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Daily Digest 6/12 - Debt And Destruction, Seeking The Source Of Ebola

Friday, June 12, 2015, 9:15 AM


Policy of Debt and Destruction (Wilson S.)

If the spending from the debt is bad investment or consumption then there may not be the means later to repay the debt to savers who may have lost spending through default of the borrowers. In this case, debt represents purely a bringing forward of spending and economic growth, in lieu of future spending and economic growth. Debt then merely allows greater current spending and creates temporarily the illusion of current prosperity at the expense of future prosperity.

Dying Of Excitement (jdargis)

Medical examiners and police departments say it’s a genuine syndrome. The National Association of Medical Examiners has recognized the condition for more than two decades. And in 2008, the Council of the American College of Emergency Physicians declared that excited delirium is “a real syndrome of uncertain etiology.” Emergency room doctors and medical examiners insist that members of the larger mental health community don’t acknowledge the condition because they never see it.

Ford Shifts Grant Making to Focus Entirely on Inequality (jdargis)

Under that plan, the foundation’s grant making supported eight causes: human rights, freedom of expression, democratic and accountable government, economic opportunity, education, sustainable development, sexuality and reproductive health, and social justice.

50 hospitals charge uninsured more than 10 times cost of care, study finds (jdargis)

Carepoint Health-Bayonne Med­ical Center in Bayonne, N.J., for example, also charges rates 12.6 times the actual cost of patient care. State law limits the maximum that hospitals can charge uninsured patients to 115 percent, a spokesman said.

By comparison, the researchers said, a typical U.S. hospital charges 3.4 times the cost of patient care.

Making tiny earthquakes to understand fracking-driven quakes (jdargis)

The researchers then injected water at pressure into the fault, near the borehole with their motion-detecting instrument (about 280 meters below ground). No earthquakes were detected in the first 18 minutes, even as the pressure increased, but the fault creeped about 0.3 millimeters. Shortly after, a little earthquake registered. More followed over the next five minutes, and the creep rate picked up as well. Before the first earthquake, the fault actually opened up a couple tenths of a millimeter, but that opening slowed as the earthquakes continued.

EIA Oil Production Numbers All Over The Place, Again (Tom K.)

World Oil Supply Non-OPEC oil supply in 2015 is projected to grow by 0.68 mb/d, in line with the previous forecast and below last year’s strong growth of 2.17 mb/d. OPEC NGLs are forecast to grow by 0.19 mb/d to average 6.02 mb/d in 2015, following growth of 0.18 mb/d in 2014. In May, OPEC production rose to 30.98 mb/d, up by 0.02 mb/d, according to secondary sources.

Seeking The Source Of Ebola (jdargis)

Among the most puzzling aspects of Ebola virus, since its first recognized emergence almost four decades ago, is that it disappears for years at a time. Since a 1976 outbreak in what then was Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) and a simultaneous episode with a closely related virus in what was then southern Sudan (now South Sudan), the sequence of Ebola events, large and small, has been sporadic. During one stretch of 17 years (1977-1994) not a single confirmed human death from infection with Ebola virus occurred. This is not a subtle bug that simmers delicately among people, causing nothing more than mild headaches and sniffles. If it had been circulating in human populations for those 17 years, we would have known.

Organic Farmers Object to Whole Foods Rating System (jdargis)

The longtime suppliers to Whole Foods are complaining that the program called Responsibly Grown can grant a farmer who does not meet the stringent requirements for federal organic certification the same rating as an organic farmer, or even a higher one. Conventional growers can receive higher rankings than organic farmers by doing things like establishing a garbage recycling program, relying more on alternative energy sources, eliminating some pesticides and setting aside a portion of fields as a conservation area.

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Preliminary House vote to fast track TPP soundly defeated


BREAKING: House Democrats delivered a stinging defeat to President Obama’s trade agenda when a vast majority voted to derail legislation designed to help him advance a sweeping deal with 11 Pacific-rim nations.


The House voted 302 to 126 to sink a measure to grant financial aid to displaced workers, fracturing hopes at the White House that the package would smooth the path for Congress to approve a separate bill to grant Obama fast-track authority to complete an accord with 11 other Pacific Rim nations.

“I will be voting to slow down fast-track,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said on the floor moments before the vote, after keeping her intentions private for months. “Today we have an opportunity to slow down. Whatever the deal is with other countries, we want a better deal for American workers.”

The dramatic defeat could sink the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a sweeping free trade and regulatory pact that Obama has called central to his economic agenda at home and his foreign policy strategy in Asia. Obama’s loss came after a months-long lobbying blitz in which the president invested significant personal credibility and political capital.

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So let's see:  we were supposed to believe that some guy who- what- 12 years ago was a well-spoken community advocacy lawyer-turned-politician (gawd, I'd love to see a Statesman some day.....) now has the chops (and stones!) to formulate the worlds largest trade agreement, and promise it's good for Americans?  After all the other wonderful stuff he's done for us?  Waiting for the alarm clock to free me from this nightmare....Aloha, Steve.

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