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Daily Digest 6/20 - Debt, War and Empire By Other Means, Sixth Mass Extinction Is Here

Saturday, June 20, 2015, 8:39 AM


Debt, War and Empire By Other Means (Adam)

The TPP and TTIP are integral initiatives in this effort of extending financial obligations, debt, and control. You might ask yourself why the House Republicans, who have fought the current President at every turn, blocking nominees and repeatedly staging mock votes to denounce a healthcare plan that originated in their own think tank and was first implemented by their own presidential candidate, are suddenly championing that President's highest profile legislation, and against the opposition of his own party? Where did that come from?

‘World’s Poorest President’ Explains Why We Should Kick Rich People Out Of Politics (Arthur Robey)

“I’m not against people who have money, who like money, who go crazy for money,” Mujica said. “But in politics we have to separate them. We have to run people who love money too much out of politics, they’re a danger in politics… People who love money should dedicate themselves to industry, to commerce, to multiply wealth. But politics is the struggle for the happiness of all.”

The Hunt for the Financial Industry's Most-Wanted Hacker (jdargis)

By mid-2007, ZeuS had evolved into something like enterprise software, bundling together all the tools for a DIY cyber-theft operation. Crucially, the package included features to track and manage machines it infected, making it much easier to build zombie networks. These so-called botnets are the foundation for online scams of every stripe. They’re not only sources for the data harvested from each of the computers; they’re also a force multiplier that hackers can use to unleash floods of spam and heavy traffic to shut down targeted sites.

Most Millennials Want to Own Homes (jdargis)

The poll also asked Americans about what community attributes made a place a good place to live. There was consensus across age groups that safety and good schools were most important. About the same share of younger and older adults rated highly the value of a walkable community with good access to public transportation.

For many in Greece, the economic crisis takes a major toll: their homes (jdargis)

Tsipras has also held out the possibility of a closer alliance with Russia. At the forum, he closed a pipeline deal with Moscow, viewed as a means of both giving Greece more economic options and increasing its leverage with European creditors, who have not taken kindly to the alliance.

But even as the toll of the crisis can be felt from the Mediterranean to the Macedonian border, few consequences are as insidious as the sudden emergence of scores of citizens without a place to live.

The Humans Who Dream Of Companies That Won't Need Us (jdargis)

Bitcoin as a whole is a step in that direction, but it's only one application. Ethereum, on the other hand, is "Turing complete," a system in which a program can be written to find an answer—or to execute a smart contract that can buy something, sell something, or do something. In aggregate, a group of smart contracts could run what is known in Ethereum-speak as a "decentralized autonomous organization" (DAO) or a "distributed autonomous corporation" (DAC)—in other words, a corporation distilled to its most basic tasks, and operated by little more than code and the logic of if this, then that.

The People v. the Coal Baron (jdargis)

Mr. Blankenship’s quasi-dictatorial management style as chief executive produced spectacular results for Massey, transforming it from a relatively modest business dominated by a single family into a corporation that operated more than 150 mines and brought in more than $2.6 billion in revenue. And Massey’s success lifted Mr. Blankenship out of an impoverished speck of Appalachia to a perch as one of West Virginia’s most feared and powerful figures. When he encountered politicians and judges who stood against his free-market, anti-regulatory views, he spent millions of dollars to end their careers or thwart their initiatives.

Sixth mass extinction is here: US study (Jason B.)

The analysis is based on documented extinctions of vertebrates, or animals with internal skeletons such as frogs, reptiles and tigers, from fossil records and other historical data.

The world is embarking on its sixth mass extinction with animals disappearing about 100 times faster...
The modern rate of species loss was compared to the "natural rates of species disappearance before human activity dominated."

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Time to get Nomi Prins back on!

Nomi Prins interview on KWN on her recent address to the Federal Reserve, IMF, etc.  Gerald Celente referenced her comments on this meeting in his recent interview on KWN, and said what she said was "terrifying"*: that "they don't know what they are doing"...


*Yes, I know KWN and Gerald Celente can tend towards hyperbole.  But all the same, I still think it indicates that what Nomi has to say about that meeting with the Federal Reserve and IMF is of interest.


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Montana Native
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Dan Carlin

Speaking of people that Chris should talk to, Dan Carlin would be amazing. His podcasts are among the best out there and he seems to be a lot more interested in getting to the bottom of things vs. making a point.

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The world is losing groundwater, fast.

While the study detected the change in groundwater levels, it could not quantify the amount of water remaining in the aquifers. Rodell said this would require drilling into the aquifers themselves, which he supports doing. “We should be monitoring and quantifying how much water is in these aquifers like we do with oil,” he says.


Open access to study report:


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When all of this started...

I really didn't expect summer to start lasting 9 months long.

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"4 Billion People Without Water In 10 Years"

I'd like some discussion on this particular collection of links in Reddit's /r/collapse community, if anyone is willing to take a look:


4 Billion People Without Water In 10 Years! After That Things Go From Bad To Worse Than You Can Imagine.

posted by Redditor /u/BeezleyBillyBub

Right now, 1 billion people walk a mile each day for water.


In 10 years 4 billion people will be without enough water.

In 10 years 2 billion people will be severely short of water.


Ground water depletion has gone critical in major agricultural centers worldwide.




The world's rivers and lakes are drying up.



Drought is spreading across the earth.


In 35 years over 2 billion people will move to cities.


75% of the infrastructure they require does not exist.


We passed peak growth-rate for food production in 2006.


In 60 years, human agriculture will stop because of soil loss and degradation.


We add 1 million more people to earth every 5 days.


We have to grow more food over the next 50 years than we grew in all of the last 10,000 years, combined.



We will need 12 million acres of brand new farmland every year for 30 years to do it.

We are losing 24 million acres of farmland every year.


We will run out of easy access to 2 critical fertilizers.


Our crop lands and pastures are to blame for 80% of all recent land vertebrate extinctions says Anthony Barnosky.


In 20 years we will pass peak energy and minerals.


This will happen when all our new solar panels and wind mills stop working and become expensive junk we can't afford to replace or recycle in times of shortages in water, food, energy, minerals and civility.



Lots of guns and no food, water or energy makes Johnny a bad bad boy.


After all the violence, then the bad news starts. Never mind that magnetic pole reversal could cook the surface of earth for several hundred years...


...because in 25 years earth will go into a planetary ecological state shift and enter into runaway, irreversible, unstoppable mass extinction.



Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/collapse/comments/3a82cz/4_billion_people_without_water_in_10_years_after/

The last link he posts, the Collapse Data Cheat Sheet, gives a lot of environmental data about animals.

Let me know what you think.


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Compilation of scenarios

Guy McPherson would probably agree with that collection of articles. http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Guy_McPherson

However, I remember Mr. Berra's famous quote- paraphrased here:

"It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future"

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Let's see, "Alert Moderator".

Reason: hmm, I'll put "Aaah! Aaaaah! Ah!ah!ah!"

Thank you Poet, for the panic overload. I have to say, you live up to your name. Your post has all the poetry of a 2000-lb bomb going off.

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Fertilizer, fertility, and the clashes over population growth

Head Count: Fertilizer, fertility, and the clashes over population growth

"Weisman travels to several countries with moderately to very high fertility rates. When he asks people in these countries what should be done to bring down the numbers, mostly the answer is 'Nothing.' In Niger, in the village of Mailafia, he encounters a mother of eight who laments the lack of milk in her town. 'All we want is food so we can produce children,' she exclaims. Also in Niger, in the city of Maradi, he meets an imam who tells him, 'We know the future is alarming. But man cannot hold back doomsday.' In the Israeli city of Brei Brak, Weisman meets another mother of eight. She tells him she’s not the least bit concerned about the world’s burgeoning population, because 'God made the problem, and He will solve it.' At a clinic in Karachi, Pakistan, he meets a technician who refuses to administer the contraceptive injection that one of the clinic’s patients has just been prescribed. 'I don’t believe we should practice family planning,' the technician says. 'Our community should increase in number.' "



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Arthur Robey
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Supply and demand.

Humans are subject to the law of Supply and demand. 

Do you feed seagulls?

In much knowledge is there much sorrow. And in much sorrow, much knowledge. 


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Arthur Robey
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Just Sign it.

While we are all having a jolly good time contemplating our demise may I suggest that it may be prudent to to at least make a token gesture of maturity and sign this petition. 


Yes, yes. I understand that this will not be a panacea.

Just do the right thing and sign it.

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I don't think we should act to lower the population..

... the horror that was the french revolution was largely done in the name of population control and luxury for the survivors. The horror of genocide in other countries, too, is the same in many cases.

Moreover, these "solutions" often destroy the environment far faster than the original problem, as well.

It's not that overpopulation might not be a problem, but as with other things, our fixes are often worse than the original problem, and engender even more problems later.

I advocate acting in good faith. If you think overpopulation is a potential problem, do as I and my wife do, practicing abstinence a necessary, to seek to keep the number of your children to a number that you feel is justifiable.

Meanwhile, do as that Israeli, and wait on God to provide a solution.

Personally, as a Christian, I think the situation is far worse than your article writer imagines, for Christ said that the time at the end will be cut short, because were it not, "no living thing would survive". That sounds pretty severe to me, not just a case of global warming.

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Arthur Robey
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we should raise the population.

Up to L4 and 5 for starters. 

" There is room at L4 alone for several orders of magnitude more people than exist on planet Earth" to Paraphrase Gerard K O'NEIL. 

And any body that orbits any other body in the cosmos has 5 Legrange points. See if you can count them all.

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Peak legrange

I would like to note that raising large numbers of people would be extremely energy intensive. However, if we used the same robotics that we are using to disemploy workers, and instead use them to build civilization infrastructure @L4 or even the moon, then we COULD put smaller numbers of people and ecology there, for starters.

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It's hard to advocate something I know little about

Arthur, can you describe for me how this technology differs from other nuke tech, and what its state of doability is, and why it is not currently being used?

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Arthur Robey
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I'm not surprised.

I'm not at all surprised that you don't know anything about it Michael.  It battles to get any oxygen at all. Scientists are supposed to kneel before the empirical evidence. However some become sclerotic with age.

And some are just bought off.

You can start with this video and these links and then go wherever the bouncing ball take you.




Following Nature's Documents Stan Szpak LENR Co-d…:


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Arthur Robey
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le Grange

Back in 1974 Dr. Gerard K O'NEIL and a cooperative of universities worked out the business plan to get most of the population off the planet and make the entire venture lucrative. 

The plan was placed before your illustrious leaders in congress, but they turned it down in favour of bombing rice farmers in Vietnam.

A decision worthy of a committee of psychopaths and with all the forethought of the lobotomized. I hope that they are still alive and are enraged by my accurate assessment of them.

(Question. How lucrative was the European colonization of America?)


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Signed the petition, but it would have been nice if petitioner has spelled oversight correctly.

At least this would be preferable to the many counter production things congress squanders money on.

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Eastern Puma Declared Extinct

Eastern Puma Declared Extinct, Removed from Endangered Species List



 Question. How lucrative was the European colonization of America?

Compared to La Grange fantasies, America had the significant advantage that it came wiith breathable air.

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Arthur Robey
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Not thinking about the predicament.

In thinking about the gap between my model of reality and those who believe that Escape is impossible I have to conclude that the difference lies in my Assimilation of the Limits to Growth Report. 

My understanding of the curves and their implications forces the realization onto me that any other solution is not a solution at all, but a capitulation to fate. It is Willful Blindness.

We have but two choices. Up or die. Extinction or godhood. 

I do believe that everything is going to plan. You have but to choose. It is a self selection examination. 

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Mark Cochrane
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There is another predicament

I'm all for getting at least a proportion of humanity off this rock but I have low confidence that it can truly be done sustainably due to our demonstrated ignorance of maintaining ecosystems here on Earth.

If we cannot even maintain a planet full of robust and functioning ecosystems that were gifted to us, then how the heck are we going to construct them or maintain them in space? Biosphere 2 was a flop, illustrating that we cannot yet build a self contained set of ecosystems that maintain biogeochemical cycles.  We should keep trying though.

I know that we think that we have all of the technological know-how to launch and provide habitat for human populations out in space but I seriously doubt that they are going to be able to persist and thrive out there without an endless series of care packages from planet Earth. Living on protein plasm and bio-goo may be theoretically possible but if you cannot maintain a stable ecosystem then it is game over, even if all of the environmental functions can be substituted by technology.

Why? For the simple reason that we do not inhabit individual bodies in the way that we tend to think. Trillions of other organisms share it with us. We are walking ecosystems. If you lose your gut flora or skin organisms then you are going to be SOL. Whatever life we conceive of beyond this planet needs to include the care and feeding of our host of beneficial microorganisms that do much of the heavy lifting to protect us from the less friendly ones and to feed us when we eat that bio-goo.

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Arthur Robey
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Problems, Reactions and solutions.

There are too many problems, assumptions and reactions for this thin thread to address on the matter of space colonization. ( Space civilization,  not planet Colonization)

I shall cherry pick a few. 

  • The habitat will be small? Why, when space is boundless, energy and materials are extravagantly bountiful and we can forget about physical labour. All labour will have to be done by robots or not at all.
  • Rocketry is our only option? May I bring your attention to reactionless drives. http://www.gizmag.com/cannae-reactionless-drive-space-propulsion/33210/ Note carefully the following. 

the resonator and the microwaves have two separate frames of reference,

( in other words we are getting cute with space/time. And there is mathematical relationship between space/time and mass. Mess with one and you affect the other.)

Talking about warping space,  this is exactly the sort of thing that Alcubierrie  needs to go faster than light.



  • The moon's regolith dust is sharp shards of glass. How will we stop them from being a biohazzard?  Easy- all material is vapourised and purified by distillation.  Silica sand will become micro-beads.

And so on and so forth. Grab a problem and solve it yourself.

Welcome Aboard.  Please leave your assumptions at the airlock.


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