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Daily Digest 6/23 - A World Without Work, How We Get Electricity Is About To Change

Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 9:55 AM


Fewer Poor Uninsured After Health Law, Study Finds (jdargis)

“The law has had a more pronounced effect in covering African-Americans than whites,” said Larry Levitt, a director at the Program for the Study of Health Reform and Private Insurance at the Kaiser Family Foundation, a health research organization. He said part of the reason was that blacks were more likely to be poor, and the law specifically targeted poor Americans for help with coverage. “If all states were expanding Medicaid, you’d see an even bigger effect.”

A World Without Work (jdargis)

This winter, I traveled to Ohio to consider what would happen if technology permanently replaced a great deal of human work. I wasn’t seeking a tour of our automated future. I went because Youngstown has become a national metaphor for the decline of labor, a place where the middle class of the 20th century has become a museum exhibit.

Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Unconstitutional? (jdargis)

Despite the fairness of our court system, the U.S. government has consented in prior trade agreements, and in a leaked version of the still-secret TPP, to allow foreign investors to bypass our courts and instead move to “investor-state” arbitration. Thus, challenges based upon TPP to our duly enacted laws and other regulatory actions would be decided by three individuals who are not government officials and need not be American citizens. And they would have the final word as to whether the federal government will be compelled to pay damages, because there is no judicial review in any U.S. court of the merits of these arbitral rulings.

A Disaster Foretold - And Ignored (jdargis)

Officials in Washington and throughout the world failed to forcefully address these problems as trouble spread across cyberspace, a vast new frontier of opportunity and lawlessness. Even today, many serious online intrusions exploit flaws in software first built in that era, such as Adobe Flash, Oracle’s Java and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

The Way Humans Get Electricity Is About to Change Forever (jdargis)

Solar power will eventually get so cheap that it will outcompete new fossil-fuel plants and even start to supplant some existing coal and gas plants, potentially stranding billions in fossil-fuel infrastructure. The industrial age was built on coal. The next 25 years will be the end of its dominance.

2015 New Energy Outlook (jdargis)

An interactive data visualisation to better understand the scale of the transformation.

The New Big Oil Is State-Owned (Tom K.)

Oil and gas continues to make up the majority of the global energy mix with 33% and natural gas at 24%. That said, based on the CAGRs above, it does seem that we are making progress in tapering the growth of production. Human population and the economy are growing at rates higher than 1.13%, so that means oil is giving up ground to other energy sources.

Climate Change Health Risk Is a 'Medical Emergency,’ Experts Warn (Jason B.)

The report, commissioned and published by The Lancet medical journal, was compiled by a panel of specialists including European and Chinese climate scientists and geographers, social, environmental and energy scientists, biodiversity experts and health professionals.

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Comments on news

Fewer poor uninsured... : When I add up the taxes on the wages of the poor, and include the cost of actually getting healthcare, I get greatsr than 100% of income. Therefore, I would ask for a graph of the numbor of doctor and ER visits according to income level, and compare it to the rate of insurance changes. I suspect that rather than saying "the effect is particularly significant for the poor", the proper verbage would be "the effect is particularly significant for those who FEED ON the poor." To our leadership that's a minor issue, I know.

TPP: just a question, why are we asking if something is unconstitutional? Does anyone even have an idea what "unconstitutional" practically means today?

I guess I'm feeling less positive about our society today. Maybe I'll feel more positive about it tomorrow.

But "A World without work" doesn't make it seem likely. Work is absolutely necessary for mental balance.

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Hot summer could lead into warm winter

Hot summer could lead into warm winter


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