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Daily Digest 8/9 - The Advent Of Artisanal Cash, America's Slums Resurrected

Sunday, August 9, 2015, 9:46 AM


The Resurrection of America's Slums (jdargis)

Low-income residents who wanted to follow the wealthy to the suburbs would have had a difficult time. Many wealthy suburbs passed zoning ordinances that prohibited the construction of affordable-housing units or the construction of apartment buildings in general. Some mandated that houses all be detached, or are a minimum size, which essentially makes them too expensive for low-income families.

Do You Have Change for a Bowie? The Advent of Artisanal Cash (jdargis)

As Bitcoin, PayPal and other electronic forms of payment grow in popularity in the global economy, cash in a growing number of places — not only Bristol and Brixton, but also Amsterdam; Ithaca, N.Y.; and elsewhere — is becoming quite literally an artisanal object.

The Chutzpah of a Police Union in Santa Ana, California (jdargis)

What’s new is the way that the cops caught misbehaving on camera and the police union that represents them have responded to an internal police investigation—not with embarrassment, contrition, and public apologies, as would befit trustworthy people of good character, but with shameless, discrediting chutzpah: They’ve sued to keep now public video of their indefensible behavior from their overseers!

Pain of Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis Is Weighing on the Little Guy, Too (jdargis)

More indebted than any American state by some measures, Puerto Rico sold its bonds far and wide, to everyone from wealthy Midwesterners to New York hedge funds. But more than 20 percent of the government debt is owned locally. And as values have plunged, some of the most intense pain is being felt by the tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans who bet much of their savings on the bonds.

How Much The Government Really Costs You (jdargis)

The size and cost of federal government will be top of mind as the presidential contenders race toward 2016. Some have already suggested saving money by closing the Supreme Court, the Department of Education, and the Environmental Protection Agency. But how much do these and other government programs really cost you, and would eliminating them make a dent in the $3.8-trillion budget? We calculated the cost of federal departments and programs per U.S. resident—there are currently 321.4 million—to get an rough-and-ready idea of the per-person tab. Take the quiz to see how much you, and the candidates, know about where your tax dollars go.

Orange muck from Colo. mine spill heads downriver (jdargis)

A plume of orange muck from a large mine waste spill in Colorado has drifted about 55 miles downriver and is closing in on New Mexico, prompting communities to take precautions until the sludge passes.

Beekeepers try to keep bees — and livelihoods — from going extinct (jdargis)

Bees are still dying at unacceptable rates, especially in Florida, Oklahoma and several states bordering the Great Lakes, according to the Bee Informed Partnership, a research collaborative supported by the USDA. Last month, Ohio State University’s Honey Bee Update noted that losses among the state’s beekeepers over the past winter were as high as 80 percent.

Oregon has taken less of a hit. Researchers say innovative beekeepers will be critical to helping bees bounce back.

Iran city hits suffocating heat index of 165 degrees, near world record (jdargis)

Bandar Mahshahr sits adjacent to the Persian Gulf in southwest Iran where water temperatures are in the 90s. Such high temperatures lead to some of the most oppressive humidity levels in the world when winds blow off the sweltry water.

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China faces deflation as producer prices slide to low?


  1. China faces deflation as producer prices slide to low?
  2. China Producer Prices Fall to Lowest in 6 Years Amid Weak Demand
  3. CPS must peddle gold-plated junk bonds (Chicago)



"Yet I got it wrong when I believed following the Panic of 08 we'd have the big collapse in 2010. I had no idea they would invest a thing called Quantitative Easing. I had no idea they would keep zero percent interest rates as a matter of policy that still exists today.

However, I'm ready to forecast now that between now and the end of the this year... the end of 2015, we are going to have panic on Wall Street. And there is going to be panic of the streets (more than Wall Street). The bottom has fallen out and they're only keeping ponzi alive with this monetary methadone that's no longer able to fix his habit. - King World News interview, Aug. 8"


Come on, guys!! The markets are all perfectly safe. Millions of people can't be wrong. Join the "bulls":

"What do you get for pretending the danger's not real
Meek and obedient you follow the leader
Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel
What a surprise!
A look of terminal shock in your eyes
Now things are really what they seem
No, this is no bad dream."

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China under mounting pressure to ease policy as economy stumbles

More Headlines:

  1. UBS Wary as China Seeks Global Help to Clean Up Local Debt Mess ("The pool of regional liabilities has swelled to 25 trillion yuan, bigger than Germany’s economy, Mizuho Securities Asia Ltd. estimates.")
  2. Quantitative Easing With Chinese Characteristics Takes Shape
  3. China's Slumping Car Sales Push Bitauto to Eighth Weekly Decline
  4. China under mounting pressure to ease policy as economy stumbles
  5. Chinese dragon losing its shine for foreign firms
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China Slashes U.S. Debt Stake by $180 Billion -- and Bonds Shrug

"China was a particularly voracious participant, boosting its holdings from less than $350 billion as its economy boomed and the nation bought dollars to keep the yuan from soaring.

Now, the Asian nation is stepping back as it raises money to support flagging growth and a crumbling stock market, and allows its currency to trade more freely. "


Here is a recording of Gerald Celente, where he is predicting a crash this year. 13 minutes 50 seconds into the recording:

Q: Will we see a systemic-like follow through?

A: There's nothing there to hold it up. It's already dead. Everything is on respirators.


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Say this ain't so

you can't make this $#!t up !!!

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robie robinson wrote: you
robie robinson wrote:

you can't make this $#!t up !!!


Can you imagine the outrage if Koch did this?

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