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Daily Digest 1/30 - Central Bank Created Silver Rally, The Next Generational Bust Is Coming

Saturday, January 30, 2016, 10:36 AM


Helicopter Money Arrives: Switzerland To Hand Out $2500 Monthly To All Citizens (pinecarr)

The action committee pushing the initiative consists of artists, writers and intellectuals, including publicist Daniel Straub, former federal government spokesman Oswald Sigg and Zurich rapper Franziska Schläpfer (known as “Big Zis”), the SDA news agency reported. Personalities supporting the bid include writers Adolf Muschg and Ruth Schweikert, philosopher Hans Saner and communications expert Beatrice Tschanz. The group said a new survey showed that the majority of Swiss residents would continue working if the guaranteed income proposal was approved.

When The Market Is Down In January——70% Chance Of February Decline, Too (Aaron M.)

Either insinuation will excite the bulls and create a rather significant short-covering rally in the short-term. However, such a rally would not change the ongoing deterioration in the underlying fundamental and technical backdrop. With price trends still primarily negative, it is still a “sell the rally” market currently.

Gold Deficits, Fort Knox, and a Reset (GE Christenson)

First: Examine the official U.S. national debt (in $ millions) on a log scale since 1970. The exponential trend is evident. Note that the national debt has gone up from under $400 billion to nearly $19 Trillion – $19,000 Billion.

Gargantuan! The Next Generational Bust Is Coming (Aaron M.)

I wrote back in June of last year that the bubble in Chinese stocks looked ready to pop! Sure enough, it started the next day, fell about 32% in a month, rallied, then fell another 26% by late August. Together, that was a crash of 45%, from a high of 5,200 to a low of 2,850 in just two and a half months.

Then, after testing that level three times over the past two weeks – and avoiding it for several months – it finally broke beneath that level on Tuesday’s trading day in China.

The Fed is Intentionally Steering Us Into the Ditch – Bill Holter (pinecarr)

Between 1913 and today, there have been a great many clues, along with massive criminal operations that transferred vast sums of wealth from the many to the few. Beginning in 1933, the Federal Reserve, in conjunction with Congress and the Treasury, stole the nations gold. Executive Order 6102 was signed by Wilson and the nation was ordered to turn in their gold coins, bars and anything gold in their possession. Most people, thankfully, did not turn in their gold and most of the gold that was stolen was being held in bank deposits and individual safe deposit boxes in the banks. People that allowed the banks to hold and manage their wealth, lost. I hope you’re paying attention to that last line.

Central Bank Created Silver Rally (GSW)

“In spite of a 50% increase in global debt since 2008 to $230 trillion and zero interest rates, the world economy is now deteriorating rapidly. Add to that $1.5 quadrillion of mostly worthless derivatives and a very serious geopolitical situation and we have the ‘perfect scenario’ that is going to lead to the most serious crisis that the world has ever experienced.”

Drug Shortages Forcing Hard Decisions on Rationing Treatments (mistressjuneau)

In recent years, shortages of all sorts of drugs — anesthetics, painkillers, antibiotics, cancer treatments — have become the new normal in American medicine. The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists currently lists inadequate supplies of more than 150 drugs and therapeutics, for reasons ranging from manufacturing problems to federal safety crackdowns to drugmakers abandoning low-profit products. But while such shortages have periodically drawn attention, the rationing that results from them has been largely hidden from patients and the public.

Oversold Oil Markets Rally On Rumors Of OPEC Cut (Josh O.)

Oil prices surged this week on speculation that Russian and OPEC might work together to stabilize markets through coordinated production cuts. The latest developments are confusing due to conflicting statements from officials from both sides. Russia’s energy minister said that the country would consider a proposal of a 5 percent production cut, but would wait to discuss the option with OPEC in February. At the same time, top OPEC officials dismissed the speculation. Other Russian officials also downplayed the possibility of a production cut. The markets did not care – WTI and Brent surged to $34 per barrel by Friday, up nearly 10 percent for the week.

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Turd Ferguson podcast with Rob Kirby

From TF Metals Report, "A2A With Rob Kirby", http://www.tfmetalsreport.com/podcast/7409/a2a-rob-kirby

2016 has begun with a bang and much of the volatility is due to global derivative exposure. With that in mind, what better time than now for another A2A webinar with bond trading and derivative expert, Rob Kirby.

Over the course of this 48-minute presentation, we tried to answer as many of your questions as possible. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • The meltdown at DeutscheBank. What could be causing it and what it might foreshadow.
  • The global sovereign liquidation of treasuries and how/why rates have barely budged.
  • The "oil patch" exposure for the Canadian banks and which banks might be at most risk to collapsing oil prices.
  • The fragile nature of the current precious metal paper derivative pricing scheme and what you can do to protect yourself from its inevitable collapse.
  • And much, much more

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