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Daily Digest 9/10 - The Decline Of Oil, Could Gold Prices Soar in September?

Thursday, September 10, 2015, 9:35 AM


Economic Crisis: How You Can Prepare Over The Next Six Months (pinecarr)

As expected, U.S. stocks are now revealing the underlying instability of our economy, which has been festering for several years. Extreme volatility not seen since 2008/2009 has returned, sometimes with 1000 point fluctuations positive and negative in the span of only a couple days. Current market tremors are beginning to resemble the EKG of a patient suffering a heart attack.

Why The Market Could Soar From Here (Aaron M.)

In other words, it may be possible to elevate markets in low-volume settings, but once selling picks up, planners lack the tools to stem the tide.

The Raspberry Pi is succeeding in ways its makers almost imagined (Chris M.)

At first, it seemed as though the grownups were more excited than the kids, creating all sorts of wacky Pi-based projects. Fortunately, those grownups - eager for the respect of their peers - shared everything they learned, posting to blogs, StackOverflow, and thousands of other websites. Want to know how to blink an LED? Drive a motor? Read a sensor? Set up a web server? Within the first year, all of that was out there, all of it indexed, searchable, and useful to kids.

A Question Of Money (Aaron M.)

The only thing what leaves me with amazement is what do they really intend? I don’t believe that the families who run the banking system, operating for centuries in money business, do not understand that. I can only assume that for being protected by government the banking cartel buys the governments time and keep financing the deficits.

Could Gold Prices Soar in September? (Taki T.)

Despite the persistence of ambiguous economic data as well as rhetoric from central bankers, and barring further turmoil in the financial markets, many market participants believe that the Fed is still on schedule to hike interest rate this year. While only 30% believe such a move will occur in September, many think the chances for a hike in October seem rather strong.

Jim Rogers on Central Banks, Investing, China and Finding Your Niche (Herman J.)

“If you go against the crowd, you’re probably going to do well.”

Q2 2015 an impressive quarter for the US solar PV market (Arthur Robey)

Basically, the report considers the United States solar industry as continuing on a record breaking trajectory. According to the report, 729 MW of utility-scale solar PV came on-line in the second quarter, representing 52 percent of the nation's quarterly total. "With the federal solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) scheduled to drop at the end of 2016, utility-scale development is at an all-time high with more than 5 GW of capacity currently under construction," the report said.

2020 Could Mark The Tipping Point For U.S. Solar (Tom K.)

The bulk of the installations came from utility-scale solar. As a key tax credit expires at the end of 2016, the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), large-scale solar projects under development are at a record high. There more than 5,000 megawatts currently under construction as developers rush to take advantage of the tax incentive before it lapses.

The Decline of Oil: Head-Fake or New Normal? (Aaron M.)

This cycle of spending the fruits of current production while starving investment for the future is part of what is known as the resource curse: nations with an abundance of resources rely on the income generated by the sale of their resources which effectively stunts the development of a diverse economy and the institutions which such a diverse economy requires as a foundation.

Will predicted El Nino quench NW drought's thirst? (jdargis)

"We are hopeful that it does spring some extreme precipitation events -- which would definitely help fill those reservoirs," Giffin said. "But it's a little gray (area) to how that's going to spell out for us this winter."

The bad news: It likely will not be enough.

Fires in West Have Residents Gasping on the Soot Left Behind (jdargis)

The dreadful conditions here — with temperatures soaring over 100 degrees, dry brush everywhere and a miasma of bad air — seem likely to become more common throughout the Western States, where the fire season is shaping up as a record one. This summer, residents of Denver grappled with air pollution that had wafted down from wildfires in Canada; throughout the West, a big blaze in one place can be felt many miles away.

Melting Ice Could Wake Up Ancient Frozen Viruses (jdargis)

The authors of the paper worry that while the few ancient viruses identified in the permafrost sample don't appear to be harmful to humans (they haven't found varieties of small pox or herpes), others might not be so benign.

There is a concern that rising temperatures and melting ice--not to mention oil exploration in the Arctic--could see the reappearance of ancient deadly viruses.

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Emerging market slump raises fears of capital controls

Other big EM names in crosshairs after Brazil downgrade

Reuters - ‎2 hours ago‎
S&P's Capital IQ unit has what it calls Market Derived Signal (MDS) models that show credit default swap markets currently expecting a major wave of EM downgrades, a number of which would see the big names mentioned going into junk status. Russia ...

Brazil Cancels Local Bond Offering for Second Time in a Week

Bloomberg-42 minutes ago
Brazil canceled an auction of local bonds for the second time in a week as the cut in the nation's credit rating to junk by Standard & Poor's pushed yields to a ...

Farmers in Greece grapple with harsh new realities

Deutsche Welle-2 hours ago
The terms of Greece's third bailout will see farmers lose many of their privileges. New taxes are also likely to strike a severe blow to those working in the ...

Catalonia Puts Independence Back on Spain's National Agenda

Wall Street Journal-5 hours ago
... the country's nascent economic recovery, just a few years after the devastating collapse of a property bubble and subsequent bailout of the banking system.

Emerging market slump raises fears of capital controls

Financial Times-21 hours ago
A defining moment of the 1997 Asian crisis came when Malaysia shocked financial markets by imposing draconian controls on capital outflows, banning ...

EMERGING MARKETS-Weak growth, credit rating cuts dog ...

Reuters-5 hours ago
... too could start to appear on the ratings radar because of its high debt levels. ... Ratings downgrade fears are likely to deter any investors who see value in ...

Colombia and Venezuela Trade Barbs as Ties Fray

Wall Street Journal-15 hours ago
That figure is an estimate of the International Monetary Fund and is often cited ... Despite the tension, the border crisis is uniting Colombians, analysts say, and ...

China Car Sales Driven Lower by Slowing Economy

Wall Street Journal-3 hours ago
BEIJING—China's new car sales fell for a third month in August as auto makers continued to grapple with sluggish demand amid an economic slowdown and ...

Emanuel sloughs off claims his $500M property tax hike not high ...

Chicago Sun-Times-9 hours ago
We will eliminate once and for all . . . the structural deficit that we inherited of $654 ... revenue sources to raiding the rainy-day fund to eliminating scoop-and-toss ... $480 million in pension help from a “dysfunctional” Illinois General Assembly ...

Suit filed against Chicago Internet taxes

Chicago Tribune-45 minutes ago
Chicago's new so-called cloud tax adds a 9 percent fee to city residents' ... Tax Act because they tax some Internet-based streaming media at a higher rate than ...

US shutdown risk resurfaces as Congress kicks off budget talks

Financial Times-51 minutes ago
The threat of a US government shutdown is back as Congress returns from its summer break to confront a series of divisive issues that could cause federal ...

Comptroller: State on track to have $12B deficit; Democrats ...

Illinois News Network-5 hours ago
Illinois' unfunded pension liability is $111 billion and growing. The Illinois News Network is an independent project of the Illinois Policy Institute. Audio Player.

Oil default wave seen spreading to China

Gulf Times-6 hours ago
Notes of oil services firms are the nation's worst performers this quarter with a 5.9% slide amid record industry debt and slumping crude prices, according to a ...

DBS lowers growth forecast for Singapore to 1.8%

Channel News Asia-1 hour ago
SINGAPORE: DBS has lowered its growth forecast for Singapore this year to 1.8 per cent. That is down from its previous projection of 2.4 per cent. In a report on ...

Bank of England cuts forecast, warns on global headwinds

Yahoo News-48 minutes ago
On a gloomy note, the bank forecast that British economic growth would slow to 0.6 percent in the third quarter after a stream of weaker-than-expected economic ...

China Auto Association Lobbies Government for Stimulus Measures

Bloomberg-7 hours ago

China's state-backed auto association is lobbying the government to introduce stimulus me


Brazil 10 Year Government Bond (Yields now over 15%)


Life under capital controls

The Economist-47 minutes ago
For owners of small businesses, many of which have already been hit hard by several years of declining sales, the capital controls could prove the final blow.

China tightens controls amid capital outflow

Deutsche Welle-5 hours ago
China has reportedly introduced measures to curb rising outflows of capital, following ... to increase checks and boost controls on foreign exchange transactions.

Ringgit hits new record low of 3.0771 versus Sing dollar

TODAYonline-5 minutes ago
“A downgrade in Brazilian bond ratings sparked fears of capital outflows from developing markets, a honestly realistic fear given the US Federal Reserve may ...

Nikkei falls, weak machinery data raises doubts about economy

Reuters-12 hours ago
China's slowing economy has also weighed on Japanese stocks, while investors remain on edge over when the U.S. Federal Reserve will raise interest rates.

Abe Adviser Says Oct. 30 Good Opportunity for More BOJ Easing

Bloomberg-8 hours ago
The BOJ is scheduled to release its next outlook report on the economy and ... be limited, China's problems will gradually affect the global economy, he said.

ECB''s Praet: Low Policy Rates Reflect Global Economies'' ''Malaise''-- Update

Nasdaq - ‎2 hours ago‎
European Central Bank chief economist, Peter Praet, Thursday defended the bank's ultralow interest rates, saying they are necessary to address a "malaise" in the European and global economies. In prepared remarks to a conference organized by the Dutch ...

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