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Daily Digest 8/16 - The Secrets Of Extraordinary Survivors, A September To Remember?

Sunday, August 16, 2015, 11:20 AM


The Secrets Of Extraordinary Survivors (Afridev)

Their successes challenge many of our common notions about the resilience of the human mind. While some people understandably crumble after extraordinarily harrowing events, others, like Eugenie have an extraordinary capacity to rebound and survive. Understanding why could lead us to help many more recover and grow after their experiences.

Doomsday clock for global market crash strikes one minute to midnight as central banks lose control (Saxplayer00o1)

8 - Overvalued US market In the US, Professor Robert Shiller’s cyclically adjusted price earnings ratio – or Shiller CAPE – for the S&P 500 stands at 27.2, some 64pc above its historic average of 16.6. On only three occasions since 1882 has it been higher – in 1929, 2000 and 2007.

A September To Remember? (Tom K.)

In terms of overnight action, China’s equity market eked out a positive gain amid a stabilizing yuan, further aided by the Chinese market regulator essentially inferring it would prop up the equity market for years to come. I wonder what we’ll think in 30 years’ time when we look back at the market intervention we have seen across the globe in the last half a decade or so. Hum dee dum.

AT&T’s “Extreme Willingness to Help” is key to NSA Internet surveillance (jdargis)

In September 2003, according to the previously undisclosed N.S.A. documents, AT&T was the first partner to turn on a new collection capability that the N.S.A. said amounted to a “ ‘live’ presence on the global net.” In one of its first months of operation, the Fairview program forwarded to the agency 400 billion Internet metadata records — which include who contacted whom and other details, but not what they said — and was “forwarding more than one million emails a day to the keyword selection system” at the agency’s headquarters in Fort Meade, Md. Stormbrew was still gearing up to use the new technology, which appeared to process foreign-to-foreign traffic separate from the post-9/11 program.

Computer scientists find mass extinctions can accelerate evolution (Arthur Robey)

Miikkulainen and Lehman found that, at least with robots, this is the case. For years, computer scientists have used computer algorithms inspired by evolution to train simulated robot brains, called neural networks, to improve at a task from one generation to the next. The UT Austin team's innovation in the latest research was in examining how mass destruction could aid in computational evolution.

This Week In Energy: The Growing Threat From China (Tom K.)

In the U.S., low oil prices could be exacerbated by an outage at a major U.S. refinery. The Whiting refinery, based in Indiana right outside of Chicago, was taken offline by its owner BP (NYSE: BP) for unplanned repairs. The refinery’s total output is 410,000 barrels per day, and one of the units (with a 240,000 barrel-per-day throughput capacity) could be offline for a month or two.

Amid Perilous Mediterranean Crossings, Migrants Find a Relatively Easy Path to Greece (jdargis)

Part of the reason is the sheer magnitude of the wave of migrants and refugees, which the Greek government has said is too much for such a crisis-ridden country — let alone an island like Kos — to handle.

Doctors Without Borders complained that the Greek authorities were “abusing” the refugees by, at one point this week, forcing them into a stadium where they remained without proper hygiene, food or water.

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Another terrible quarter puts Japan's recovery in question

Another terrible quarter puts Japan's recovery in question

CNN-1 hour ago
Hong Kong (CNN Money) — Japan's economy contracted in the second quarter, a result that raises questions about the ambitious stimulus plan championed by ...
  1. Japan - "There was nothing good in today's GDP data"

    ForexLive-2 hours ago
    "If momentum in exports and consumption remains weak, the government will have no choice but to discuss stimulus measures," said Masayuki Kichikawa, ...
    1. Local government bonds make comeback as cumulative stimulus ...

      China Economic Review-3 hours ago
      Cumulative stimulus is starting to rival the RMB4 trillion (US$625.6 billion) ... concerns that China's economic miracle could end the same way as Japan's: In ...

      Japan stocks rise after poor economy report raises stimulus hopes ...

      Minneapolis Star Tribune-2 hours ago
      JAPAN ECONOMY: Asia's second-biggest economy contracted 1.6 percent in ... Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has championed a huge stimulus program aimed at ...

      Japan Stocks Rise on Stimulus Hopes After Poor Economic Data
      ABC News-2 hours ago

  1. Russia recession poses financial dilemma for companies

    Financial Times-19 hours ago
    Funded with a $200m loan from Sberbank, Russia's largest lender, Mr Van Riet's ... in Russia, designed to help modernise an economy plagued by antiquated ...
  2. Clinical death of Russian economy impending – Russian economist

    ZIK-Aug 15, 2015
    “We are witnessing a clinical death of the Russian economy. The economy's heart, investments, is going to stop,” Khvylia quotes the Russian as saying, citing ...

    Luxury goods a real bargain in Brazil as currency plunges

    The Straits Times-7 hours ago
    SAO PAULO • Cartier and Louis Vuitton, those global symbols of opulence, suddenly look like bargains in one of the world's economic trouble spots: Brazil.

    In Venezuela, Economists Improvise to Track Economy

    Wall Street Journal-7 hours ago
    ... grappling with high inflation while much of the world has overcome the problem, and some developed economies, like Spain, instead struggle with deflation.

Without a budget, Illinois' spending and deficit balloon
Journal Standard-4 hours ago


Bad Loans Impede India's Economic Growth

Wall Street Journal-4 hours ago
The sour debt also threatens future expansion, as banks throttle back lending and the government pours billions of dollars into bailouts for state-run banks.

A Global Recession May Be Brewing in China

Wall Street Journal-6 hours ago
No emerging nation in recorded history has ever tacked on debt at such a furious ... and around half of that $350 billion decline represented hot-money outflows, ...
  1. Euro-Area Outlook Dims for Economists as QE Impact Falls Short

    Bloomberg-5 hours ago
    That's the lowest level since the European Central Bank started its stimulus program to buy 60 billion euros ($67 billion) a month of debt through September next ...

    China Stocks Sink as Currency to Economy Concerns Spur Outflows

    Bloomberg-2 hours ago
    Chinese stocks slumped, with a gauge of shares in Hong Kong falling to an eight-month low, as foreigners pulled funds amid concern about the weaker outlook ...


More happy headlines tomorrow.

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