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Daily Digest 5/11 - Resilience Is The New Black, Tesla Wants To Change Energy Infrastructure

Monday, May 11, 2015, 9:15 AM


Resilience is The New Black (Chris M.)

You can only push people so far before they crack. For residents of Baltimore’s disadvantaged neighbourhoods the inequities are obvious. People are not dumb. We can see the writing on the wall, and know for the most part that government on every level has not taken significant steps to embrace sustainability be it economic, environmental or social . To me it seems we are running on the fumes of debt on all three: over-extended financially on nearly all levels; over-extended on carbon emissions (and post oil peak); and a powder keg of social unrest waiting for a tipping point.

Quote Of The Year. And The Next. And The One After (Chris M.)

The problem that faces our societies is that we have developed industries and policies that were appropriate at a certain moment, but now start to reduce human welfare, like for example the oil and car industry. Their political and financial power is so great and they can prevent change. It is my expectation that they will succeed. This means that we are going to evolve through crisis, not through proactive change.

The Only Way Is Down (jdargis)

Labour talked to five million people, but it didn’t know how to listen. The sincere bewilderment of Labour figures as the exit poll turned out to be accurate says something about the failure of the “ground campaign” in which activists had five million doorstep conversations over the past four months. How do you talk to that many people and come away having misread the mood of the country this badly? Two easy answers will be given to this: Labour talked to the wrong people and/or people didn’t tell them the truth.

If America really valued mothers, we wouldn’t treat them like this (jdargis)

Cardstore.com sent the video out into the world video with the hashtag #WorldsToughestJob. But here's the thing about the world's toughest job: a lot of the people doing it also hold another job, or even a few other jobs. More than two-thirds of mothers hold jobs outside the home, and mothers are the primary earners in 40 percent of families. But in America, public policy makes balancing those jobs a lot harder than it has to be.

Gold Is Nearing An Important Pivot Point In 7 Charts (Taki T.)

Chart-wise, gold looks like a cooking pressure, not in terms of price or momentum, but in terms of its chart pattern. The recent sideways action can go on for a while longer, but the descending triangle formation on the chart is reaching its apex. In our own words: we are nearing a make-or-break level.

Tesla Energy’s goal? Changing the “energy infrastructure of the world” (jdargis)

Tesla’s new batteries will come with integrated management software and Internet connectivity "so we can create smart micro-grids," Musk said when explaining how this fundamental change will occur. Currently, no major US cities have utilities that operate such micro-grids outside of pilot programs, so Elon Musk's enthusiasm made us wonder: what does the micro-grid of the future look like and how might Tesla's new utility-grade batteries play a role?

How Much Longer Can The Oil Age Last? (Tom K.)

“No one can set the price of oil – It is up to Allah”, this is what Saudi Arabia’s oil minister Ali Al Naimi had to say while speaking to CNBC recently. OPEC, which holds around 40 % of the world’s crude output, is showing no signs of reducing its production levels, even if Iran starts pumping more oil after sanctions are lifted should the international nuclear deal with P 5+ 1 counties prove successful. Many see this move by OPEC as a means to protect its market share and drive US shale players out of business. But is the decision of OPEC (especially Saudi Arabia) part of a much bigger game? The Saudis, who lead OPEC, would obviously be very interested in delaying ‘Peak Oil Demand’ after which global demand for oil would start declining steadily, along with Saudi oil revenues.

Grabbing Paddles in Seattle to Ward Off an Oil Giant (jdargis)

The standoff between Royal Dutch Shell, which proposes to lease a terminal in the Port of Seattle for its Arctic drilling fleet, and the opponents who want to block the company’s plans for environmental and other reasons, is going aquatic. The various groups organizing a “ShellNo Flotilla” for Saturday hope to attract 1,000 kayaks or other small boats, and are arranging temporary housing for people coming from elsewhere to train and participate.

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Threats to soil productivity threaten food security

According to the Sparks and his colleagues, soil erosion greatly exceeds the rate of soil production in many agricultural areas. For example, in the central United States, long considered to be the "bread basket" of the nation, soil is currently eroding at a rate at least 10 times greater than the natural background rate of soil production.

"Human civilizations have risen and fallen based on the state of their soils," Sparks said. "Our future security really depends on our ability to take care of what's beneath our feet."


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rock phosphate

Another salient quote from the article, "The largest reservoir of rock phosphate in the U.S. is expected to be depleted within 20 years, he says, at which point we will need to begin importing this source of the essential nutrient phosphorus."

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Revolutions of the Mind

Ideas are dangerous.  This site is one of ideas. Some ideas have historical precedent.  To wit, one William Cobbett.

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How to be rich.

I have to share this gem from my daughter's facebook.

He who knows he has enough is rich.

That would make the wolf of wall street poor. Pity him.

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In the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy under the entry "Earth" in the Encyclopedia Galctica was the single word "Harmless".

Under protest from the earthlings it was changed to "Mostly harmless".

For your cogitation. 


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