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Daily Digest 11/9 - Free Electricity In TX, Live Long And Die Out

Monday, November 9, 2015, 9:56 AM


Live Long And Die Out (jdargis)

Knight claims that the idea has always existed in the private thoughts of a few enlightened people throughout history, and that he has merely provided a name and context for it. This is dubious, though many writers and organizations have raged against the environmental dangers of overpopulation: Thomas Malthus’s infamous An Essay on the Principles of Population was published in 1798; numerous population-focused groups formed in the sixties and seventies, including the shady1 Population-Environment Balance and Zero Population Growth; there’s a subreddit for overpopulation (of course there is) founded in 2009 with over ten thousand readers; and the Church of Euthanasia, run by Rev. Chris Korda2, who—following the instructions of an “alien intelligence known as The Being”—advocates for the suicide and cannibalism of everyone on earth. The VHEMT is the only serious organization committed to peacefully annihilating all of humanity.

Privacy is starting to seem like a very 20th-century anomaly (jdargis)

It’s a long journey from delousing on the doorstep to the idea of a right to a private life, which crystallised in the second half of the 19th century. In between, the number of people who could afford a bedchamber or a house of their own had slowly increased. The growth of cities meant grand residences and privacy for some; cheek-by-jowl living for others. The postal system afforded a secret means of communication for those who could read and write (an early case of interception involved officials opening letters addressed to Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini in 1844, to public outcry). Laws against blackmail and defamation were intended to protect elites, who were nevertheless tightly bound by conventional morality.

Subjective Meaning and Objective Ethics – Why Existentialism Is Anarchism (Steve R.)

The incomprehensibility of their spiritual nature makes such people so uncomfortable, that they become willing to accept falsehoods as answers. Anything is better than the torture of not knowing! But to permit themselves to believe a falsehood, they must first craft a compelling narrative. They have to find a way to give themselves permission to accept as truth, answers that do not satisfy. In short: they need an excuse.

All electricity in Austria's largest state now produced from renewables (jdargis)

The state in northeastern Austria now gets 63% of its electricity from hydroelectric power, 26% from wind energy, nine percent from biomass and two percent from solar.

In Austria as a whole, which voted against nuclear power in a 1978 referendum, 75% comes from renewables and the rest from fossil fuels.

A Texas Utility Offers a Nighttime Special: Free Electricity (jdargis)

The women are just three of the thousands of TXU Energy customers who are at the vanguard of a bold attempt by the utility to change how people consume energy. TXU’s free overnight plan, which is coupled with slightly higher daytime rates, is one of dozens that have been offered by more than 50 retail electricity companies in Texas over the last three years with a simple goal: for customers to turn down the dials when wholesale prices are highest and turn them back up when prices are lowest.

Why 10 cases of dengue fever in Hawaii are much scarier than the rest (jdargis)

Neither is easy. Dengue—which causes searing eye, head and bone pain, and has no cure—spreads when a mosquito sucks the blood of someone who’s already carrying the virus, and then bites another person who hasn’t yet been infected. Most cases occur in Latin America, Asia, and the Caribbean, in densely populated cities where the most notorious dengue-carrying mosquito, Aedes aegypti, thrives.

Whistleblowers Think They Know Why Canadian Pipelines Are Exploding (jdargis)

The Otterburne fireball was one of 74 reported fires and explosions — 9 explosions and 65 fires — at TransCanada-owned facilities in Canada since 2008. TransCanada, the same company that wants to build the Keystone XL and Energy East pipelines, has tallied more than 300 "reportable incidents," including ruptures, leaks, fires, explosions, serious injuries, and one death, at its facilities since 2008 — a number that far outstrips any other Canadian pipeline company in that time period.

Cancer on the Rise in Post-Fukushima Japan (locksmithuk)

In this video, Arnie recounts his presentation from 2013 at the New York Academy of Medicine where he forecast continuous radiation releases from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, and also the devastating health effects for the Japanese people, despite the chronically underestimated radiation exposure levels propagated by the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the Japanese government.

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World flirts with global recession as trade growth slows, warns

World flirts with global recession as trade growth slows, warns OECD

Telegraph.co.uk - ‎1 hour ago‎
It expects the European Central Bank to continue its ultra-loose monetary policies well into 2017. The OECD repeated its call for policymakers to do more to boost investment and implement structural reforms. "Globally, all countries have some policy ...

OECD cuts global growth forecasts amid 'deep concern' over slowdown

BBC News - ‎3 hours ago‎
Last month, China's central bank cut interest rates for the sixth time in nearly a year, while the ruling Communist party has also ratcheted up infrastructure spending. However, the OECD expects Chinese authorities will still miss their economic ...

Exclusive: ECB rate setters converge on December deposit rate cut

Reuters - ‎3 hours ago‎
They are keen to exhaust the conventional and more direct monetary policy tool as they also consider amending the 60-billion-euro asset purchase program, a far more contentious issue that they have yet to agree on. The ECB last month raised the ...

Brazil's GDP Seen Contracting 3.10% in 2015, 1.90% in 2016 ...

Nasdaq-4 hours ago
The forecast for the central bank's benchmark Selic interest rate at the end of this year was unchanged at 14.25%, where it stands today. The economists ...

Brazilian Real Drops as Recession Deepens and China Trade Slumps

Bloomberg-4 hours ago
The Brazilian real slumped as economists in a central bank survey said the recession is worsening, while a disappointing trade report out of China shows it's ...

Analysts Forecast Inflation Near Ten Percent in Brazil in 2015

The Rio Times - ‎3 hours ago‎
According to Central Bank officials inflation should only return to the center of the target, 4.5 percent, in 2017. Previously the return of inflation to the center of the target was expected already next year. With the increase of inflation, analysts ...

Bank of France chief: still some room for policy manoeuvre - Handelsblatt

Reuters UK - ‎20 hours ago‎
He declined to say whether the European Central Bank should ease policy further in December. The ECB last month raised the prospect of providing more monetary stimulus to combat low inflation and weak growth, and said it would decide by its Dec 3 ...

OECD sees China growth slowing to 6.5 pct in 2016, 6.2 pct in '17

Reuters-5 hours ago
The central bank has intervened heavily to keep the yuan steady after it devalued the currency by nearly 2 percent. The OECD said recent government ...

China's Slump Continues, Timber Deal Tops M&A: Sunday Wrap

Bloomberg-14 hours ago
Industrial production and fixed-asset investment are forecast to show little pickup, even after six central bank interest-rate cuts and moves to spur local ...

Swedes on a Debt Binge Now Face Test of Rising Mortgage Rates

Bloomberg-9 hours ago
Sweden's housing market is decoupling from monetary policy as mortgage rates are starting to rise after a four-year swoon. While the central bank last month ...

Portuguese Bonds Drop With Spain's as Political Risks Emerge

Bloomberg-1 hour ago
Yields are still down from more than 18 percent in January 2012, supported by the European Central Bank's 1.1 trillion-euro bond-buying program that's aimed ...

St. Louis Fed: There Is No Chance Inflation Will Be Out Of Control ...

Bloomberg-28 minutes ago
Indicators for the public's inflation expectations matter to central banks. Any substantial deviation from the norm, whether to the upside or downside, sends a ...

Japan summer bonuses fall the most since global financial crisis

Economic Times - ‎13 hours ago‎
TOKYO: Japanese summer bonuses fell the most since the global financial crisis even as monthly pay rose for a third straight month in September, government data showed on Monday, underlining concerns about tepid wages and private consumption.

A toxic brew of ballooning Asian household debt

South China Morning Post (subscription)-12 hours ago
The good news is that many central banks in Asia have room to cut rates, lowering borrowing costs while mitigating the risk of deflation which would otherwise ...

Peter Schiff: It's Going to Be a 'Horrible Christmas'

Newsmax-5 hours ago
Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, says the upcoming holiday season, at least in an economic sense, can be summed up in one word: Humbug!

Million Student March aims to fight for free college tuition and ...

MarketWatch-6 hours ago
More than 40 million Americans are holding $1.2 trillion in student loan debt and ... The fight to improve college affordability and lower student debt is a natural ...

Household debt leaves Toronto-area families struggling to keep up

CBC.ca-6 hours ago
Canada's debt-to-income ratio reached 164.6 per cent at the end of June, up ... As of September, Canadian households owed $1.88 trillion in outstanding debt.

France runs out of money until end of the year

The Local.fr-1 hour ago
In other words the country has blown the €390billion in tax receipts earned this year and will now have to add to the two trillion euros of debt on its credit cards, ...

Indian companies struggle to escape debt burden as profit slows

Reuters-2 hours ago
Debt for India's 963 companies covered by Thomson Reuters StarMine reached more than $640 billion, or more than 40 percent of India's gross domestic ...

Bank of India sinks to Q2 loss as bad debts jump

Reuters-2 hours ago
The bank, which had been expected to report a modest profit, instead on Monday reported a 11.26 billion rupee ($169.6 million) net loss for the second quarter ...

Puerto Rico filing says govt. likely to cut services or default on debt before ...

CNBC - ‎1 hour ago‎
The governor announced in June that Puerto Rico's nearly $72 billion in public debt was "not payable" and said its agencies would seek concessions from creditors. Puerto Rico's Electric Power Authority announced this week a restructuring agreement with ...

Indonesian Fragility Shown by Drop in Reserves Amid Rupiah Surge

Bloomberg-12 hours ago
The Indonesian central bank's stockpile fell for an eight month, by $1 billion to ... The decline was due to rising costs to service the government's foreign debt and ...

Argentina Printing Cash by the Truckload Is Boon for Trucks

Bloomberg-3 hours ago
... billion pesos ($94 billion) as of late October, according to the central bank. ... to fill Argentina's budget deficit is near 40 percent of the nation's money supply, ...

Gulf States to lose $275bn in oil exports this year – IMF's Lagarde

RT-4 hours ago
... are expected to lose $275 billion in revenue this year due to falling oil prices, ... with the fiscal balance projected by the IMF to be a deficit of 12.7 percent of ...

Soaring costs prompt debate on health care

Toledo Blade - ‎11 hours ago‎
It's open-enrollment time at many companies and for Medicare, and the Affordable Care Act's marketplace exchange is open for the third year. November is also the time when most people find out how much the cost of their health insurance will increase ...

Canada's health-care system braces for hike in costs with influx of ...

The Globe and Mail-17 hours ago
Canada spends an average of $6,000 a person on health care, with the highest costs skewed to newborns and seniors, according to the Canadian Institute for ...


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TPP cliff notes
Thursday i posted a link to the full text of the TPP, which as it turns out is not the 1500 pages i had assumed, but more on the order of 5400 pp...thatchmo, HughK, and Time2help expressed interest in a condensed version...the best piece i've seen that's close to a full analysis on such short notice came in the form of a 17 page pdf from Public Citizen, who has made it their cause to monitor all the trade agreements that our country has been signing....there's also a good piece by Chirs Hedges which tells us what it's about: TPP Is the Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab in American History...alternatively, you can simply google "TPP worse", and find dozens of new headlines from those who want to relate that TPP is worse than they thought it would be...
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St. Louis Fed: There Is No Chance Inflation Will Be Out...

"St. Louis Fed: There Is No Chance Inflation Will Be Out Of Control"

I guess that means inflation will kickoff harshly.

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NASA confirms that the ‘impossible’ EmDrive thruster really work

NASA confirms that the ‘impossible’ EmDrive thruster really works, after new tests (Digital Trends)

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A monolith cracks.

It's not Friday already, is it? That is the best news I think that I have ever heard, T2H. A crack in the monolithic structure of the Left Brain's power and control. 

I'll raise a glass to its complete subjugation to the Master. The Master has been asleep at the wheel. My brains have more bugs than this tablet I am using.

What new wonders will we discover once the Emissary is put back in his box? Perhaps we can now revisit Newton? http://www.newtonphysics.on.ca/faq/origin_redshift_15.html

Or even greater, to begin to control the flickering light show. 

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The inventor speaks


You will have to scroll down to where the inventor of M drive, Shawyer, speaks. I cannot find the embedded code.

Unfortunately no great paradigms are shattered. He defends Newton, Maxwell and Albert.

However that takes nothing from the significance of the technology.

EDIT: A tad pompous, but he has earned the right to be. My hat off.

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More on Cold Fusion.

Our research and implementation is a few years ahead of what we have published. Contact us regarding our current work in hybrid fusion-fission reactors, energetics and compact power generation.


And a PDF slideshow can be downloaded from here. Mostly it is in Chinese, so I guess that the Chinese can think of a use for cheap clean heat that can be retro-fitted to existing thermal stations.

I think I see the tables being turned on the West. We defeated the Chinese because they despised our technology,  and now we despise their new-fangled garbage.


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The "Infamous" An Essay on the Principle of Population?

I think uncomfortable is a better word than infamous.  It's like Albert Bartlett's talk.  No one wants to hear it. Once hearing it, they want to forget.

Neither Malthus or Bartlett suggested mass extinction.  They recommended intelligent balance.

If humanity had paid attention to Malthus, climate change would likely not be the issue it is today.

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