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Daily Digest 3/1 - States Of Disorder, Oil Companies On Edge Ahead Of Super Tuesday

Tuesday, March 1, 2016, 11:29 AM


European sovereign debt crisis could cause Eurozone implosion - ex-BoE chief (richcabot)

“If the alternative is crushing austerity, continuing mass unemployment, and no end in sight to the burden of debt, then leaving the euro area may be the only way to plot a route back to economic growth and full employment,” he warns.

King's book examines the future of banking and a range of imbalances in the global economy. The Ex-BoE chief argues that the world will face future financial crises because the issues that created the 2007/08 crash have not been resolved.

States Of Disorder (Afridev)

The Arab spring, which seemed to validate the rising tide of democratic governance, has washed away regimes and left in its wake societies that are more riven, more violent and less governable than before, mocking the efforts of western states that sought to place themselves at the forefront of this tide, only to have it ebb and withdraw beneath their shifting feet. A great civil war has begun between the two historic forms of Islam championed by Saudi Arabia and her allies and Iran and its clients, with the consequence that as many as 250,000 people have died in Syria and 4.5 million persons have become refugees.

Regional War, Crude Production, And A Depreciating Dollar (FREEPOM) (westcoastjan)

Time is running out for both Turkey and Saudi Arabia to salvage a strategy of regional dominance to replace the waning power-balance which the United States has held for decades. The replacement of Assad in Syria was always the final chess move for this new balance of power to be effectively realized.

Chesapeake’s AIG Moment: Energy Giant Faces $1 Billion In Collateral Calls (Aaron M.)

To be sure, the bond promptly surged, even as the stock priced tumbled, on what was seen as a very bondholder-friendly action (and thus to the detriment of shareholders) and hit a price of 95 cents while the stock tumbled by 15%, generating a 30% return for anyone who had decided to go along. At that moment we urged anyone in the trade to take their profits and go home, taking a few weeks, or the rest of 2016, off.

Jen Gerson: This is Calgary at its most awful (westcoastjan)

Even by that standard, the rapid transit project proposed for a busy southwest city corridor has to be one of the most benign plans to ever inspire a death threat. According to Mayor Naheed Nenshi, city staff were pushed, shoved and sworn at during a recent public meeting to discuss the Southwest Bus Rapid Transit Plan. A city councillor even admitted he felt unsafe at the event.

4 Gold Charts That Will Confuse Bulls And Bears (Taki T.)

The second bullish chart is the correlation between inflation expectations (TIPS) and the price of gold. In the last 1.5 years, inflation expectations have been falling. As soon as the Fed started talking about negative interest rates, inflation expectations started rising, and confirmed gold’s rise.

Jim Rogers on investing in India, global debt issues (Herman J.)

Jim Rogers co-founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros in 1973, helping to steer the fund to a 4200% return before “retiring” at age 37. He is considered to be one of the greatest investors of all time. Rogers has made two record-setting journeys – once by motorcycle and once by car – and is in the Guinness Book of World Records for doing so. In between his frequent travels, he has served as a professor at Columbia University, started his own commodity index and is a frequent media commentator worldwide. Rogers has also authored six books. He currently lives in Singapore with his family.

China prepares massive lay-offs and compensation – report (richcabot)

China’s official manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) fell to 49 in February from 49.8 in January, which is weakest result since February 2009 and the seventh straight month of decline. Any reading below 50 means contraction.

“While the Chinese New Year may have distorted the PMI figures in January and February, the average level of the two months still remained at 49.2, below the benchmark level,” said ANZ analysts in a research note, quoted by the FT.

"This Is Pretty Freaking Nuts": Vancouver Home Sells For $735,000 Above Asking Price (PBD)

That listing eventually sold for more than $100,000 above the asking price despite the fact that it's clearly a rundown shack but as is always the case when dealing with speculative bubbles, things will invariably get frothier-er as evidenced by the fact that the home shown below just sold for a whopping $735,000 above the asking price, setting a new record.

'Even God Forgot This Place': Welcome to the Oilfields of Azerbaijan (Merle2)

It's unlikely that any European Games spectators will make it to Balakhani, yet the coveted crude that fuels what was the world's first oil industry was originally dredged from this exact spot. In 2013, while Europe was still bleakly trudging through recession, Azerbaijan sold an average of 880,000 barrels of oil per day, and was one of the world's fastest-growing economies for several years.

Oil Companies On Edge Ahead Of Super Tuesday (Josh O.)

For the financial markets that degree of uncertainty is probably causing some concern among many investors. While Rubio and Trump are Republicans, traditionally a party friendly towards business in general, and the energy sector in particular, the level of uncertainty around each candidate is not good for markets. Despite Trump being the Republican front-runner, he is not nearly as consistent a Republican as Wall Street would like. Moreover, Trump has shown repeatedly that he is an aggressive and confrontational individual – those characteristics might not play well in international diplomacy which in turn could lead to turmoil for global energy markets.

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Retirement Is Looking Even Worse for Americans

Regardless of which state you call home, if you're a woman, your chances of living in poverty when you pass 65 are alarmingly high, according to a study released by the National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS). And a third report, this one a survey, reveals that, man or woman, East Coast or West Coast, it just doesn't matter: Most Americans are nervous about what quality of life they'll have in retirement. 




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Leap year party!!!..$45 billion buys how much beer?

Treasury Direct Link

The Daily History of the Debt Results

Historical returns from 02/01/2016 through 02/29/2016

The data for the total public debt outstanding is published each business day. If there is no debt value for the date(s) you requested, the value for the preceding business day will be displayed.

( Debt Held by the Public vs. Intragovernmental Holdings )

Date Debt Held by the Public Intragovernmental Holdings Total Public Debt Outstanding
02/01/2016 13,653,630,057,225.21 5,322,089,769,906.00 18,975,719,827,131.21
02/02/2016 13,654,222,787,946.98 5,338,076,219,769.96 18,992,299,007,716.94
02/03/2016 13,653,956,489,223.94 5,321,237,436,298.58 18,975,193,925,522.52
02/04/2016 13,671,782,218,330.37 5,324,904,654,849.67 18,996,686,873,180.04
02/05/2016 13,671,684,875,335.50 5,324,686,646,235.64 18,996,371,521,571.14
02/08/2016 13,671,178,906,023.67 5,329,057,006,561.98 19,000,235,912,585.65
02/09/2016 13,671,232,160,077.74 5,334,127,080,666.86 19,005,359,240,744.60
02/10/2016 13,671,218,359,914.17 5,320,107,317,354.25 18,991,325,677,268.42
02/11/2016 13,694,655,697,342.99 5,321,606,237,619.90 19,016,261,934,962.89
02/12/2016 13,694,790,546,876.44 5,321,734,403,142.08 19,016,524,950,018.52
02/16/2016 13,701,820,560,778.22 5,328,203,912,312.63 19,030,024,473,090.85
02/17/2016 13,702,339,267,283.23 5,326,657,927,035.24 19,028,997,194,318.47
02/18/2016 13,720,658,078,374.81 5,326,468,527,404.11 19,047,126,605,778.92
02/19/2016 13,720,729,097,544.08 5,331,674,770,738.77 19,052,403,868,282.85
02/22/2016 13,720,101,519,614.18 5,333,279,623,920.03 19,053,381,143,534.21
02/23/2016 13,720,282,411,468.74 5,344,596,688,213.78 19,064,879,099,682.52
02/24/2016 13,720,777,763,924.45 5,333,386,764,838.53 19,054,164,528,762.98
02/25/2016 13,737,072,912,714.09 5,333,584,380,400.44 19,070,657,293,114.53
02/26/2016 13,750,549,019,635.94 5,329,574,803,384.80 19,080,123,823,020.74
02/29/2016 13,785,189,234,310.03 5,340,265,823,115.77 19,125,455,057,425.80

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