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Daily Digest 9/18 - Good News Friday: Bitcoin Is Officially a Commodity, The Secrets To Living To 200 Years Old

Friday, September 18, 2015, 8:57 AM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


What Technology Can’t Change About Happiness (jdargis)

Some scientists have already tuned in to the future. James J. Hughes, a sociologist, author, and futurist at Hartford’s Trinity College, envisions a day not too far from now when we will unravel the genetic determinants of key neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, and be able to manipulate happiness genes—if not 5-HTTLPR then something like it—with precise nanoscale technologies that marry robotics and traditional pharmacology. These “mood bots,” once ingested, will travel directly to specific areas of the brain, flip on genes, and manually turn up or down our happiness set point, coloring the way we experience circumstances around us.

Bitcoin Is Officially a Commodity, According to U.S. Regulator (jdargis)

If a company wants to operate a trading platform for Bitcoin derivatives or futures, it will need to register as a swap execution facility or designated contract market, just like the CME Group. And Coinflip—the target of the CFTC action—is hardly the only company that provides a platform to trade Bitcoin derivatives or futures.

Most Important Two Minutes of the Fed News Conference (jdargis)

The Federal Reserve leaves interest rate unchanged. Here are the most important two minutes from Fed Chair Janet Yellen's news conference.

India’s Gold Mining Sector Could Experience A Massive Renewal Soon (Tom K.)

At the very least, this is a sign that India is continuing to push for ways to increase its gold supply. With officials from the country's mining ministry telling the press that they could auction up to 80 more historic gold mines around the country.

Watch to see if these projects do indeed go out for bids. And the identity of parties taking control.

Putin Sees Path to Diplomacy Through Syria (jdargis)

The stakes for Mr. Putin are high — perhaps the highest in his career. The Kremlin has been on the defensive, diplomatically isolated after its adventures in Ukraine and battered economically by sanctions, low oil prices and a weak ruble that is cutting into living standards. Rapidly depleting the rainy day funds that have staved off financial disaster so far, Mr. Putin knows he needs to get back in the West’s good graces in a hurry, or at least change the conversation.

For First Time, Trump Shrinks In Spotlight; Fiorina Steals Show (jdargis)

She was ready with the exact dimensions of the larger military she wanted, and the specifics of rebuttal to attacks on her stewardship of Hewlett-Packard. Trump made repeated, rather clumsy thrusts at Fiorina's executive history. She whipped them back at him with replies that cracked in the air.

This is what a political earthquake feels like: Why Bernie Sanders’s speech at Liberty University matters (jdargis)

Bernie’s brand of populism was on full display at Liberty. If you can cut through the rhetoric and the partisan bullshit, there are common causes to be found – and this is what Sanders tried to do yesterday. Most politicians are chameleonic by nature; they adapt in order to blend in with their audience. But Sanders refused to put on airs at Liberty, saying in no uncertain terms: “I believe in a woman’s right to control her own body. I believe in gay rights and gay marriage. Those are my views, and it is no secret. But I came here today, because I believe from the bottom of my heart that it is vitally important for those of us who hold different views to be able to engage in a civil discourse.”

Catching Zzzzzzs: Fly Insomnia Might Help You Sleep Better (jdargis)

This approach has helped the lab identify genes involved in several different types of insomnia, including one that regulates how flies fall asleep. Without the gene, "it takes them about an hour and a half longer to fall asleep," she says. "But once they fall asleep they're fine. They stay asleep."

Is This The Real Liquid Gold? (jdargis)

“The supply of water is fixed and you can’t make more of it,” Fahy said. “You can also live without oil and fossil fuels, you can’t live without water and that’s part of the reason for the investment case — the sheer importance of the thing.”

While the market is still growing, already some water-related stocks have garnered returns north of 100% and it’s likely the opportunities — and returns — will increase as the sector matures, Fahy said.

The Secrets To Living To 200 Years Old (jdargis)

According to many estimates, these whales live at least 150 years, and perhaps as long as 210. Apart from slightly leathery skin, a bit of excess blubber, and its battle scars, they show remarkably few ill-effects of long life, however. And that has made them of keen interest to doctors studying ageing.

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Scrap cash altogether, says Bank of England's chief economist

Fed's Decision Could Pressure European Central Bank to Step Up Stimulus Efforts

Wall Street Journal - ‎19 hours ago‎
FRANKFURT—The Federal Reserve's decision Thursday to keep interest rates pinned near zero could put added pressure on the European Central Bank to step up its own stimulus efforts to keep the euro's exchange rate from strengthening too much and ...

"Don't panic," Nigerian central bank head urges banks

Reuters Africa-6 hours ago
ABUJA (Reuters) - Nigerian central bank Governor Godwin Emefiele ruled out a naira devaluation on Thursday and told people not to panic about a government ...

Swiss central bank signals negative rates for foreseeable future

Gulf Times-19 hours ago
Switzerland's central bank yesterday signalled it will keep interest rates negative for the foreseeable future and is not targeting a specific exchange rate for the ...

Swiss central bank kept 0.75 % deposit charge, saying the Swiss ...
Economic News Daily-Sep 17, 2015

Scrap cash altogether, says Bank of England's chief economist

Financial Times-47 minutes ago
The big benefit of abolishing British notes and coins, according to Andy Haldane, would be to give the central bank the ability to charge consumers for holding ...

China Stocks Cap Biggest Weekly Loss This Month as Volumes Slump

Bloomberg-7 hours ago
... equities since the $5 trillion selloff began three months ago through August, ... the outstanding balance of margin debt on the Shanghai Stock Exchange rising ...

Defaults Mount in Beleaguered Energy Industry

Wall Street Journal - ‎14 hours ago‎
Default volume for such companies is the highest it has been in five years, at $10.4 billion in debt. The broader U.S. corporate default rate is 2.9%, according to Fitch. Meanwhile, the yield on a basket of U.S. junk-rated energy bonds has risen to 11 ...

Joe Hockey's reckoning: budget outcome $8b worse than forecast

Sydney Morning Herald - ‎Sep 17, 2015‎
Treasury documents to be released on Monday will show the final budget outcome for 2014-15 was a deficit of $38 billion, a figure well below the peak of $54.5 billion reached under Labor during the global financial crisis, but well above the number ...

Pennsylvania bond penalty grows as state budget impasse deepens

Chicago Tribune-19 hours ago
Pennsylvania is facing rising penalties from investors as Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf plans to veto a temporary budget being advanced by Republican legislators, ...

UPDATE 1-China banks' Aug net FX sales jump to $127 bln, show outflows rising

Reuters - ‎Sep 17, 2015‎
Earlier data showed China's central bank and commercial banks sold a record 723.8 billion yuan ($113.69 billion) of foreign exchange in August on a net basis, highlighting how capital outflows intensified. The central bank said it sold a net 318.4 ...

BOJ brainstorms stimulus overhaul as options dwindle -sources

Reuters-5 hours ago
TOKYO, Sept 18 (Reuters) - Sources say the Bank of Japan has been quietly brainstorming the idea of overhauling its massive monetary stimulus programme ...

Malaysia 'not facing financial crisis'

The Straits Times-18 hours ago
KUALA LUMPUR • Malaysia is not facing a financial crisis, said central bank governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz as she addressed growing concerns about the country's ...

Brazil's economy tanks as graft probe widens

Buenos Aires Herald - ‎3 hours ago‎
Inflation is pushing 10 percent, its highest since 2003, unemployment has climbed to over eight percent, and the Brazilian real has lost about a third of its value against the dollar this year. Just a few years ago, Brazil was a favourite of investors ...

Petrobras Now Has Rio Retirees, Pension Fund Bondholders on Edge

Bloomberg-8 minutes ago
That's because the Rioprevidencia pension fund that she's banking on gets a third of its ... and plunging oil prices, the fund is facing an ever-ballooning deficit.

Russian Finance Chief Warns on Wealth Funds in Austerity Debate

Bloomberg-47 minutes ago
The government, on course for the widest deficit since 2010, is split over how to ... A competing proposal is to extending a freeze on pension-fund contributions, ...


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Wary Fed has markets recalling years of Japan disappointment


Wary Fed has markets recalling years of Japan disappointment

Reuters-1 hour ago

Their concern is that if the global economic cycle is turning lower with rates still at emergency settings aimed at easing the pain of the last recession, then central banks may be trapped at zero with no ammunition to cope with a new downturn.

Central banks fret stimulus efforts are falling short

Economic Times-41 minutes ago
LONDON: The world's leading central banks are facing the risk that their massive efforts to revive economic growth could be dragged down again, with some ...

BoJ brainstorms stimulus overhaul as options dwindle

Gulf Times-10 minutes ago
Sources say the Bank of Japan has been quietly brainstorming the idea of overhauling its massive monetary stimulus programme over time, casting doubt on ...

Fed Decision May Force Central Banks to Act, Pimco's Balls Says

Wall Street Journal-50 minutes ago
The Pimco executive, whose firm manages $1.5 trillion in assets and ranks as one of the world's biggest bond investors, said further stimulus in the eurozone ...

EMERGING MARKETS-Real hits new lows as Brazil crisis offsets ...

Reuters-31 minutes ago
SAO PAULO, Sept 18 The Brazilian real fell to a 13-year low on Friday as political and economic problems at home outweighed bets that the U.S. Federal ...

Brazil 10 Year Government Bond (Yield now at 15.55%)


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New post from Tom - Do the Math

One of the prevailing narratives of our time is that we are innovating our way into the future at break-neck speed.


But I’m going to claim that this is an old, outdated narrative. I think we have a tendency to latch onto a story of humanity that we find appealing or flattering, and stick with it long past its expiration date.


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It Begins

From ZH: "It Begins: Australia's Largest Investment Bank Just Said "Helicopter Money" Is 12-18 Months Away"

Today, one day after the Fed according to some finally lost its credibility, none other than Australia's largest investment bank, Macquarie, just made the case that helicopter money is not only coming, but has a "very high" probability of commencing its monetary paradrops over the next 12-18 months.

Reference: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-09-18/it-begins-australias-largest-investment-bank-just-said-helicopter-money-12-18-months

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Google search of phage and gonads

Well it Looks to my untrained eye as though someone is putting phages together with gonads. 


So what is a phage and why is it important? They have many advantages over pharmaceuticals,  not the least of which is that you may be able to grow your own. Isn't genetics wonderful? That depends.  The reason that phages don't go for your gonads naturally is, I think, that they need a natural reservoir of prey to survive. They are very fussy eaters.  We just don't breed fast enough. The allusion is that 

In much sorrow is much knowledge and in much knowledge,  much sorrow



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Just the debt and growth downgrades this week

Moody's downgrades France's government bond ratings to Aa2 from Aa1; outlook ...

Moodys.com (press release) (subscription) - ‎6 hours ago‎
The main driver of Moody's decision to downgrade France's government bond rating to Aa2 is the increasing clarity, in Moody's view, that French economic growth will remain low over the medium term, and the obstacle that this will pose for any material ...

Brazil bargains beckon after S&P downgrades to 'junk'

Financial Times-Sep 17, 2015
Brazil bargains beckon after S&P downgrades to 'junk'. Share ... On Thursday it was close to lows following the downgrade by Standard & Poor's at R$3.9002, ...

EMERGING MARKETS-Real hits new lows as Brazil crisis offsets ...

Reuters-8 hours ago
They fear that, as a result of the crisis, other ratings agencies could downgrade the country to junk, following in the footsteps of Standard & Poor's. "A weaker ...

Standard & Poor's downgrades Japan from AA- to A+

CNBC-Sep 16, 2015
U.S. ratings agency Standard & Poor's downgraded Wednesday its credit rating for Japan from AA- to A+, but has revised its outlook for the world's third-largest ...

OECD trims its global growth forecast

Financial Times - ‎Sep 16, 2015‎
US growth forecast for this year was significantly increased from 2 to 2.4 per cent, while there was a steep downgrade of the projection for Brazil, which is now expected to contract by 2.8 per cent in 2014 and by 0.7 per cent next year, around two ...

MarketsOECD downgrades China growth forecasts

Financial Times-Sep 16, 2015

This would compare with GDP growth in China last year of 7.3 per cent. China's National Bureau


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Courts call the shots for budget-less Illinois

Reuters-5 hours ago
Illinois and Pennsylvania are the only two states still fighting over a budget past ... "The taxpayers of St. Clair County can't afford to balance the state's budget on ...

Illinois Poverty Rate Hovers Above 'Pre-Recession' Levels

WNIJ and WNIU - ‎16 hours ago‎
This is likely a consequence of the state's budget woes, says Kimberly Drew, an economic security specialist at the alliance. “Many of our anti-poverty programs are essentially imploding because they are not receiving funding,” Drew said. “And this has ...

Rauner fires Illinois Lottery private manager Northstar Lottery Group

Chicago Tribune-4 hours ago
... to pass a budget. Under state law, prizes larger than $25,000 must be paid by the Illinois comptroller, who is not authorized to issue the checks without a green ...

Why the State of Illinois owes more than $100000 to some local towns

WQAD.com-Sep 17, 2015
The Illinois State Comptroller says the state owes $6 billion in overdue bills right now and communities across the state are getting tired of the fact that the check ...

Claypool: Up to 5000 teachers could face November layoff

Chicago Sun-Times-2 hours ago
But as for cuts, he said, “when you're talking about a $1.1 billion deficit, it's not ... the delay Mayor Rahm Emanuel had sought from the Illinois General Assembly.

Emanuel calls for new ride-share, taxi fees

Chicago Tribune-3 hours ago
Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Friday unveiled a sweeping set of new fees on ... bring in up to $141 million and help Emanuel close a $426 million hole in next year's ...

Costly prison fees are putting inmates deep in debt

CNNMoney-8 hours ago
In 2014, for example, an appellate court in Illinois ruled that a Chicago inmate ... to the prisons have climbed by 650% to $265 billion in 2012, the report found.


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Why the ignore?

I begin to understand the lay of the land.

Even if you see all LENR evidence as uncertain, dubious, it would be, it is, irrational not to consider it as a huge risk. It it is a huge risk, even with low probability, it have to be managed, mitigated, exploited, hedged, watched. That is the job of the CTO/CIO to drive those efforts, with the expertise of his Executive Chief Scientist, in coordination with peer executives and experts in each division. You can see Boeing/Nasa/Lockheed-Martin, Toyota/Mitsubishi/Nissan/Tohoku, NTVA/Statoil,Elforsk/Vattenfall, and some others, having similar strategies. This not even considering LENR is proven as peer reviewed papers show, and that there are some evidences of a commercial application next year. With a naive eye, it is surprising we are surprised by such move.


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