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Daily Digest 5/8 - Managers Can Be Replaced by Software, Farmers Growing Crops With Wastewater

Friday, May 8, 2015, 9:01 AM


Here’s How Managers Can Be Replaced by Software (RZ)

iCEO routed tasks across 23 people from around the world, including the creation of 60 images and graphs, followed by formatting and preparation. We stood back and watched iCEO execute this project. We rarely needed to intervene, even to check the quality of individual components of the report as they were submitted to iCEO, or spend time hiring staff, because QA and HR were also automated by iCEO. (The hiring of oDesk contractors for this project, for example, was itself an oDesk assignment.)

One in five rural hospitals in state are financially vulnerable, could close doors (Richard B.)

The AP investigation found that most of the rural hospital closures so far have occurred in the South and Midwest. Of those at risk, nearly 70 percent are in states that have chosen not to expand Medicaid coverage under the federal Affordable Care Act, although some experts are hesitant to draw a cause-and-effect correlation.

Hackler said rural hospitals can also struggle because they have difficulty recruiting health-care professionals to work in those areas, he said.

A Multinational Trojan Horse: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (thc0655)

Peel back the layers of the TPP and you'll find what some believe to be a "corporate Trojan horse." Disguised as "free trade," the TPP's provisions and tactics undermine Constitutional safeguards and national sovereignty. But there's also a silver lining. The TPP exposes who, in the marbled halls of political power, is working for whom. It forces politicians to put their cards on the table, and by their hands you will know them.

Dollar Danger Zone (GE Christenson)

China has purchased and imported a massive amount of gold bars in the past 5 years. The magnitude of the gold migration from the west to Asia has been obscured intentionally. Clearly the western central banks and governments do not want the world to know how much gold they have sold to China. China does not want to announce how much gold they have purchased, which might panic the gold market and elevate prices, making additional purchases more expensive. China’s gold hoard will become a threat to the reserve currency status of the dollar, a fiat currency backed only by “faith and trust.”

Did The World's Central Banks Hit The Panic Button This Morning? (Kevin J.)

If there is one thing more worrisome for the world's central planners than a stock sell-off, it is a bond rout 'proving' that they have lost control. The overnight carnage across global bond markets appears to have triggered someone (or someones) to step in - in dramatic size - to rescue bonds and save the world once again. Since the bond market is now massively illiquid and everyone is on the same side there is no way to orchestrated a controlled decline.

Investment in Renewables Generates Illuminating Dividends (Kevin J.)

The cost of standardized technologies for wind and solar have fallen by at least a half in five years, to just below $2 million per rated megawatt ($2M/rated MW), versus the same cost for a coal plant. That coal plant may deliver two to three times the power at that all-in cost, but the costs are about the same because wind and solar do not have fuel and heavy maintenance costs. Fossil fuel plants deliver much more power, but because they pay for their fuel, the overall cost is about the same as for renewables…

More foreign companies buying B.C. farmland to earn carbon credits (westcoastjan)

Martin Rossman, a hay and alfalfa farmer in the Quesnel area, said he was surprised when he heard the government thought only 1,500 hectares of land had been reforested because the practice is clearly more widespread than that.

“I’ve had phones calls from a number of people that are just irate over that [number]. They said, ‘Where the hell are these people coming from?’” he said.

Farmers Growing Crops With Oil Wastewater Out of Desperation (gallantfarms)

As the LA Times points out, testing the contents of oil wastewater has been a “low priority” for the government in recent years despite evidence that it seeps into local water supplies. Unsurprisingly, oil companies have successfully lobbied to have fewer tests conducted on this wastewater. In fact, when the water is tested, the government looks for toxins found commonly in nature like arsenic, not the kinds of dangerous compounds that get used while drilling for oil. However, now that the wastewater is used directly on crops for human consumption, it seems especially pertinent to verify the safety of this water.

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The Unemployment farce

No matter what the highly misleading at best, outright lying fakery at worst, employment report showed today you could count on two things:


  1. Stock futures would get bid hard and then there would be buying follow through.
  2. Gold would be sold.

Since everybody knows this is what will happen, it happens.  I think that once the Fed conditioned everyone to behave this way it's job was done, and nothing else needs to be done to achieve this result.

If the employment report came in too low then stocks would bid up with the "explanation" that a weak reading means the Fed would wait longer before applying the ever-increasingly meaningless quarter point rate hike at some nebulous, never-defined point in the receding future.

If the reading came in better than expected, then stocks would be bid up under the pretense of the "recovery" meme.

Either way, gold would be sold, because that's just the way things are done in the US ""markets"" which are, apparently, just an adjunct derivative of the Japanese yen.  Because, uh, fundamentals, and such as*.

I am growing weary of these BS moves in the "markets" which have nothing to do with anything fundamental but merely represent the playground antics of huge piles of speculative money.

I am sure the boyz and girlz playing around and making billions and billions (the top 21 hedge fund managers took home $25 billion last year) are having a lot of fun, but this is really just a very sick expression of broken markets that are going to harm us all.

Will the Fed suffer any consequences for fostering and encouraging the excesses and eventual break down?  Nope.  Will the hedge fund managers have to give back any of their ill-gotten gains?  Nope.  Will the bankers have to suffer the consequences of their actions when the time comes?  Again, no.

In the meantime, I would not put too much stock into the so-called "market" reactions to the employment report because the number is statistically cooked to the point of being meaningless and the reactions are about size of book, positioning, algorithms and liquidty flows.

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Care to wager?

Can you identify the mystery woman who fell onto I-405 Friday morning?

(I know, I know)

(Edit: With so many of these around, you would think that someone has a video record)

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Free-Range Kids

Take your kids to the park...and leave them there


This Saturday, take your kids to the park ... and leave them there.

That's what one group of parents is encouraging moms and dads to do, in an effort to promote a parenting style commonly called "free-range parenting."

"I hate that term, it makes it sound like cattle or chickens or something," Sciuchetti told KIRO Radio's Jason Rantz. "Really what I think it is — giving kids the freedom to explore, make their own mistakes, to learn and to have the self-confidence in order to succeed in life.

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robie robinson
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It's not just bad cops who too often get off easy

The State Department is not going to investigate foreign donations to former Sec. of State Clinton's "charity" because they know they wouldn't find anything inappropriate! There's a certain amount of wisdom in that I can appreciate: if she's above the law why waste time and money putting on a kabuki "investigation?"


And still "we the people" remain silent.

"Welcome to the Hunger Games. And may the odds be ever in your favor."

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Anything there?

There are many people in positions to know who say there is no there there wrt the Clintons' foundation.  Just another right wing fishing expedition.  There will be many more before the 2016 election.  If it appears on ZH, be suspicious.

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still believe?

In that whole left-right d&c? In matters of true import, they are in lockstep.

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With caveats, yes

There is no meaningful left wing.  In Congress Bernie Sanders is it.  However, there is a strong right wing that tries to make life hell for anyone left of Attila the Hun.  That said, you are right that, at least as represented in Congress, there is no meaningful difference on most of the important issues.  They just throw up a lot of flak and make sure the banks are happy.


That said, I heard an interview with a writer for some DC based sit-com today.  The interviewer asked the writer what he thought the essence of Wash. DC is.  He replied that there seem to be 300-400 people who trade places and pretend they know what they're doing.smiley

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