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Daily Digest 11/22 - Paris Climate March Canceled, Migrant Crisis 'Only A Warm-Up'

Sunday, November 22, 2015, 10:47 AM


Obama Says He Won’t Relent in Fight Against ISIS Amid Questions About Intelligence Reports (jdargis)

In recent weeks, the Pentagon has expanded its investigation into the allegations and has seized a large trove of emails and documents as it examines the claims. The president said altering reports to make them more optimistic would be contrary to his wishes.

“One of the things I insisted on the day I walked into the Oval Office was that I don’t want intelligence shaded by politics. I don’t want it shaded by a desire to tell a feel-good story,” he said.

To France from a Post-9/11 America: Lessons We Learned Too Late (richcabot)

What remains to be seen is whether France, standing where the United States did 14 years ago, will follow in America’s footsteps as she grapples with the best way to shore up her defenses, where to draw the delicate line in balancing security with liberty, and what it means to secure justice for those whose lives were taken.

Here are some of the lessons we in the United States learned too late about allowing our freedoms to be eviscerated in exchange for the phantom promise of security.

ISIS Women and Enforcers in Syria Recount Collaboration, Anguish and Escape (jdargis)

When the uprising against the government of President Bashar al-Assad began rippling across Syria in 2011, it seemed distant from Raqqa. As news of fighting and massacres started filtering in, it was mostly from faraway cities in the country’s west, like Homs. Even as displaced people began appearing in Raqqa and the city’s young men started to sign up with anti-Assad groups in the area, including the Nusra Front and what is now the Islamic State, the fabric of life seemed intact.

Gwynne Dyer: This migrant crisis is only a warm-up for the main act (richcabot)

Hungary has been building a three-metre-high razor-wire fence along its southern frontier to keep asylum-seekers out, and it used considerable violence against the mostly Syrian refugees at first. But then Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, wearing her Lady Bountiful cloak, announced that Germany would accept as many as wanted to come.

Weekend Edition: Doug Casey on Education (Chris M.)

There was a book written a few years ago called something like All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. I have to admit I never read the book, but the title resonated with me. I think there's a lot of truth behind the notion. To me, it implies that a person should have absorbed basic ethical values and an understanding how to relate to other people, animals, and objects by the time he's six years old. Those are the most important things anyone can learn and should be the first things one learns. But it doesn't seem any institution, and fairly few parents, think to teach them.

Israeli Prime Minister pushes for control of Golan after oil discovery (richcabot)

And despite the Israeli government claim to the oil, and the licensing of ten experimental wells, analysts say the discovery of oil in Golan may re-ignite the conflict between Israel and Syria over the control of the Golan Heights.

In California, Stingy Water Users Are Fined in Drought, While the Rich Soak (jdargis)

Four years into the worst drought in California’s recorded history, the contrast between the strict enforcement on Californians struggling to conserve and the unchecked profligacy in places like Bel Air has unleashed anger and indignation — among both the recipients of the fines, who feel helpless to avoid them, and other Californians who see the biggest water hogs getting off scot-free.

Paris Climate March Is Canceled Over Security Concerns (richcabot)

"The government can prohibit these demonstrations, but our voices will not be silenced," Nicolas Haeringer, French campaigner for 350.org, said in a statement. "While this makes it difficult to go forward with our original plans, we will still find a way for people in Paris to make the call for climate justice heard, and we encourage everyone around the world to join a Global Climate March and raise their voices louder than ever. There's never been a greater need."

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Obama's Nobel Prize

Who remembers the 2009 Nobel prize for peace that was awarded to Obama?  I wonder how the panel who awarded the prize feels about their decision now?

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Migrant Crisis caused by Global Warming?

Jeeze, do you think the migrant crisis might have just a smidgen to do with overpopulation?  Do you suppose that one of the key reason that the planet is changing is due to overpopulation?

The misguided tendency to list climate change as the key factor and primary driver for every problem the planet faces just gets old.

Overpopulation is a likely root cause for a wide variety of environmental, social and economic problems.  Placing the blame directly where it belongs would be a refreshing change indeed.

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Europe recession 'could be permanent'


Europe recession 'could be permanent'

BBC News-16 hours ago
The worst effects of the European recession risk becoming permanent in places, according to a left-leaning think tank. The IPPR's latest report pointed to the ...

Switerland's Alternative Bank Schweiz world's first bank to apply negative ...

City A.M. - ‎6 hours ago‎
A small Swiss bank has caused a stir, after becoming the world's first financial institution to apply negative interest rates to individual clients. While a number central banks around the world have taken benchmark interest rates below the zero mark ...

Euro Area's Negative-Yielding Debt Tops $2 Trillion on Draghi

Bloomberg-8 hours ago
Investor expectations of expanded monetary easing from European Central Bank President Mario Draghi have pushed the amount of euro-area government ...

Central Bank in Brazil Forcasts 2016 Inflation Above Target Ceiling

The Rio Times-3 hours ago
The Focus Report, released by the Central Bank on Friday shows that forecasts for the 2015 inflation increased for the 10th consecutive time, going from 10.04 ...

Italy Approves Resolution Plans For Four Troubled Lenders

Bloomberg-7 hours ago
Aggressive interest rate increases in the U.S. could make it more difficult for companies in developing countries to pay back their $1.4 trillion of dollar debt.

Italy prepares to sell up to 40 per cent of state railways

Europe Online Magazine-3 hours ago
Italy is under pressure to sell state assets to reduce public debt, which stands at around 2.2 trillion euros, although critics say proceeds from the process are ...

Shanshui Default Woes Hit China as More Bond Sales Scrapped

Bloomberg-14 hours ago
Hua Chuang Securities Co. estimated the total amount of new debt being used to cover interest will be a record this year at 7.6 trillion yuan, up 5 percent from ...

Unemployment Debt Weighs on U.S. States 6 Years After Recession

Bloomberg-6 hours ago
U.S. states are still repaying federal loans for unemployment benefits more than six years after the recession, costing businesses from mighty Apple Inc. to Ohio's ...

Poverty at record high in Venezuela

Latin Correspondent-4 hours ago
However, they have risen more recently as the country struggles with raging inflation levels, a worsening recession and sickly oil prices — the country's main ...

Japan government plans to raise minimum wage in stimulus ...

Reuters-11 hours ago
... as Tokyo is keen to ramp up consumer spending, which is seen as crucial to boosting domestic demand and pulling the economy out of 15 years of deflation.

Audit report shows government debt up by RM43 billion

The Malaysian Insider-9 hours ago
The latest Auditor-General's Report says government debt went up by as much as RM42.97 billion last year compared to 2013. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, ...

Detroit Public Schools Bankruptcy Could Cost the State $3.4 Billion

Michigan Capitol Confidential-5 hours ago
The Detroit Public Schools' $1.3 billion in pension obligations is the major ... of the district's debt that a default would mean less state resources available to back ...

Oil companies brace for big wave of debt defaults

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide-1 hour ago
Low oil prices are leaving many oil and gas companies with difficult debt loads, ... have cut credit lines of 10 firms by just over $1.1 billion, Reuters reported.

Treasuries Fall as Week's Sales to Tally More Than $100 Billion

Bloomberg - ‎2 hours ago‎
Longer-term U.S. government debt gained the past two weeks as Federal Reserve officials signaled they'll proceed cautiously in raising interest rates after boosting the overnight target from near zero. San Francisco Fed President John Williams said Nov.

RPT-UPDATE 1-LPC-Banks brace for losses as US$14bn US LBO ...

Reuters-1 hour ago
With billions of dollars of Veritas debt to sell and the $14 billion LBO pipeline looming as low secondary prices continue to pose a threat to new issues, investors ...

Dabrowski: Illinois' time bomb growing, ticking louder

Dubuque Telegraph Herald-7 hours ago
Today, Illinois' pension debt totals more than $100 billion. That's because Edgar's plan didn't structurally reform pensions. Instead, it simply pushed the state's ...

Survey: More patients avoiding healthcare due to rising prices

KFVS-13 hours ago
(KFVS) -. Many people with health problems are avoiding the doctor because of high healthcare costs. more than one-third of low-wealth Americans report they ...

Wayne County retirees face big health care bills

Detroit Free Press-13 hours ago
Ronald Olszewski, 64, of Livonia, is one of the retirees contemplating a substantial increase in health care costs in coming months, although he does not know ...

The Accounting Rules That Bankrupt Cities

The Atlantic-6 hours ago
The plan imposed deep cuts in future pension and health-care benefits. ... When converted to accrual accounting, the surplus turned into a $674.3 million deficit.

Pensions' Private-Equity Mystery: The Full Cost

Wall Street Journal - ‎17 hours ago‎
When pension funds did the math as political scrutiny of these expenses intensified amid a broader debate on the costs of nontraditional investments, they said private-equity firms didn't make the expenses easy to calculate. No standard existed for how ...

Oil Workers Brace For Fresh Layoffs, As Industry Wrestles With 'Lower For ...

Houston Public Media - ‎5 hours ago‎
Oil Workers Brace For Fresh Layoffs, As Industry Wrestles With 'Lower For Longer' Crude Prices. Many workers losing their jobs today are expected to leave the Texas oil industry, or retire, before prices recover. Andrew Schneider | Posted on November ...

Global debt defaults near milestone

Financial Times-6 hours ago
Global debt markets are on the cusp of an unwelcome development with the number of companies defaulting on their obligations set to reach the century mark, ...


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Pew: 65% say the news media has a 'negative effect' on America

Pew: 65% say the news media has a 'negative effect' on America (Washington Examiner)


But as bad as it is for the media, there are two groups that have an even worse rating in the Pew survey out Monday.

• 67 percent said the federal government has a negative effect on the U.S.

• 75 percent said Congress has a negative effect.

On the media, conservatives were the harshest with 82 percent grading the media poorly.

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No soup for you

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