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Daily Digest 7/2 - EIA Data Doesn't Add Up, Who Will Be The Last To Crash?

Thursday, July 2, 2015, 9:17 AM


Why You Should Ignore the Grexit Panic (Tiffany B.)

It did so for all the reasons that I’ve mentioned before — namely that Germany cannot allow a Grexit from the euro zone without ultimately destroying the German economic miracle of the last few decades … and the Greeks outside the euro would see their modern lifestyles crumble in the face of sharp inflation and radically reduced access to the imported goods they take for granted today.

Bill Holter Warns “Greece is Going to Happen Here” (pinecarr)

Greek problem is not $3 billion, its $3 TRILLION IN DERIVATIVES– Will ISDA Allow Default?

Bank closures taking their toll on businesses across Greece (pinecarr)

The confederation, which represents some 280,000 small and medium-sized businesses, has been badly hit by capital controls. More than half of Greece’s food and raw materials are imported, but without a functioning banking system there was no way to wire money abroad and pay for supplies, said Korkidis.

“Multinationals can, but local companies can’t,” he sighed. “Shortages are manageable this week because traders have stock, but next week that won’t be the case. We are experiencing things we never thought we’d see.”

What Key Players Are Saying About the Greek Crisis (jdargis)

“It’s not just about Greece. We need to make sure the basis of people’s trust in Europe is not completely destroyed. We are defending Europe.”

Gold Is A Necessary Insurance Against Dysfunctional Governments (Taki T.)

Fears are growing over the health of Greek banks after indications that savers have withdrawn billions of euros in the past week. More than one-third of automated teller machines across Greece ran out of cash on Saturday before they were replenished as Greeks pulled out money on fears their country was set to crash out of the euro.

Silver About to Turn More Volatile (GE Christanson)

To quantify the volatility the following chart shows the (absolute value of) percent deviation from silver’s 200 day moving average. A spike higher or lower is volatility. The six spikes in volatility above 40% deviation from the 200 day moving average are quite large.

Who Will Be The Last To Crash? (pinecarr)

US debt is north of $18 trillion. (Amazingly, *cough*, it hasn’t changed in months *cough*.) Forward promises are north of $200 trillion, meaning that a child born today is responsible to repay $625,000. And since roughly half the US population pays no income tax… and presuming that this newborn will be a member of the productive half… he or she is born $1.25 million in debt. Such repayments will never happen. Most of those debts will not be repaid.

The Ultimate Privacy Protection (Tiffany B.)

But two things that every property in the U.S. has in common are a place on a searchable deeds register, and a tax valuation. These local and state government records are woven together into searchable national databases. And even if a U.S. property is owned by an LLC, a determined adversary — say, for example, the IRS — can find out who the “beneficial owner” of that property is via LLC records and the IRS itself. That makes it vulnerable to lawsuits and court judgments … including those involving taxation.

EIA Data Still Doesn’t Add Up (Tom K.)

Yes, these numbers bounce around but, plotting the monthly data below, the trend is clearly down, not up. So the first question is: what prompted the EIA to boost expectations recently, starting in March, when the data is clearly flat in the largest region of EIA growth expectations?

Skeleton launches graphene ultracapacitors (Chris M.)

The new range has been designed for mass-market applications and the needs of systems engineers. The format has been developed to meet the industry standard of a 60 mm diameter cylindrical cell. Skeleton Technologies had previously offered prismatic cells, which are more compact in modular arrangements but more expensive to produce.

Skeleton Technologies has also achieved one the lowest ESR (equivalent series resistance) levels on the market at 0.095 mΩ. This factor is crucial as it greatly increases the efficiency of the cells by reducing the amount of energy that is lost as heat. For example, if a 3900A current is run through the SkelCap 4500 cell, it will lose only 0.30 joules per farad, whereas competing products can lose as much as 1.00 joules per farad.

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Treasury to Auction Debt

"Agency will sell $72 billion in new debt and reopen $34 billion in previously auctioned securities next week"

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The Last to Crash

Interesting theory. One I had not really considered. Seems plausible.

"So, are the Fed and the US Treasury doing this intentionally? Are they quietly pulling the pins out from under the others, making sure that they’ll be the last currency standing? I have no inside information, but I’d bet on it."


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OT.....Attention Market Watch

Please check your calendar


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Ultra Capacitors

Energy storage of capacitors varies as the square of the voltage. I wonder what voltage the ultracapacitors can handle?


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US muni bond funds post highest outflows in 19 months -Lipper

"The reasons for the huge outflows were not immediately
clear, but they came as the long-running Puerto Rican debt
crisis hit a new low mark. A report from former International
Monetary Fund economists on Monday showed the commonwealth in
dire need of reform."

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Well, here's one popular ultracapacitor

Just for an example, Arthur, here's one popular ultracapacitor:

The Panasonic / Digikey gold capacitor.


Most capacitors have capacitances of 1 micro-farad, maybe a nano-farad.  The Digikey gold capacitor is a 3.3V, 1-F capacitor the size of a coin-battery.  So its capacitance is a million times that of a typical capacitor.

They do this, same as for the LiFEPO4 battery (which itself is an ultracapacitor with long-term storage capabilities) by greatly increasing the surface area of capacitance. 

I think that ultracapacitors are not so much the be-all, end-all that you imagine.  However, I *do* have a conceptual design for a *motor/generator* that could extremely increase the efficiency of electric vehicles, and wind power turbines.

If there is anybody out there interested, reply here, and message me with a link back to the thread.  I'll gladly share.  More specifically, I'd like it to be someone who has access to chip foundries, and can design specialty microchips that include, onboard, an ultracap, and mosfets.  Bonus if it can be on flexible ribbon. 




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