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Daily Digest 5/16 - Rise Of The Robots, Are We Headed For An Egg Shortage?

Saturday, May 16, 2015, 10:54 AM


China is on track for the biggest reduction in coal use ever recorded (jdargis)

Already, the People’s Republic’s sputtering coal consumption, which began last year, seems to have put a big dent in global CO2 emissions. Those generated from energy use stopped growing in 2014, according to the International Energy Agency. The only other times this happened was in the early 1980s, 1992, and 2009—when the global economy has floundered, in other words. For a drop like this to come in the absence of a widespread economic slump is unprecedented.

‘Rise of the Robots’ and ‘Shadow Work’ (jdargis)

Ford offers little hope that emerging technologies will eventually generate new forms of employment, in the way that blacksmiths yielded to autoworkers in the early 20th century. He predicts that new industries will “rarely, if ever, be highly labor-intensive,” pointing to companies like YouTube and Instagram, which are characterized by “tiny workforces and huge valuations and revenues.” On another front, 3-D printing is poised to make a mockery of manufacturing as we knew it. Truck driving may survive for a while — at least until self-driving vehicles start rolling out of Detroit or, perhaps, San Jose.

The Plot Against Trains (jdargis)

What we have, uniquely in America, is a political class, and an entire political party, devoted to the idea that any money spent on public goods is money misplaced, not because the state goods might not be good but because they would distract us from the larger principle that no ultimate good can be found in the state. Ride a fast train to Washington today and you’ll start thinking about national health insurance tomorrow.

Gold Up 2.5%, Silver Surges 7% In Week as Bond Market Quakes (Jason B.)

Gold surged through its 100-day moving average at $1,210 per ounce like a knife through butter on Wednesday after it rallied sharply on the poor retail sales. The 100 day moving average was a level it hasn't managed to convincingly break above since mid February. Gold continued its gains and then rose above the 200 day sma at $1,218.50 and it closed above that level again yesterday at $1,221.80 per ounce.

House Of Cards: Will It Collapse? (GE Christenson)

“Interest rates: If the Fed wants to raise interest rates significantly to stop any upcoming inflationary spiral, they risk increasing the rates on all Treasury Bond issuance! This means they’ll have to pay more interest on their debt, putting them even deeper in the hole. We already have $18+ trillion in debt. Just figure out what each 1% means in terms of increased interest expense for the Treasury!”

They Built It. No One Came. (jdargis)

“We weren’t good at being able to explain the spiritual part, either. People would say: ‘Let’s write down your philosophy. Let’s create some commandments.’ But that didn’t come naturally. When we tried to explain our beliefs — spirits living in springs, the earth as mother — people just thought we were weird.”

Sick Iowa Hens Mean U.S. Bird-Flu Outbreak May Be Worst Ever (Jason B.)

“Once you start getting those kind of numbers, you can start to have an impact” on supplies, Bill Northey, Iowa’s secretary of agriculture, said on a conference call with reporters Thursday. “Of course, we’ve lost some markets overseas, as well, so that probably keeps some of the product home that used to go overseas. That would provide some kind of a counterbalance. But I can’t imagine that, over time, we won’t see some impact.”

Are we headed for an egg shortage? (Jason B.)

More than 33.5 million chickens, turkeys and other birds have been affected. Iowa, the top U.S. egg producer, was hardest hit, losing 40 percent of its laying hens. The disease prompted the government to forecast the first annual drop in egg production since 2008. Greco is concerned his 4,200-pound (1,900-kilogram) stash of liquid eggs won’t protect him from higher costs, and that he’ll have to start buying eggs still in shells to crack by hand.

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Arthur Robey
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Looking on the Bright Side.

Considering The rise of fact resistant strains of humans and their pathological inability to act in their own interests, perhaps the rise in artificial intelligence has arrived just at the right moment.

Incredibly dumb things are done by people these days to give meaning to their lives.

As trainee Gods we are not yet in kindergarten. 

My Sunday sermon: Relax and enjoy the show. It is All put on for you. Just for You.

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Arthur, you are beginning

to sound like Advaita Vedanta: all is an illusion and WHAT FUN!!  However, do you want to reincarnate again to enjoy another show, OR, just finally drop it all? and MERGE with . . . .

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Speaking of FUN,

http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/)" rel="noreferrer noopener">Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis


Cars of the Future, Today: a Flying Car and a Self-Balancing Two-Wheeled Car

Posted: 16 May 2015 09:59 AM PDT

The pace of technological advancement accelerates every year. Here are two car prototypes that highlight the advancement.

C-1 Electric Two-Wheeled Car

Please consider the C1, a Self-Balancing, Two-Wheeled Car invented by Daniel Kim, founder of Lit Motors.


Motorcycles make more sense for single-passenger trips, but they are more dangerous to operate than cars, expose riders to the elements, and require skill to keep upright. Kim, a 35-year-old who wears jeans and a black t-shirt, leads the way to the company’s prototype solution: the all-electric C-1. It has two wheels, like a motorcycle, but a steel and composite outer body, like a car. He invites a visitor to sit inside the C-1 and sway from side to side. The vehicle, emitting a steady hum, stays upright. No kickstand props it up; no third wheel adds stability. “When was the last time you balanced on a motorcycle at zero miles an hour?” Kim rhetorically asks. “Never.”

A patented control system, featuring two gyros that spin in a compartment beneath the driver’s seat, is the secret to the C-1’s balancing act. The gyros provide the torque to keep the vehicle upright no matter what the driver does and to hold it at the precisely correct lean angle when the vehicle turns.

The allure of a two-wheeled, self-stabilizing car has tempted automotive designers for at least a century, but earlier prototypes had fatal flaws—the gyros were too large, the mechanical control systems too crude. The C-1 instead employs the foot-wide, high-speed, computerized technology of devices known as control-moment gyros (CMGs), which are mostly used for positioning satellites in space. Frederick Leve, an aerospace engineer with the U.S. Air Force who specializes in CMGs, says that if Lit can effectively and affordably deploy CMGs on a terrestrial vehicle, “that is a breakthrough. That’s dramatic.”

Kim hopes the product will hit the market within two years, but admits that the path to creating a vehicle that “can defy gravity” isn’t simple. “There is no real track for learning how to start your own car company,” Kim says, “so I had to make it myself.”

C-1 Schematic 



Next consider the car I want, the AeroMobile. It's a car that flies.


AeroMobile Video

Link if video does not play: AeroMobile.


Arthur Robey's picture
Arthur Robey
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Death and Other Amusements

Regarding that gyro Stabilized bike Ken. It had better not be left parked in line with Earth's axis or the earth will rotate through 360deg while the bike maintains it's orientation.

This will cause it to do a determined and amusing roll over. Further, the orientation of the gyro will cause the back wheel to leave the ground when going up a hill.( edit: incorrect.  The wheel will refuse to follow the contours of the hill, causing it to become airborn)

Gyros are fascinating. They rely on the presence of the rest of creation for their inertial reference frame. To my mind they are another kludge to support the observed facts. 

As for death, how would I know about death? There are a lot of the supporting bit players shouting in my ear that Death exists, as though I would believe them when all that exists is the Now. If they exist, then they too are misled. (I believe that they exist. I find comfort in the belief. However, You may just be  Programmer checking up on my reactions to see if I am making sufficient progress.)

Gnosis Ken.

You can find out all about Death here.





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Mark Cochrane
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Time of day

Ken and Arthur,

A kickstand would be the sensible and energy efficient option for the parked gyro-stabilized vehicle. This still leaves the issues of time of day and latitude for longer trips, especially traveling north-south. Fairly easily rectified with a  GPS. Given the twin gyro units they could individually be alternately cycled on and off periodically to readjust the reference frame to remain within the gimbal range, as they don't look to be designed for 360 degree rotation on that axis and effectiveness would diminish at higher angles. Since it is supposed to provide the optimal tilt for any cornering then there must be a mechanical tilt mechanism to precess the gyros accordingly. Interesting to consider what hill slopes it would be rated to handle though.

Cool idea.


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