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Daily Digest 8/14 - Good News Friday: Africa's Year Without Polio, Rain Coming For California?

Friday, August 14, 2015, 9:41 AM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. In the future, please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


Precious Metals Offer The Most Profitable Secular Opportunity Today (Taki T.)

Indeed, it is our job to guide investors through rough waters in the markets. When we become contrarian, there is a good reason for that. Gold, silver, and miners are undervalued. The correction has been too long, too sharp. Over time, a mean reversal will take place. Gradually increasing positions in undervalued assets is what secular investors should do in order to tap into the potential of the market.

Watch This Firefighter’s Helmetcam Footage and You’ll Understand Why People Call Them Heroes (thc0655)

At 3:45 into the footage, the firefighter climbs onto the roof, following another firefighter who tested it for strength as they moved forward. He cut a couple of holes in the roof, which the Sauk City Fire Department explained helps release smoke and gases, making it easier for firefighters inside the structure to see and those outside to see where the fire progressed. The fire department also said it can reduce the possibility of explosion.

Africa's Year Without Polio (jdargis)

How does one go about finding the polio virus across the expanse of an entire country or continent? There are now far fewer polio virus needles in the global haystack, which is fantastic news. But the remaining ones become even more difficult to find. We can’t stamp out a disease if we don’t know where it is. But with polio we do know where it is—and we know thanks to poop.

Time-Lapse of the 2015 Perseid Meteor Shower (jdargis)

While you were (probably) sleeping, Earth was treated to its annual viewing of the Perseid cloud, a stream of debris flung behind the Swift-Tuttle comet.

Death Penalty In Connecticut Ruled Unconstitutional (jdargis)

"Upon careful consideration of the defendant's claims in light of the governing constitutional principles and Connecticut's unique historical and legal landscape, we are persuaded that, following its prospective abolition, this state's death penalty no longer comports with contemporary standards of decency and no longer serves any legitimate penological purpose," Justice Richard Palmer wrote for the majority.

"For these reasons, execution of those offenders who committed capital felonies prior to April 25, 2012, would violate the state constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment."

Is Portable Energy Tech Finally Worthy Of Investment? (Tom K.)

Toshiba is not a U.S. company of course, but the firm does have an ADR trading on the pink sheets in the U.S. under symbol TOSYY and TOSBF. Normally, pink sheet investments are very risky and have to be approached with extreme caution. That rule is not really as relevant though when dealing with enormous multinational firms like Toshiba. While the issues are still not as liquid as most exchange traded stocks, at least with an ADR for a sizeable firm, investors get the comfort of knowing that their investment is based on a stable company with real profits.

El Niño May Bring Record Heat, and Rain for California (jdargis)

Conditions in the Pacific Ocean suggest that what has formed there is as big as anything seen since 1997-98, a system that brought the term “El Niño” into popular culture and which is remembered for the catastrophic amounts of water it dumped on California, leading to flooding and mudslides.

California receives most of its precipitation in the winter, and that is when the effects of a potent El Niño system are felt.

Forget Sports Drinks: Jersey Milk Might Be The Best for Athletes (jdargis)

I asked Shim whether he could generalize between the Fifth Quarter Fresh product and straight-up Jersey or Guernsey milk in regard to the study’s results. He says that he doesn’t know “if the results are generalizable or not to similar milk products.” Shim only tested this specific chocolate milk, as opposed to a variety of milk products.

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Some Friday blues for ya

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SP500 Another Interesting Day...

Are we going to see another elevator up soon?

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Feeding people, creating jobs with would-be waste in Philly

Imagine making thousands of dollars a month for something you’re going to throw away. Oh yeah—and you’d be helping feed hungry people.

Sound good? According to a pilot project in West Philadelphia, it’s entirely possible for grocery stores. And the folks involved are hoping that when the pope visits the City of Brotherly Love next month, they can show the world a new way to deal with the global problem of food waste.


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Weak Eurozone Growth Could Raise Pressure on ECB-Boost Bond Buys


  1. U.S. runs $149 billion budget deficit in July
  2. U.S. economy on track to grow 0.7 percent in third quarter: Atlanta Fed
  3. Japan economy seen shrinking in Q2 in setback for "Abenomics"
  4. Japan’s Nuclear Restart No Answer to Deficit Caused by Shutdown
  5. Eurozone inflation remains weak in July
  6. European stocks waver as GDP unexpectedly slows
  7. Weak Eurozone Growth Could Raise Pressure on ECB to Boost Bond Buys
  8. Europe’s Low Yields Are Here to Stay as Inflation Outlook Turns
  9. Italian Economy Grew Less Than Forecast in Second Quarter
  10. India Wholesale Inflation at Record Low Adds Easing Pressure
  11. Russia Bonds Have Worst Rout in Year as Moody’s Warns on Economy
  12. High-yield, investment-grade funds post third week of outflows -Lipper
  13. Turkey's central bank steps in as lira hits another record low
  14. Taiwan central bank guides overnight interbank rate lower for 4th day
  15. Taiwan Q2 Economic Growth Revised Down; Govt Cuts Forecast
  16. Mexico central bank sells $200 mln in currency auction
  17. Indonesia’s Central Bank to Keep Rates Steady as Rupiah Slides
  18. China Says Gold Hoard Climbs 1.1% in Data Transparency Push
  19. China gold reserves rise to 53.93 mln fine troy oz at end-July
  20. Vietnam Seen Devaluing Further After Busting Limit of 2% Decline
  21. Brazil is in a mess as it heads into big weekend protest
  22. S. Korea to pardon over 6,500 convicts to boost economy
  23. Finnish economy stuck in three-year-old recession - data
  24. Spain's public debt rises to 95.9 per cent of GDP in June
  25. Student Loan Delinquencies Jump As Crisis Spreads
  26. Dismal Debt Outlook for Greece Raises Pressure on European Creditors
  27. Greece Is in Depression; Animal Spirit Is Negative
  28. Puerto Rico Staring at $400 Million Short-Term Funding Squeeze
  29. Germans borrow more even as Merkel urges Europe to spend carefully
  30. Gold imports jump 62.2% to $2.96 billion in July (India)
  31. China's net foreign exchange selling at $38.9 billion in July, indicating big outflows
  32. China’s Yuan Positions Fall by a Record, Signaling More Outflows
  33. Asian Currencies Post Worst Week Since 2011 on Yuan Devaluation
  34. Long bonds rebound as China stirs deflationary fears
  35. Bears Gang Up on Swiss Franc Over Greek Agreement, Deflation
  36. Indian wholesale prices in record deflation
  37. Glencore’s $31 Billion Debt Weighs on Trader Amid Commodity Rout
  38. How bad are Chicago pensions? The worst in the nation
  39. In Puerto Rico, Water Has Been Cut Off
  40. The junk bond market 'is having a coronary': David Rosenberg
  41. Puerto Rico: Government and Consumers in Default
  42. $700M deficit: La. budget woes stretch years into future
  43. Low Oil Prices Destroy Financial Power of Saudi Arabia
  44. Costa Rica’s struggle with fiscal reform highlights its governance problems
  45. Brazil’s dire economy slides toward “junk” status
  46. Brazil Stocks Move Closer to Bear Market Amid Second Weekly Drop



It could be China or India or Italy or Japan or Brazil. The crisis can start anywhere.....And no, you don't get to choose what will set it off:

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"Victory lap" by Raul Ilargi


Ok, I know it's good news Friday, so my  take on this piece is that Ilargi was right all along and is taking a "victory lap" (if you can call it that).  It's good news to have a handful of analysts us regular people can trust to be spot on most of the time about The 3 E's.

The perhaps most pivotal importance of China is that it was the world’s latest financial hope. The yuan devaluation shatters that hope once and for all. The global economy looks a lot more bleak for it, even if many people already didn’t believe official growth numbers anymore.

Because we’ve reached the end of the line, the game changes. Of course there will be additional attempts at stimulus, but China’s central bank has de facto conceded that its measures have failed. The yuan devaluations, three days in a row now, mean the central People’s Bank of China has, openly though reluctantly, acknowledged its QE has failed, and quite dramatically at that. They just hope you won’t notice, and try to bring it on with a positive spin. 

Central banks are not “beginning” to lose control, they lost control a long time ago. The age of central bank omnipotence has “left and gone away” like Joltin’ Joe. Omnipotence has been replaced by impotence.

This admission will reverberate across the globe. China is simply that big. It may take a while longer for other central bankers to admit to their own failures (though ‘failures’, in view of the wealth transfer, is a relative term here), but it won’t really matter much. One is enough. 

What will happen from here on in will be decided by how, where and in what amounts deleveraging will take place. This will of necessity be a chaotic process...

The Automatic Earth started warning about this upcoming deflation wave many years ago. I am wondering if I should rerun some of the articles we posted over the past 8 years or so. I might just do that soon. 

It is fine for people to say that since it hasn’t happened yet, we were wrong about this, but for us it was never, and is not now, about timing. If you think like an investor -or at least you think you do- timing may seem to be the most important thing in the world. But that’s just another narrow point of view. 

When deflation takes its inevitable place center stage, it will wipe away so much wealth, be it real or virtual or plain zombie, that the timing issue will be irrelevant even retroactively. Whether the total sum of global QE measures is $22 trillion or $42 trillion, its deflation-driven demise will wipe out individuals, companies and nations alike at such a pace, people will wonder why they ever bothered with trying to get the timing right.

This may be hard to understand in today’s world where so many eyes are still focused on central banks and asset- and equity markets, on commodities and precious metals, on housing markets. In that regard, again, it is important to note that there have been no functioning markets for many years. Those eyes are focused on something that merely poses as a market.

For us this was clear years ago. It was never about the timing, it was always about the inevitability. Back in the day there were still lots of voices clamoring for – near-term or imminent – hyperinflation. Not so much now. We always left open the hyperinflation option, but far into the future, only after deflation was done wreaking its havoc. A havoc that will be so devastating you’ll feel silly for ever even thinking about hyperinflation.

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Always good to read such articles.

Similar initiatives are taking place in other places. In Québec and Montréal, for instance, Moisson Québec and Moisson Montréal are collecting meat from supermarkets to be given to social support organisms for cooking meals to people in need. During the pilot project, they collected about 1 ton (1000kg) of meat every week from two supermarkets. About 1% of meat sales. Instead of throwing this still good meat, it is now used. This also helps these social organisms as the money previously used to purchase meat can now be used elsewhere.


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blackeagle wrote: Always good
blackeagle wrote:

Always good to read such articles.

Similar initiatives are taking place in other places. In Québec and Montréal, for instance, Moisson Québec and Moisson Montréal are collecting meat from supermarkets to be given to social support organisms for cooking meals to people in need. During the pilot project, they collected about 1 ton (1000kg) of meat every week from two supermarkets. About 1% of meat sales. Instead of throwing this still good meat, it is now used. This also helps these social organisms as the money previously used to purchase meat can now be used elsewhere.


Yes, it is about time. We take our plenty for granted in the West and regularly waste a very precious resource without thinking.

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China makes long-term commitment to stabilise stocks

""For a number of years to come, the China Securities Finance Corp. will not exit (the market). Its function to stabilise the market will not change," the CSRC said in a statement on its official microblog.

The CSF has played a crucial role in Beijing's stock market rescue, which was launched after Shanghai's benchmark crashed 30 percent in three weeks from mid-June."

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The Onus of proof changes. (Cold Fusion)

I can't find the Cold Fusion thread so I shall place this excellent piece of hot news here.

The burden of proof has now switched. Theorists will now have to find an example demonstrating this theory false.

 yesterday. 13. Aug. 2015 I made a major theoretical breakthrough in the field of “energy creation”. This will be presented at the 11th workshop on anomalies in hydrogen loaded metals which will be held next October in Airbus, Toulouse.iscmns.org/work11/. What it basically consists in is a global theorization of energy creation which includes all known means up today, that they be chemical, nuclear fission or nuclear fusion. Against all expectations, it is proved that there is potential room for cold fusion or so in a breakthrough approach of building a “burner” and making a (new) fuel. As a consequence, even if the burden of proof remains to cold fusionists to experimentally prove, at least, they are right, on a theoretical point of view, I completely revert the burden of proof to orthodox physicists who now will have to prove the non-existence of cold fusion, if they can, since they have been claiming it for years if not decades. The only way my theory leaves them, is to find a counter example to our theory.


Via http://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/Thread/1920-Airbus-Scientist-Announces-%E2%80%98Theoretical-Breakthrough%E2%80%99-in-Cold-Fusion-%E2%80%94-To-Be-Rev

(App required).


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Arthur Robey
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I'm in ecstasy

I love Einstein, Hawkins and Penrose. Fine fellows.

I got as far as Riemann in Penroses book. "A theory of everything" and then my intuition kicked in and I put it aside. It is very gratifying that a fellow Australian doggedly persisted through the brambles. 

Go for a run around the block, get some oxygen to the left brain and watch an assault on the very foundations of physics. I mean the Very Foundations.

Do you have any idea what this means? If you do you will share my ecstacy. Whoever is controlling my realty (Love) has decided that the game is worth continuing. Therefore History has been changed. I am worthy.

A big thank you to de Angelis who put me on to it. (Interesting name Alan.)


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