outfit them with collars that carried VHF radio transmitters. Biologists at computer monitors began to watch bighorn movements. Anytime a lion killed multiple bighorn in a short period of time, those hunters used VHF radio telemetry and specially bred lion hounds to find and kill it.

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Who is jdargis?

And why does s/he reference such one-sided view points? In the interest of balance, here are a few counterweights to the article s/he submitted to the DD above http://Donald Trump's ideology of violence


...Last Friday night in Chicago, young black people stopped killing one another long enough to help shut down a Donald Trump rally. They were aided and abetted by nonwhite-identity groups such as La Raza Chicago and the Muslim Student Association, all of whom were egged on by Soros front organization MoveOn.org. Among the “diverse” gaggle of disruptors and free-speech snuffers were the usual crowd of smirking bearded white hipster pro-Sanders bobbleheads who are furious at Republicans for the fact that they’re having trouble paying back the $120K in loans they took out to get a master’s degree in Native American Bisexual Pottery...

And as I watched the live footage unfolding of smirking, scruffy dupes of globalist totalitarian financiers swinging fists, screaming at cops, and harassing the fuck out of Trump supporters who were merely trying to leave the event peacefully without being jumped, I bit my lip as one CNN reporter after the next all blamed it on Trump.

They claimed that it was Trump’s words that led to the violence—not the conscious decisions of those who couldn’t emotionally handle his words and therefore made a conscious decision to attend his rally and “shut it down” while “fucking shit up.” When they threw bottles at cops and swung fists at Trump supporters, they were in no way responsible for their behavior. And by preventing Trump from speaking and letting him know he wasn’t welcome in Chicago and there should be no forum for people such as him to speak, they were only exercising their free speech, and you’re a stupid knuckle-dragging redneck if you don’t see the logic in that.

If the media is trying to start a race war, they’re doing a very good job of it.

The Great Chicago Trump Shutdown occurred after weeks of desperate turd-flinging against Trump by both major political parties and mainstream media across the political spectrum. And yet the same tools who insist that gullible fanatics can be easily whipped up into violence by mere rhetoric took not a wisp of responsibility for possibly triggering hordes of their special snowflakes with endless propaganda about how Donald Trump is the secret love child of Adolf Hitler and the KKK.

But who exactly are acting like the intrusive brownshirts in this equation? Which side is aggressively flouting all known rules of decorum and civility and is openly messing with the other side?

It’s certainly not the fascist redneck hordes that have allegedly been hypnotized by Trump. A few seconds of Googling yielded the following results:

• “protesters disrupt sanders rally” … 5 results

• “protesters disrupt clinton rally” … 10 results

• “protesters disrupt trump rally” … 24,500 results

The punch line is that in every case of protestors disrupting Clinton and Sanders rallies, the perps were the cretinous and embarrassingly innumerate goons of Black Lives Matter, harassing their fellow leftists for not being leftist enough.

Although I allow the possibility of isolated incidents, I could find no evidence of Trump supporters even bothering to attend a Clinton or Sanders rally, much less disrupt it or shut it down...

And here's some balance from a man who TWICE voted for Obama, Jim Kuntsler.


The Twitter-incited mob that shut down last week’s Donald Trump rally at the University of Illinois’ Chicago pavilion was the first skirmish in what is shaping up to be a civil war between a political Left that has lost its mind and a political Right that has lost its mind and its soul. The tensions between these two camps are so contorted and dishonest that even trying to unpack the issues puts the un-packer in jeopardy of being branded as one kind of thought-criminal or another...

The religion of the social justice warriors, got a huge boost with the deaths, and subsequent canonization of the new mega-saints, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and other black youths who were killed under circumstances that were, at least, ambiguous, and, at most, due to their own poor judgment and misbehavior. (Pause for cries of “racist” to subside). The Michael Brown / Ferguson, Mo. incident and subsequent riots led to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, with its now secular (“the street”) and campus branches, and its vote-garnering panders (Hillary) in politics.

Possibly the worst blasphemy — which I will now state — is the idea that the new religion of social justice exists to disguise the vast disappointment over the failure of the civil rights movement to uplift — that is, raise out of poverty, illiteracy, and crime — a substantial part of the black population. In fact, much of the official policy of the civil rights era only made matters worse, especially the well-known failures of the welfare system with all its disincentives to economic striving. So, the well-intentioned people of the Left — a dying breed — are left in dismay and embarrassment, fighting demons, while black America chooses more and more remain an oppositional culture, apart, antagonistic, and increasingly bent on vengeance.

Enter Trump, perhaps the worst figure possible to call bullshit on this vast matrix of dishonesty, with his ugly cohort of “poorly-educated” white yahoo supporters. Why? Because the well-educated non-yahoos of both parties are too cowardly and too corrupt — too busy making money off the war racketeers and the medical racketeers, and the Wall Street racketeers, and the campus racketeers — to take on some of the central lies of our times, which Trump manages to do in the crudest possible ways.

What the politicians and the media and the cringing, pandering intellectuals of this country aren’t figuring is what happens when the political crisis of the moment is amped up by the financial and economic train wreck that is certain to come before the fall elections. The nation has already gone mad with the internal contradictions of its own beliefs. The next step will be when it literally goes to war with itself.


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Long History

I wouldn't know jdargis from Michael W., but it is easy to establish that jdargis (or persons using that handle) has contributed to the site for at least six years.

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US rig count at a record low while Saudis are 1 off their high

never before in the history of the US oil and gas industry was there so little drilling going on in the US as there was in the week just ended...likely going back as far the early part of the Pennsylvania oil boom in the 1860s:

US rig count at a record low while US oil stores at a record high; global rigs for February



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Dedicated volunteer

Hi thc0655-

   JDargis is a long-time volunteer on the site, part of Chris's and Adam's team.  She is the person who makes sure that the Daily Digest gets published 6 days a week (I think she may take one day off a week when Les publishes the Daily Digest, but I'm not sure), and she's been doing so for a number of years now.  

   I don't mean to imply that you or others necessarily have to agree with everything she posts.  I guess I just want people to also keep in mind that she is the one doing the day-in, day-out work of keeping the Daily Digest running for the rest of us.  And we always have the option of posting counter points-of-view.



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Thanks for volunteering jdargis!

Thanks for serving us all here at PP.com putting together the DD. Don't be offended, though, if I occasionally submit something to try to balance one of your submissions.

Thanks pinecarr for the info.  I agree we should consider all kinds of views, especially those we don't agree with.  I also understand that not everything that is linked here is consistent the the views and values of PP.com.  I myself occasionally link to something because I find it so outrageous we should all be aware that there are people out there with viewpoints like THAT!


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I am she!

Hi, I'm jdargis. I handle the daily filtering, aggregation, and publishing of the Daily Digest. It's a 7-day-a-week job (Les does give me articles on Wednesdays, but I still handle posting them) which sometimes includes looking for DD news when I don't have enough submissions. So if you don't like what you see, simply submit an article! I really don't like posting too many of my own selections simply because I don't have all that much time to go looking for them (PP.com is not my full time job by a long shot!), and as mentioned there can sometimes end up being a bias, which I try to avoid. Thanks to all of you for keeping me on my toes and hope to see more submissions from all the contrarians out there.. especially for Good News Friday!

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