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Daily Digest 11/24 - Alberta To Reduce Emissions Drastically, There's Hope For Argentina

Tuesday, November 24, 2015, 10:16 AM


Canada Pension Plan Investment Board consortium agrees to US$4.6-billion deal to acquire PetCo (Paul D.)

In a US$4.6-billion deal announced Monday, Canada’s largest pension teamed up with private equity firm CVC Capital Partners to buy Petco Animal Supplies, Inc., a specialty retailer of pet food, supplies and services in the United States.

Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq (richcabot)

Clearly, the absurdity of sending someone to prison for doing what ministers and their security officials were up to themselves became too much. But it’s only the latest of a string of such cases. Less fortunate was a London cab driver Anis Sardar, who was given a life sentence a fortnight earlier for taking part in 2007 in resistance to the occupation of Iraq by US and British forces. Armed opposition to illegal invasion and occupation clearly doesn’t constitute terrorism or murder on most definitions, including the Geneva convention.

Home Of The Not-So-Brave (richcabot)

Most years, Americans are more likely to die from bee stings or from toddlers accidentally discharging firearms than from the actions of Islamist terrorists. Just imagine how people would feel about bees if the media covered every death caused by bee sting in the same way they cover each American killed by ISIS.

Putin: Downing of Russian jet over Syria stab in the back by terrorist accomplices (lambertad)

Putin said the plane was hit by a Turkish warplane as it was traveling at an altitude of 6000 meters about a kilometer from the Turkish border. It was hit by an air-to-air missile launched by a Turkish F-16 jet. The crash site is four kilometers from the border. The plane posed no threat to Turkish national security, he stressed.

There's Hope For Argentina (pinecarr)

As great as this is, the damage done to Argentina is still considerable an years, maybe a decade or more will pass before it becomes a nation with standards of living similar to the ones found in developed nations. The horrible crime problem, even the corruption and economic instability, you don’t get rid of those overnight. Macri knows a thing or two about being a victim of crime. He spent 13 days in a hole, kidnapped himself.

The chilling aftershock of a brush with death (Afridev)

In April 2003, just as American troops began rolling into Baghdad, a shell smashed into the building author and war correspondent Jean-Paul Mari was reporting from. There he had a face-to-face encounter with death, beginning his acquaintance with a phantom that has haunted those who have risked their lives on battlefields since ancient times. "What is this thing that can kill you without leaving any visible scars?" Mari asks. We know it as post-traumatic stress disorder — or, as Mari describes it, an experience with the void of death. In this probing talk, he searches for answers to questions about mortality and psychosis and in the aftermath of horror and trauma.

Why I Chose A Gun (Afridev)

Peter van Uhm is the Netherlands’ chief of defense, but that does not mean he is pro-war. In this talk, he explains how his career is one shaped by a love of peace, not a desire for bloodshed — and why we need armies if we want peace.

Gold Price About To Bounce. Watch 1250 USD For A Trend Reversal (Taki T.)

Today’s gold price at $1066 /oz is clearly at the bottom of the trend channel. Contrary to what some are ‘predicting’, the gold price is NOT falling to $1000 /oz, at least not in the short run. Suppose it would, then it could indicate a trend change is unfolding, which would probably be GOOD news for gold bulls.

Tangled Threads Of U.S. False Narratives (richcabot)

This power base has allowed the neocons to continue shaping Official Washington’s narratives regardless of what the actual facts are. For instance, a Post editorial on Thursday repeated the claim that Assad’s “atrocities” included use of chemical weapons, an apparent reference to the now largely discredited claim that Assad’s forces were responsible for a sarin gas attack outside Damascus on Aug. 21, 2013.

Alberta Takes Drastic Measures To Reduce Carbon Emissions (Tom K.)

Addressing environment and energy groups at the Telus World of Science in Edmonton, Notley said "This is the day that we set a better course for our economic future. This is the day that we start to mobilize capital and resources to create green jobs, green energy, green infrastructure and a strong, environmentally responsible, sustainable and visionary Alberta energy industry with a great future … This is the day we stop denying there is an issue, and this is the day we do our part."

Pollution from Brazil dam burst enters the sea, killing marine life (richcabot)

Mud and mining waste from the bursting of two mining dams in Brazil on 5 November reaches the coast on Monday, spreading out to sea. The brown plume has been working its way down the Rio Doce river since the accident, in which 12 people died with a further 11 still missing. The mining companies involved, BHP Billiton and Vale, have contracted local fishermen to collect and bury dead fish which have been washing up on the shoreline as a result of the pollution.

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Hunger-Related Healthcare Costs Exceeded $160 Billion in 2014

While the official end of the Great Recession is a full five years behind us, there are now nearly 12 million more Americans who lack enough resources to access adequate food than there were in 2007, a number that has only improved slightly since United States food insecurity peaked at over 21 percent in 2009. These statistics alone are disturbing. But as detailed in a new study released today as part of Bread for the World Institute’s 2016 Hunger Report, absence of food security in the U.S. carries enormous healthcare costs, more than $160 billion in 2014.


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Tow missile vs helo - Turkish F16 shoots down Russian Mig

Turkish F-16 shootdown of Russian Mig (with some interesting narration)

Raw video including alleged execution of pilots.

Looks like an FSA fired US made TOW missile targeting a Russian Hind on a rescue mission for the downed fighter pilots in Syria.

Ally "by proxy" of course.

For those who don't already know, Turkey is a member of NATO.


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Weather disasters occur almost daily now U.N.

Weather-related disasters such as floods and heatwaves have occurred almost daily in the past decade, almost twice as often as two decades ago, with Asia being the hardest hit region, a U.N. report said on Monday.

While the report authors could not pin the increase wholly on climate change, they did say that the upward trend was likely to continue as extreme weather events increased.

Since 1995, weather disasters have killed 606,000 people, left 4.1 billion injured, homeless or in need of aid, and accounted for 90 percent of all disasters, it said.


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Chinese companies face a winter of discontent

Opinion: Chinese companies face a winter of discontent

MarketWatch-50 minutes ago
With companies struggling to service interest payments and banks unable to lend as ... In a new report titled “Winter Is Coming,” UBS raises the alarm about the ...


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Greek Taxpayers Owe the Greek State 82 Billion Euros

Swedish central bank calls for action as Nordic property ...

Reuters-4 hours ago
Swedish central bank calls for tighter mortgage repayment rules. * C.bank also seeks lower mortgage tax breaks. * Says banks need more capital, should reduce ...

Euro, bond yields sink on ECB easing report

Reuters-2 hours ago
... is widely expected to loosen policy via a further cut in the deposit rate or extending and expanding its bond-buying stimulus to stave off the threat of deflation.

China's 10-Year Bond Yield Falls to Three-Week Low on Slowdown

Bloomberg - ‎11 hours ago‎
China's 10-year sovereign bonds advanced, pushing the yield to a three-week low, on signs the economy is still slowing even after waves of monetary easing and stimulus. A privately compiled purchasing managers' index for manufacturing and services ...

European banks sitting on €1tn mountain of bad debt, survey finds

The Guardian-19 hours ago
European banks are sitting on bad debts of €1tn – the equivalent to the GDP of Spain – which is holding back their profitability and ability to lend to high street ...

Greek Taxpayers Owe the Greek State 82 Billion Euros

Greek Reporter-19 hours ago
Greeks owe their own state 82.3 billion euros according to data provided General ... half of September's accumulated debt which amounted to 1.6 billion euros.

US farm income to fall 38 percent in 2015 to 13-year low: USDA

Reuters-19 hours ago
Incomes are forecast to drop for a second straight year to $55.9 billion, which if ... The ERS forecast farm debt to increase by 6.8 percent while farm assets such ...

New Jersey Can't Pay Its Share for Rail Tunnel, Moody's Says

Bloomberg-18 hours ago
need to identify new revenues or significantly cut costs to issue debt,” according ... About half the state's $18.9 billion in debt has financed road and rail projects ...

George Osborne 'facing £30 billion black hole' by next election

The Courier - ‎9 hours ago‎
The Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) said not only will he narrowly miss this year's deficit target of £69.5 billion, but Mr Osborne will also fail in his goal to return the UK to a surplus in 2020. Weaker-than-predicted growth will in ...

Budget gap, pensions could push Illinois credit rating lower: Moody's

Reuters-18 hours ago
... liability and budget deficit grow, Moody's Investors Service said on Tuesday. ... tax rates, baking a $5 billion deficit into the budget as fiscal 2016 progresses.

Layoffs in Alberta surge to 18000 so far this year

Globalnews.ca - ‎23 minutes ago‎
CALGARY- The number of Albertans being laid off has surged to more than 18,000 due to the slump in oil prices. This month across the province, the government has received eight layoff notices, which will affect 2,206 employees. In total this year, the ...

Thousands rally for Chicago teachers and protest budget cuts

Medill Reports: Chicago-11 hours ago
Chicago public schools are facing a $1.1 billion deficit including nearly $500 million in pension payments, according to Chicago Public Schools statement on its ...

City to study $600 million in unfunded retiree costs (Lansing)

WSYM-TV-1 hour ago
The fate of hundreds of city employees' health care and pension benefits could rely on a proposed study. The city is $600 million short of the long-term bill for ...

Public pensions, health care under stretch as Japan's population ages

The Japan Times-12 hours ago
Most of the cost of treatment is covered by the insurance programs. ... in which it set out a vision of what the medical and pension systems should become.

Cook County suburbs tally $244 million in legal fees

Chicago Daily Herald-13 hours ago
Legal costs have soared in suburbs facing claims of corruption or police ... end-of-career employee retirement benefits by the suburb's police pension board and ...


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