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Daily Digest 11/7 - How To Escape The Dollar's Decline, Exxon Mobil Wouldn’t Lie, Would It?

Saturday, November 7, 2015, 11:28 AM


Britain’s nuclear deal with China is a boon for bankers – and no one else (Afridev)

There would seem to be no possible connection between Chinese companies building and operating nuclear power stations in 2020s Britain and a curious political role created in 1571. But the fact that the Remembrancer, a representative of the City of London Corporation, is allowed to attend and monitor debates in the House of Commons, says much about Britain’s priorities.

When Collapse Is Cheaper and More Effective Than Reform (Aaron M.)

The added friction increases the system's operating costs at multiple levels. Practitioners must stop doing actual work to fill out forms that are filed and forgotten; lobbyists milk the system to eradicate any tiny reductions in the flow of swag; attorneys probe the new regulations for weaknesses with lawsuits, and the enforcing agencies add staff to issue fines.

German factory orders shocker drops copper price (Kevin J.)

The red metal's latest leg down is blamed on worse-than-expected manufacturing data from Germany, the world's third largest exporter. Shipments from the country are dominated by vehicles, machinery, electrical equipment and chemicals.

What shook copper traders was numbers showing orders from outside the eurozone slumping 8.6% as a slowdown in China and recessions in other key emerging markets hurt demand.

How to Escape the Decline of the Dollar (Tiffany B.)

Since 2009, the S&P 500 has run so far so fast that it has been like watching a Kenyan marathoner on speed. From its post-crisis lows, the index has gained about 12% a year — far exceeding historical average gains of 7% to 9% a year. Corporate profits, meanwhile, are in the 10% range … so fat by historical standards (we’re usually in the 6% range) that it’s morbidly obese at this point and you just wonder when it’s gonna keel over.

The Most Important Chart You've Never Seen: Tax Receipts Top-Tick the Stock Market (Aaron M.)

This indicator even worked reliably to identify Bear market rallies that briefly boosted tax receipts before rolling over: the stock market rally of 1975 to 1977 reversed the annualized decline in tax receipts but when tax receipts rolled over in 1977, that was a reliable top-tick of a market that subsequently fell 25%.

U.S. officials: Israel requesting $5 billion in annual defense aid (Arthur Robey)

The new list was presented at meetings with senior defense officials from both countries ahead of the planned meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama at the White House on November 9.

Oil Supply Picture Has Changed Since Keystone Was Proposed (jdargis)

Domestic production has nearly doubled and has flooded the market with so much crude oil that prices have plummeted. Refineries along the Gulf Coast still need the heavy crude Canada produces, but they are finding new ways to obtain it, and storage facilities are filled to the brim.

Exxon Mobil wouldn’t lie about climate change, would it? (jdargis)

“This subpoena on Exxon Mobil is groundbreaking news. The oil giant’s ongoing public climate denial is something that should concern us all, and has rightfully attracted the attention of the country’s judicial watch dogs," said Annie Leonard, the Greenpeace USA executive director. "New York Attorney General Schneiderman is leading the charge to further expose the hypocrisy of fossil fuel companies like Exxon Mobil and hold them accountable for denying climate change to the public and blocking necessary action for decades."

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Real estate predators

Shell companies get title to real estate, leave owners with the debts


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Don't Do It

As an attorney working in real estate I must warn anyone who reads this.  Do not ever, I repeat, do not ever, sign anything having to do with your real estate without your own attorney and accountant having reviewed the documents. I represent investors, many who have done dozens of deals, and they still have me review all paperwork before they sign anything.

Real estate law is complicated and unforgiving.  You can spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to correct a mistake and even that does not guarantee you will win.

In the article cited by Tall the first "victim" was an obviously disabled, seventy-five year old woman who had been given a $529,000.00 mortgage by someone prior to encountering the parties who allegedly defrauded her.  How the ***** did she borrow that amount of money?  I have able bodied, working, commercial clients worth millions who have to jump though a multitude of hoops to borrow that much money.There are more levels of complication going on in that situation than the article was willing or able to reveal.


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Arthur Robey
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Home made Real Estate.
After O'Leary's resignation from NASA, Carl Sagan recruited him to teach at Cornell University in 1968, where he researched and lectured until 1971. While teaching at Cornell, he studied lunar mascons.[10][11] He subsequently taught astronomy, physics, and science policy assessment at several academic institutions, including the University of California Berkeley School of Law (1971–1972) Hampshire College (1972–1975) and Princeton University (1976–1981).[12]
O'Leary was a member of the Mariner 10 Venus-Mercury TV Science Team.[13][14][15][16] The team received NASA's group achievement award for its participation.[17]
O'Leary authored several popular books and more than one hundred peer-reviewed articles in the fields of planetary science, astronautics, and science policy.[18] He was one of the more visible scientists who participated in Gerard K. O'Neill and the L5 Society's plans for an orbiting city. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_O%27Leary

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